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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko


Angle vs Gymini: Well, this was a good opener and Angle winning was also great. But under 5 min?! The Gymini weigh more than Angle, each one of them. They are more bigger and stronger than angle. But again, Angle winning is likely to be possible. Not good to see Gymini job to him, though.

Big Show promo: I liked the Big Show turning heel. But the explanation he gave was ....well....kind of awkward. As a heel, he should be a ravaging monster. You were right when you made him chokeslam Cole, but the talking before that was not well connected ( if you understand what i mean). Anyway, a great segment.

Tazz/Teddy Long promo: Glad to see Tazz being so much caring about his partner. It should be good match.

Helms vs Psychosis: A good match with a lot of fast paced action. So, Helms will face Super Crazy at the Bash ? I will be reading it.

Taker/Khali promo: It was a great promo. but one thing - The taker disappearing thing? Did not that just happen on the recent Smackdown ? . Well, anyway he does it often. So, no problems. Well spoken by Taker. He was in character.

JBL/Kennedy promo: Well a decent promo and i think they can handle both teams of london/kendrick and pitbulls at the same time.

pitbulls vs london/kendrick: First of all i liked Kennedy's introduction and announcements. Even though he repeated every single last words of JBL, it was kinda funny. But please make him a more serious character. And the match....i expected this to happen because both JBL and Kennedy would not have wasted time to come down there and watch cruiserweight teams go at it. No contest was like ok. But the match was great. Liked it!

Batista vs. Simon Dean: A squash match and Batista really put a period to Simon's Dean's night in Smackdown. He will have a tough time going home. The aftermath was a great segment. I hope in the match between batista and henry, Benoit will be involved somehow.

Batista/angle promo: Good one and i hope angle keeps his promise.

Main event: Good match with a lot of action happening. Typical Smackdown way to end it in a DQ. it was nice and angle cleaning the house was also good. But he could have just talked face to face with mysterio rather than drill him with an angle slam and apply the ankle lock! Anyway, Booker gets the spotlight as the show ends. Good one!

Overall: You packed a lot of action into this show. You made almost every member of the locker-room to take part in the action. It was good. You need to work on the promos, though. Other than that, it was really nice. Will see how you are doing the next show.

And thanks for the review of IYH you gave me!

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