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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

smackdown 7/7/06 review

opening promo - good strong opening promo, nice tag match for later.

hardy/show - pretty good match, nice to see people are using Matt hardy well nowadays. the match aftermath seemed a little extreme though, just for a basic pinfall victory like that.

tag team promo - good build up as i think this fued seemed one sided at first. no reason for the security to come in though.

mexicools/pibulls - i'm glad this hypes up the cruiserweight division since this match didnt seem that appealing.

6 man tag - great match, i just hope the finlay attack actually leads somewhere instead of just being for the sake of it.

just a quick sidenote, i like the way you continue to hype up the batista return, just be carefull not to make returns (like benoits for example) too tedius.

khali/holly - hmmm, there are other people who could job instead of hardcore holly as he is percieved as very tough and full of pride. the Taker thing was kinda expected to be honest.

holly backstage - that promo wasnt really needed unless your gonna have a fued with him and someone from the court. his tagline wasnt that great either.

batista henry...thing - this could have gone alot better and once again security only come in when they need to, not to stop wrestlers perform their own occupation.

overall a pretty good show, a 7/10 but i hope you can go somewhere with the batista/henry fued that is unique and different to what everyone (including the wwe itself) is doing. nice show and i look forward to GAB
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