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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

WWE SmackDown! 7/14/06

The SmackDown! Intro plays. We then cut into the arena as the fireworks and pyro goes off as the fans go crazy.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone, to Friday Night SmackDown! I’m Michael Cole here with my broadcast partner Tazz and boy do we have a hell of a show for you here tonight!

Tazz: Cole, tonight we have the two challengers in the World Heavyweight Championship match at The Great American Bash in the same match. Tonight, King Booker and Rey Mysterio will be on opposite sides of the ring when Mysterio teams up with the U.S. Champion Bobby Lashley and Hardcore Holly to take on King Booker and his court, Finlay and William Regal.

“Medal” hits to a TREMENDOUS ovation. The fans get up to their feet as the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring.

Cole: What a way to kick things off!! The World Heavyweight Champion, the Olympic Gold Medallist, “The Wrestling Machine”, Kurt Angle!

Tazz: Ladies and gentlemen, I got a lot of respect for King Booker and Rey Mysterio. I mean they are two world class athletes BUT mark my words Kurt is gonna run through those two guys like they are a couple of “curtain jerkers”. Angle can not be stopped.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, making his way to the ring from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 237 pounds, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, KURT ANGLE!

The SmackDown! audience cheers and applauds loudly as Kurt Angle enters the ring. A loud “Angle” chant starts up as “The Wrestling Machine” waits for his opponents.

“Simon System” hits to no reaction. The Gymini (w/ Simon Dean) make their way to the ring.

Cole: Kurt Angle asked for this match as a tune-up for the Great American Bash. I think this is a mistake by Kurt Angle. He shouldn’t be facing two powerhouses like The Gymini in a handicap match this close to defending his World Heavyweight Title.

Tazz: Cole, what did I just tell you. No one….NO ONE can touch that man right now. He’s beaten Henry, Taker, Big Show, Orton, Benoit and he’s beaten them all in 6 months.

Chimel: Introducing his opponents at a combined weight of 608 pounds, THE GYMINI!

1) World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle vs. The Gemini (w/ Simon Dean) in a handicap match

At the 2 minute mark, Angle drills Jesse with a belly-to-belly suplex. Jake illegally enters the ring. Jake takes a swing at Angle. Angle ducks, goes behind, grabs his waist, and drills Jake with a German suplex. Simon Dean slides into the ring and charges at Angle. Angle catches Dean with a kick to the gut and hits The Angle Slam. Jake gets back to his feet and charges at Angle. Angle sends Jake flying over the top rope with a belly-to-belly suplex. Jesse recovers tries to kick Angle. Angle grabs a hold of his foot and counters it into The Ankle Lock. After a few seconds of struggling, Jesse taps. (WINNER: Angle via submission at 4:47)
Tazz: What did I tell you Cole? What did I tell you?

Cole: Oh….my….God! This man cannot be stopped! Did you see that Tazz? Kurt just ran through THREE men in less than five minutes!

Tazz: King Booker and Rey Mysterio better be on top of their game or else they will be embarrassed at The Great American Bash.

Cole: That was a hell of a display. But coming up NEXT….I interview The Big Show. I’m gonna find out why The Big Show chokeslammed Matt Hardy through our announce table last week.

Tazz: NEXT!

(Commercial Break)

***We cut to the ring with Michael Cole standing in it***

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, last week we saw a bloody and vicious attack…

***Footage is shown on the titantron of Matt Hardy defeating The Big Show in a match. Big Show then turned heel and attacked Hardy, and CHOKESLAMMED HARDY through a TABLE!***

Cole: As a result of that attack by The Big Show, Matt Hardy will not be here tonight (Audience loudly boos announcement). But Teddy Long made the match last week, Big Show, Matt Hardy in a TABLES MATCH at The Great American Bash! (Loud crowd pop). But for right now, I would like to get an explanation for last week’s events. So ladies and gentlemen….THE BIG SHOW!!

“Crank It Up” hits to loud heel heat. The Big Show makes his way down to the ring with a wooden table on his shoulder. Show throws the table over the top rope and enters the ring. Show does his “Chokeslam” pose to the fans as they shower him with boos. Show then sets up the table in the middle of the ring. Michael Cole then inches toward The Big Show.

Cole: Show, I have to ask you why you snapped and did what you did to Matt Hardy last week.

Show: Its really not all that complicated. I can not afford to be treated like a joke around here. First, I came up short again Kurt Angle. But I kept my cool. Then I lose to Matt Hardy. I felt myself becoming weak. If somebody like Matt Hardy, who comes out here every week and waves to the fans and cares about what people think…If somebody like that can put my shoulders on the mat and pin me for a three count….that means that I have a serious problem on my hands. That means that I’m becoming too soft in this ring. So I decided to stop my streak of bad luck by breaking Matt Hardy in half (crowd boos). Now at The Great American Bash, I am gonna put Matt Hardy through another table, very similar to the one I have in the ring right now…Wait….Actually lets see what happens when somebody gets choke slammed through a wooden table…

Show then grabs Michael Cole around the throat!!

Tazz: What the hell is he doing?!

Show then lifts Cole up and CHOKESLAMS HIM THROUGH THE TABLE in the middle of the ring!!!

Tazz: HOLY S***!!!

Show then exit’s the ring, laughing the whole time. Tazz leaves the announce position and enters the ring to check on Cole. EMT’s run down to the ring to check on Cole as we cut to break.

(Commercial Break)

***When SmackDown! returns from break footage is shown of Show chokeslamming Cole through the table***

***We cut to Teddy Long’s office right before Tazz busts up in***

Teddy: Whoa! Whoa! Hold on a second playa.

Tazz: Listen to me Teddy! And listen to me good! I want The Big Show and I want that son of a bitch tonight!

Teddy: Listen to me, Tazz. I understand that you’re upset about your broadcast partner being destroyed but I’ll make the match for next week. Next week, The Big Show vs. Tazz right here on SmackDown!

Tazz shakes his head in approval.

***We cut back to ringside***

Josh Matthews: Hi everyone. I’m Josh Matthews and I’ll be filling in for Michael Cole tonight after that brutal attack by The Big Show.

“Gregory Helms” hits to some decent heat. The Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms makes his way to the ring.

Chimel: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 215 pounds, from Raleigh, North Carolina, he is the Cruiserweight Champion of the world, GREGORY HELMS!

Helms enters the ring and grabs a microphone from ringside.

Helms: Super Crazy, I want you to pay attention to what happens to your buddy in this next match-up. Because its going to be exactly what’s going to happen to you at The Great American Bash.

Matthews: Strong words from the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in history as he prepares for this non-title match with Psichosis.

“Mexicools” hits to a good pop. Psichosis (w/ Super Crazy) makes his way to the ring on his “Juan Deere”.

Chimel: And his opponent, weighing in at 200 pounds, he is one half of the Mexicools, PSICHOSIS!

2) Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Psichosis (w/ Super Crazy) in a non-title match

After 8 minutes, Psichosis shoots Helms off of the ropes and catches him coming in with a standing huracanrana. Psichosis then goes for the cover. One………Two……..Helms kicks out. Psichosis lifts Helms off of the mat and shoots him off of the ropes. Psichosis attempts another standing huracanrana BUT this time Helms counters it into a sit-out powerbomb. Helms then gets up and looks at Super Crazy in an arrogant fashion. Helms then sets up in the corner. Psichosis makes it up to his knees. Helms charges at Psichosis and drills him with the Shining Wizard. Helms then covers Psichosis. One……..Two………..THREE!! (WINNER: Helms via pinfall at 11:12.)
Helms celebrates in the ring as Super Crazy looks on from ringside.

Matthews: Whoa! That was a very impressive win for the longest reigning cruiserweight champion in history. Helms just pinned Psichosis clean and in the middle.

***We cut to the backstage area as we see The Great Khali and Daivari make their way to the ring***

Matthews: Coming up next, Daivari says that the Great Khali will call out the Undertaker. Will Taker appear on SmackDown!? Find out, NEXT!

(Commercial Break)

We return from the break with Tazz back at ringside and The Great Khali and Daivari already in the ring.

Daivari: UNDERTAKER! (Huge pop). For weeks on end, I have spoken on behalf of The Great Khali and called you out here. And for weeks you have refused. Taker, you have to realize that we are only nine days away from the end of your illustrious career. Taker, in just nine days you will be buried alive at the hands of The Great Khali. Taker, give these fans one last chance to see you before your career is destroyed at the hands of The Great Khali!

Fans boo before the GONG hits (Deafening crowd pop). “Deadman” hits. The Undertaker slowly makes his way to the ring receiving a tremendous ovation from the audience. Taker enters the ring and gets face to face with The Great Khali.

Taker: Khali, many men have tried to lay siege to my kingdom. You are no different. You will fail just like all the rest. I guarantee…..at The Great American Bash….you will…Rest…..in…..PEACE!

The fans begin to cheer as the lights go out. The lights stay out for several second before they come back on and The Undertaker is no longer standing in the ring. Daivari looks around the arena in a state of fear as Khali looks straight ahead unaffected.

Tazz: Oh my God! I hate it when Taker plays mind games like this.

Matthews: I’m scared, Tazz.

***We cut to the back into the WWE Tag Team Champions locker room with JBL and Mr. Kennedy talking***

JBL: I don’t believe this! First we’ve got to deal with these two kids, London and Kendrick, who look like they should be trying out to be some DAMN power rangers. So fine, we have to defend our titles at The Great American Bash against these two kids. But not only that, we have these two damn stalkers, Kash and Noble, talking about how we’re ducking them and we’re scared of them and we want London and Kendrick instead of them.

Kennedy: John, one thing at a time. First off, Kash and Noble can bitch, piss, and moan all they want. They’re not the tag champs and they’re not the #1 contenders. And as far as defending the titles against London and Kendrick at The Bash. John, you don’t lose at The Great American Bash. And guess what, I don’t lose PERIOD! We will walk out of the Bash with the titles because you’re JBL and I’m Mr. Kennedy…..Kennedy.

Matthews: Up next The Pit Bulls take on Paul London and Brian Kendrick. JBL and Kennedy will be at ringside, commentating with us. Big match-up.

Tazz: NEXT!

(Commercial Break)

“Mr. Kennedy” hits to a loud mixed reaction. Ken Kennedy comes to the ring and waits for his microphone to drop from the ceiling.

Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is scheduled for one fall, featuring two teams who can not touch us in this ring. I will be delivering some….EXPERT commentary for this match. I am one-half of the greatest WWE Tag Team Champions in history. I am Miiissssttteeerrrrr Keeennneeeddddyyyyy…….KEEENNNEEDDYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

“Longhorn” hits to a loud boos. JBL makes his way down the ramp.

Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest WWE Champion of the SmackDown! era. He is the “Wall Street Warrior”. He is the “Wrestling God”. He is the other half of the greatest tag team of all FREAKIN’ time. John Bradshaw Layfield…….Layfield.

JBL goes to the announce table. Kennedy exit’s the ring and joins JBL, Tazz, and Matthews at ringside.

JBL: This announce table has just been blessed by greatness.

Kennedy: Greatness!

“Kid Kash” hits to a lot of heat. The Pit Bulls, Kid Kash and Jamie Noble, make their way to the ring.

Chimel: Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 404 pounds, Kid Kash and Jamie Noble, THE PIT BULLS.

JBL: I these two guys do is bitch and moan about how they should be where we are. Well they have the chance to prove it, right now.

Kash and Noble trash talk JBL and Kennedy from the ring. “London Calling” hits to a good pop. London and Kendrick sprint full-speed to the ring.

Chimel: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 380 pounds, they are the #1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship, Paul London and Brian Kendrick!

JBL: And look at these two idiots with their stupid masks on looking like a couple of power ranger rejects.

Kennedy: HA! HA! HA!

3) The Pit Bulls (Kid Kash & Jamie Noble) vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

At the seven minute mark, London drills Kash with his patented dropsault maneuver. London then crawls over and covers Kash. 1.…..2.…..Noble enters the ring and breaks up the pinfall. Kendrick enters the ring and begins to brawl with Noble. Kendrick backs Noble up with several stiff forearm shots. Kendrick then backs up and charges at Noble. Noble bends down and sends Kendrick flying over the top rope. Noble then begins to attack London. Noble and Kash begin to double team London. Noble and Kash shoot London off of the ropes. London comes back off of the ropes and gets drilled by a double flapjack. Noble exits the ring as Kash covers London. 1.….2.….Kendrick enters the ring and breaks up the cover. Noble re-enters the ring. All hell breaks loose as all four men are in the ring at the same time brawling with each other. JBL and Mr. Kennedy get up from the announce table and enter the ring with steel chairs in hand. JBL lays out London with a nasty steel chair shot as Kennedy drills Kash. Kennedy then turns to Kendrick and lays him out as JBL lays out Noble with a steel chair shot. (WINNER: No Contest at 12:32)
Matthews: JBL and Mr. Kennedy have just laid out the Pit Bulls and London & Kendrick.

Tazz: That’s a message from the tag team champs.

***We cut to King Booker’s locker room***

Booker: Finlay, Regal. In just nine days, I will have a chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion. The first step happens tonight. Because tonight, I take out Rey Mysterio. All you need to do is keep Lashley and Bob Holly out of my royal path as I destroy Mr. 619. Then at The Great American Bash, Kurt Angle falls to KING BOOKER!

Regal: All hail King Booker!

***We cut backstage and see Batista walking towards the ring***

Matthews: Four simple words, Tazz.

Tazz: The Animal is NEXT!

(Commercial Break)

***Video package is shown of the massive brawl between Batista and Mark Henry last week***

“I Walk Alone” hits to the LOUDEST ovation of the night. “The Animal” Batista makes his way to the ring. Batista does his entrance routine as his massive pyro goes off.

Chimel: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 300 pounds, from Washington, D.C., he is “The Animal” BATISTA (Loud pop)!

Tazz: In just nine days at The Great American Bash, one of the most anticipated matches of the year goes down, Batista and Mark Henry go one on one for a World Heavyweight Title match at SummerSlam.

“Simon System” hits to decent heat. Simon Dean makes his way to the ring, clutching his rib cage.

Chimel: And his opponent, hailing from Clearwater, Florida, weighing in at 224 pounds, SIMON DEAN!

Matthews: As you can see, Simon Dean is in a lot of pain. Dean took a pretty nasty Angle Slam from Kurt Angle earlier tonight.

4) Batista vs. Simon Dean

Dean enters the ring and extends his hand to Batista. Batista reaches out for his hand but Dean pulls it away. Dean laughs but that causes him to clutch at his ribs. Batista spears Dean. Batista then lifts Dean back up to his feet only to slam him back down with a spinebuster. Batista then shakes the ropes and gives the “thumbs down”. Batista lifts Dean to his feet and delivers the Batista Bomb. Batista covers Dean. 1.…2.…3! (WINNER: Batista via pinfall at 1:49)
Matthews: That was an impressive win by “The Animal”.

Tazz: I think Batista is ready for…What the hell is this?!

“Some Bodies Gonna Get It” hits to some massive heat. “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry makes his way to the ring. Batista jumps out of the ring and charges towards Henry. Henry and Batista brawl in the center of the ramp. Batista and Henry exchange right hands before Henry slams Batista into the barricade. Henry then begins to choke Batista. Several referees come from the back and pull Henry off of Batista. Batista regains his senses and SPEARS Henry and all of the referees down. Batista begins to wail away on Henry with big right hands. Security begins to come from the backstage area to pull Batista off of Henry. The referees and Security manage to separate the two wrestlers. Henry and Batista begin to take out the referees!

Tazz: Oh my God! Batista and Henry are kicking the crap out of the people trying to separate them.

Teddy Long comes to the ramp, waiving his arm wildly, calling for more re-enforcements. Several WWE superstars come from the back to try and separate “The Animal” and “The World’s Strongest Man”. Finally a dozen people manage to pull Batista into the backstage area.

Matthews: Its going to be one of the biggest matches of the year. Batista vs. Henry at The Great American Bash.

(Commercial Break)

Matthews: There are gonna be a number of major happenings at The Great American Bash next Sunday, Tazz.

Tazz: Absolutely. You’ve got three main events for this huge event. Batista versus Mark Henry for the #1 contendership. You’ve got The Undertaker facing The Great Khali in a Buried Alive Match. Last but not least, the World Heavyweight Champion, “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle defends his title against King Booker and Rey Mysterio.

Matthews: That’s not all Tazz because you’ve got the man you face next week, The Big Show taking on Matt Hardy in a Tables match. Also at the Bash, Lashley defends the U.S. Title against Finlay. Kennedy and JBL defending the tag titles against London & Kendrick. Gregory Helms defending the Cruiserweight Title against Super Crazy.

Tazz: Absolutely. By the way I’m gonna kick The Big Show’s ass next week. But anyway….all those things are huge but one thing may be bigger. We see the return of a former World Heavyweight Champion. One of the greatest wrestlers of his era. We see the return of Chris Benoit….

***Video package of Chris Benoit plays***
***Chris Benoit wins the Royal Rumble in 2004***
***Chris Benoit defeats Triple H and Shawn Michaels to win the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XX***
***Chris Benoit successfully defends his title against Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Kane***
***Chris Benoit is drafted back to SmackDown***
***Chris Benoit wins the U.S. Title***
***“The Rabid Wolverine” returns at The Bash.***

Matthews: I cannot wait for The Bash.

***We cut to a backstage hallway to see Batista walking***

Batista walks down the hallway and busts up in Kurt Angle’s locker room.

Batista: Kurt, I’m in a bad mood. So I’m just gonna say what I gotta say and then I’m just gonna leave. Last week, you brought my name up in your speech you gave out there. I believe you said I was good but just not good enough to beat you.

Angle: That’s right.

Batista: Well, Kurt…I’ll tell you what. Do me a favor and beat King Booker and Rey Mysterio at the Bash. Because I’m gonna beat Mark Henry and then at SummerSlam…I’m gonna take back my World Heavyweight Championship.

Angle: Don’t worry. At SummerSlam, I’ll still be champion. I’ll see you there……maybe.

Batista and Angle stare each other down before Batista leaves.

Tazz: That was intense.

Matthews: Absolutely. But coming up next in the main event, King Booker and his court take on Mysterio, Holly, and Lashley. Six man tag action, NEXT!

(Commercial Break)

“Royalty” hits to some tremendous heat. King Booker, Queen Sharmell, Finlay and William Regal make their way to the ring.

Chimel: Making their way to the ring, accompanied by Queen Sharmell, at a combined weight of 726 pounds, William Regal, Finlay, and KING BOOKER.

Booker and his court enter the ring receiving tremendous heat from the audience.

Tazz: King Booker looks ready. He looks focused. I think he wants that World Title bad, man.

“How Do You Like Me Now” hits to a decent pop. Hardcore Holly comes through the curtain and heads down the ramp.

Chimel: Introducing their opponents, first, from Mobile, Alabama, weighing in at 235 pounds, HARDCORE HOLLY!

Matthews: Holly has had his own beef with Booker’s court. Last week, Booker, Finlay, & Regal mocked Holly after his loss to The Great Khali. Holly damn near shoved Regal through a wall.

“Soldier” hits to a great pop. The United States Champion Bobby Lashley makes his way down the ramp.

Chimel: And his tag team partner, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, weighing in at 273 pounds he is the current United States Champion, BOBBY LASHLEY!

Tazz: In just nine days, Lashley defends his U.S. Title against Finlay, who is a man Lashley has not been able to figure out. He better do some serious study or he’ll be a former U.S. Champion.

There is a long silence before…. “Booyaka 619” hits to a very loud ovation. Mysterio pops out from his place under the stage and makes his way towards the ring.

Chimel: And their tag team partner, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 165 pounds, REY MYSTERIO!

Matthews: Next Sunday at The Great American Bash, Rey Mysterio gets another chance at becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. At WrestleMania 22, Mysterio came up a little bit short. He gets another chance at The Bash. Can the dream come true?

5) King Booker (w/Queen Sharmell), Finlay, & William Regal vs. Hardcore Holly, United States Champion Bobby Lashley, & Rey Mysterio in a 6 man tag team match

At the 12 minute mark, Holly and Regal give each other a double clothesline. Both Holly and Regal are down in the ring. Holly begins to crawl over to his corner. Regal crawls over to his corner. Holly makes the tag to Mysterio at the same time as Regal makes the tag to Booker. Booker and Mysterio enter the ring. Mysterio charges at Booker at nails him with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Finlay enters the ring. Mysterio charges at Finlay and hits a wheelbarrow into a bulldog. Lashley enters the ring and clotheslines Finlay over the top rope. Lashley then exits the ring and brawls with Finlay on the outside. Mysterio and Booker are the only two in the ring. Booker charges at Mysterio. Mysterio hit’s a drop toe hold on Booker and causes Booker to get caught up on the middle rope. Mysterio points to the sky and shoots off the ropes and nails Booker with the 619. Mysterio then jumps onto the top rope, springboards, and nails the leg drop. Mysterio then covers Booker. 1.………2.………Sharmell breaks up the cover by kicking Mysterio. (WINNER: Mysterio, Lashley, and Holly via DQ at 15:32)
Mysterio gets up and stares Sharmell down. Sharmell backs down. Booker comes up from behind Mysterio and hits him with a low blow. Lashley throws Finlay over the fan barricade and continues to brawl with Finlay throughout the crowd. Booker and Sharmell continue the beat down on Mysterio. Holly tries to save Mysterio by attacking Booker. Regal nails Holly with a low blow. Booker then waits for Holly to get to his knees. Booker then nails Regal with a Scissors Kick. Booker then lifts Regal up and throws him out of the ring. Booker, Regal, and Sharmell continue the beat down on Mysterio. “Medal” hits to an Earth Shattering Ovation. The World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle runs down to the ring. Regal charges at Angle. Angle ducks the clothesline and nails Regal with the Angle Slam. Booker lifts up Mysterio and presses him over his head. Booker then throws Mysterio at Angle. Angle then catches Mysterio. Booker leaves the ring. Angle throws Mysterio down. Booker taunts Angle from the ring. Angle yells at Booker from the ring. Mysterio gets up and pushes Angle. The camera gets close enough to hear what the two are saying.

Mysterio: What the hell was that? You just throw me on the floor!

Angle: I’m saving your ass and don’t FU*KING TOUCH ME!

Angle then grabs Mysterio and drills him with an Angle Slam. Angle then locks the Ankle Lock on Mysterio. Booker comes back to the ring, turns Angle around and hits him with The Royal Bookend!

Matthews: Damn it! Look who’s the only one standing.

Tazz: The smart one. KING BOOKER!

Matthews: That’s it for SmackDown! We are only nine days away from the World Title triple threat match. And King Booker has the upper hand. Will he win the title this Sunday?


SmackDown! goes off the air with King Booker standing over Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio.

Matches announced for SmackDown! next week 7/21/06:

-The Big Show vs. Tazz

Matches announced for The Great American Bash 7/23:

-©Kurt Angle vs. King Booker vs. Rey Mysterio
World Heavyweight Championship

-Batista vs. Mark Henry
#1 contender for World Hvwt. Championship

-Undertaker vs. The Great Khali
Buried Alive match

-Chris Benoit returns to SmackDown!

-©JBL & ©Mr. Kennedy vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick
WWE Tag Team Championship

-The Big Show vs. Matt Hardy
Tables Match

-©Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay
United States Championship

-©Gregory Helms vs. Super Crazy
Cruiserweight Championship

for the week of September 28th


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