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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

Smackdown Review

Kurt Angle promo: I love this promo here and it is a good way to start the show. Booker comes out and things are heating up. The court tries to attack Angle but Angle is holding his own. Finlay comes out and Angle gets beat down until Rey and Lashley makes the save. Teddy annouces six man tag match, what a match that is going be.

Big Show vs. Matt Hardy: Alright match here as it goes back and forth. Matt Hardy is beating the hell out of Big Show but can't keep him down. Matt Hardy beats Big Show what an upset, just like on RAW how I didn't excpect Cena to win Hardy wins here. Nice way to once again to keep me on my toes, after the match Big Show chokeslams Hardy through the annoucer's table cool.

Brian Kendrick and Paul London promo: Basic promo stating the basic stuff but then Kennedy and JBL interrupts. JBL and Ken Kennedy gold on the mic here. Fight breaks out and I'm really liking this storyline.

The Pitbulls vs. The Mexicools: Pretty good match here as it would have been in real life. Action is picking up when Gregory Helms walks out and distracts Super Crazy to give the Pitbulls the win. This makes sense and I like the stroylines developing here.

Chris Beniot Vingette: Good to see Beniot coming back.

Six Man Tag: I thought this would be the main event but whatever. MOTN here and it was a good one. At the end of the match it breaks down and Angle "accidently" hits Rey when Booker kicked him. I love this Booker/Angle/Rey storyline. Finlay pins Lashley this makes a lot of sense.

Kahli vs. Holly: Kahli wins whatever.

Holly/Regal segment: Filler material.

Batista returns: I'm excepting Batista but who comes out Henry, good promo here by Mark Henry. Batista comes out and here we go, Henry and Tista beat the hell out of each other. Smackdwon stars has to break this up cause security can't I like this.

Overall Show: Another good show from you and I really like your BTB. This show not as good as RAW but understandable. 7.1/10

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