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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Angle vs Gymini- a decent opener... I would've liked to see Angle go up against different opponent(s)... Obviously, Angle won! (5/10)

Big Show In ring segment- Done pretty nice... The tables match should be good and nice little preview! (8/10)

Taz/Long- Hm... the match next week should be "OKAY"

Helms vs Psicosis- Decent match... seems like a normal smackdown match... (6/10)

Undertaker/Khali in ring segment- I just dont understand... Why have Khali on a BTB! and why waste Taker just like the WWE is? He should've been up against the Gymini, while Taker do something more deserving... It was a little unrealistic having taker come out and say that... It would make more sense and be more realistic to have a video of Taker saying it on the titantron. It was a good promo and the burried alive match should be good! hopefully to get rid of Khali period! (7/10)

JBL/Kennedy backstage- Pretty good... JBL seemed very in character! (7/10)

London/Kendrick vs Pitbulls- MOTN so far... Good match with an obvious, yet good ending. (7.5/10)

Batista vs Simon Dean- 2nd squash match of the night... 1 is a no no! 2 is TERRIBLE! (Angle vs Gymini... kinda squash) 2/10... The aftermath kinda made up for it, bringing the rating up to 5.5/10

Batista/Angle promo- Pretty nice encounter, though a little short... I hope Batista and Angle win and go one on one at Summer Slam! (6.5/10)

6 Man Tag- Typical Smackdown main event... Enjoyable, but nothing special... I didnt like the "typical Smackdown ending" either... (8/10)

Overall this was a typical smackdown show... GAB should be very good!
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