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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

SmackDown! 7/7/06

SmackDown! Intro plays.

Announcer:Tonight ‘The Animal’ returns to SmackDown!
Batista: Consider yourself warned!

Cole: Welcome everyone, to Friday Night SmackDown! I’m Michael Cole here with my broadcast partner Tazz and boy do we have a hell of a show for you here tonight!

Tazz: Absolutely, Cole! Tonight, after six months on the shelf, “The Animal” Batista returns to SmackDown!. Rumors are flying that the former World Champion may call out the man who put him on the shelf, “The World’s Strongest Man”, Mark Henry.

Cole: Also tonight, the world’s largest athlete, The Big Show takes on the resilient Matt Hardy!

“Medal” hits and World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring, receiving a great pop.

Cole: But we start things off with the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle. And what a title defense Kurt Angle had last week on SmackDown!

Tazz: Kurt Angle is on a roll to say the least. He’s been the World Heavyweight Champion since January and he’s beaten damn near everyone on SmackDown! But at The Great American Bash, Kurt Angle takes on King Booker and Rey Mysterio in a triple threat match for the World Title.

Angle grabs a microphone from ringside.

Angle: I came to SmackDown! in January and on my first night I won a battle royal for the World Heavyweight Championship. And since that time, I have worked my ass off trying to prove that I am the greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all-time. But no matter where I go, you know what people say to me? Do you know what everybody’s saying to ME! “Kurt, Batista never lost that title.” “Kurt, Batista would still be champ if it wasn’t for Mark Henry.” I go out here each and every night and I beat Mark Henry. And I beat The Undertaker. And I beat Randy Orton. And I beat Chris Benoit. And I beat The Big Show. And you know what people say to me about THAT, “Kurt that was a great win last week, but did you hear that Batista will be back on SmackDown! tonight (Audience erupts).” You know what Dave Batista is a great athlete but he can’t touch “The Wrestling Machine!!!” (Audience gives mixed reaction).

“Royalty” hits and King Booker, William Regal, and Queen Sharmell come to the ring.

Booker: You know what Kurt. You seem awfully focused on Batista, and not focused enough on the beat down I’m gonna put on you and Rey Mysterio at The Great American Bash (Audience boos). You see Kurt, you need to stop worrying about Batista and you need to worry about “The Bash” and you ALSO need to worry about your World Heavyweight Title reign coming to an end. Because on July 23rd, the ROYAL title reign begins. At the Great American Bash, Kkkiiinnnnngggg Boookkkkeeeerrr becomes Kkkiiinnnnggggg of the world (Audience boos).

Angle: Book, Book. If you have a problem, do something about it. But I must warn you, if you do something….stupid, I’ll BREAK YOUR DAMN ANKLE IN TWO.

Booker hesitates and thinks but then takes a swing at Angle. Angle ducks, goes behind, and nails Booker with a German suplex. Regal begins to punch and kick on Angle. Angle grabs his foot and applies the Ankle Lock. Sharmell jumps on Angle’s back. Angle flings Sharmell off of him in a snapmare like motion. Angle then puts the Ankle Lock on Sharmell.

Cole: She deserves it! She shouldn’t have stuck her nose in the World Heavyweight Champion’s business. Angle’s gonna break her damn ankle. Ah! Now what the hell is this!

Finlay makes his way to the ring and attacks Angle. Booker & Regal both make their way to their feet and begin to put the boots to Kurt Angle.

Tazz: It seems to me that Angle has bitten off a bit more than he can chew by messing with King Booker and his court.

Cole: Its three on one Tazz! What the hell do you expect?! No man can….Wait a minute!

The audience erupts as Rey Mysterio and Bobby Lashley run full speed to the ring. Booker and his court immediately bail as soon as Mysterio and Lashley enter the ring.

Cole: King Booker, Finlay, & Regal want no part of a fair fight.

“MacMilitant” hits as Teddy Long appears on the stage area.

Long: Its real easy and its real simple. You six want a fight? Then you six get a fight. Tonight, its King Booker, Finlay, & William Regal versus Bobby Lashley (good pop), Rey Mysterio (great pop), and the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle (tremendous pop).

Cole: Oh My! A hell of a six man main event tag match for right here tonight. But later on tonight, “The Animal” Batista returns to SmackDown! and The Big Show takes on Matt Hardy. And that match is next.

Commercial Break

“Live for the Moment” hits as Matt Hardy comes out to a good pop. Hardy enters the ring and does his signature “V1” pose on the second rope.

“Crank it Up” hits and The Big Show makes his way to the ring receiving a mixed reaction. Show does his trademark “choke slam” pose to the crowd’s delight.

1) The Big Show vs. Matt Hardy

After a good match, Hardy manages to somehow hit the “Side Effect” on the Big Show at the 8-minute mark. Hardy covers Show. 1....2....Show gets his shoulder up. Hardy has a shocked look on his face. Hardy struggles to get Show to his feet. Hardy then shoots Show off of the ropes. Hardy gets set too early and Show makes him pay by delivering an axe handle smash which sends Hardy to the canvas. Show lifts Hardy up and applies the cobra clutch. Show then lifts Hardy up and hits his patented “cobra clutch backbreaker.” Instead of going for the cover, Show pulls his strap down and does the signal for the choke slam. Hardy slowly makes his way to his feet. Hardy turns around and Show puts his hand around Hardy’s neck. Hardy punches show in the face several times but Show refuses to break his grip. Hardy then pokes Show in the eye causing Show to release his hold of Hardy‘s neck. Hardy then nails Show with a kick to the gut followed by a Twist of Fate and goes for a quick cover. 1.…2.…Show kicks out. Hardy then climbs to the middle rope and nails a guillotine leg drop. Hardy goes for the cover. 1...2.…Show kicks out. Hardy gets up and poses for the fans. Hardy then begins to stalk Show. Show makes his way back to his feet. Show turns around and Hardy nails him with a kick to the gut. Hardy then applies a front face lock and nails Show with a second Twist of Fate. Hardy covers The Big Show. 1.....2.....3! Show kicks out but after the three count. (WINNER: Hardy via pinfall at 12:38)
Cole: Matt Hardy wins it! What a big win for Hardy! That’s got to be considered a huge upset!

Tazz: I think Show kicked out but anyway Hardy picks up a pretty huge victory over The Big Show.

Hardy celebrates in the ring and poses. Show gets up and stands behind Hardy.

Tazz: Uh oh! It seems to me like Hardy could be in A LOT of trouble.

Hardy turns around and Big Show extends him his hand (Audience cheers). Hardy then thinks about but eventually shakes Show’s hand. Hardy goes to walk away but SHOW THEN NAILS HARDY WITH A CLOTHESLINE. Show then lifts Hardy up and throws him over the top rope. Show then goes over to the announce table and clears it of monitors and such. Show then grabs Hardy by the throat AND CHOKESLAMS HARDY THROUGH THE TABLE.

Tazz: Holy SH*T!!! I don’t believe it! The Big Show snapped and just chokeslammed Hardy through the table!

Audience: HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T!!

Cole: Matt Hardy…may be broken in half!!

Show then does his signature pose as he is showered in boos.

Commercial Break

**Footage is shown of what happened before the break**

We then go to a close up of Michael Cole and Tazz who are sitting behind the destroyed announce table.

Cole: As you can see ladies and gentlemen, it looks like a damn war zone out here, thanks to The Big Show who chokeslammed Matt Hardy through this table with incredible force. Well we can tell you that Hardy has been taken to the backstage area and is currently being examined by our staff and we hope to get an update on Hardy sometime tonight.

We cut to the backstage area to Josh Matthews who is standing by with Paul London & Brian Kendrick.

Matthews: Paul London, Brian Kendrick. Last week you two earned the right to face JBL & Mr. Kennedy for the WWE Tag Team Titles at The Great American Bash. How do you guys feel going into that match only a little over two weeks away?

London: We’re hyped, we're focused and we're ready to go. We’ve been overlooked ever since we came into this company and now its time we take the respect we deserve.

Kendrick: Me and Paul have wrestled all over the world and for hundreds of promotions. We’ve gained respect in every company we’ve ever been in. But its gonna be special at The Great American Bash. Because at the Bash, we….

Voice: Mmmiiisssttteeerrr Keennneedddyy……

Kennedy & JBL come into screenshot

Mr. Kennedy: Kkkkeeennnneeddyyyyy!!!! Well, color me shocked and surprised. You two hippie looking, mask wearing, pink-panty wearing, sons of bitches think you can actually beat me and JBL….L.

JBL: That’s a damn joke!! There ain’t no way in hell that you two midgets could ever beat two great athletes, two great competitors, two GOD DAMN LEGENDS like JBL and Mr. Kennedy!!

Mr. Kennedy: Kkkeennneeddyy!!!

London: Is that right?

JBL: That’s damn right you little bitch! I don’t lose at The Great American Bash and Mr. Kennedy isn’t defeated, period!

Kennedy: PERIOD!!!

JBL: But if you don’t believe me, here’s a taste of the Bash right now!

Kennedy “piefaces” Kendrick. London shoves JBL and a big brawl starts in the backstage area. The JBL, Kennedy, London, & Kendrick brawl with each other until security breaks it up.

We cut back to the ringside area as we are ready for our next match.

“Kid Kash” hits and Jamie Noble and Kid Kash make their way to the ring receiving decent heat. Kash grabs a microphone from ringside.

Kash: All you pieces a crap need to pay attention (Audience boos). Me and Jamie Noble are gonna prove why we deserve to be the WWE Tag Team Champions and why we should be in that damn title match at The Great American Bash.

“Mexicools” hits and Super Crazy and Psichosis come out to a good pop.

2) Pit Bulls (Kid Kash & Jamie Noble) vs. Mexicools (Super Crazy & Psichosis)

After about 8 minutes, Kash hits Psichosis with “The Dead Level”. Kash covers Psichosis. 1...2...Crazy breaks up the pinfall. Noble enters the ring as the referee attempts to get Crazy out of the ring. Noble & Kash stomp on Psichosis as the referee is distracted with Crazy. Kash leaves the ring and Noble continues the beat down on Psichosis. Noble lifts up Psichosis and attempts a tigerbomb. Psichosis flips out and plants Noble with a DDT. Psichosis and Noble both lay motionless on the mat. Psichosis shows sign of movement and begins to crawl towards Super Crazy. Eventually Psichosis makes the tag to Crazy and Crazy enters the ring and clears house. Crazy nails both Noble and Kash with dropkicks. Crazy then throws Kash over the top rope. Crazy then turns around and nails Noble with a spinning wheel kick. Crazy then climbs to the top rope and hits a moonsault off of the top. “Gregory Helms” hits and the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms appears on the ramp. Crazy becomes distracted and trash talks Helms from the ramp. Noble turns Crazy around and hits Crazy with a fireman’s carry into double knee gutbuster. Noble then covers Crazy. 1.…2.…3. (WINNERS: Noble & Kash via pinfall at 13:10)
Cole: Damn it! Gregory Helms, the Cruiserweight Champion, just cost Super Crazy’s team the matchup.

Tazz: No matter how you cut it Cole, by hook or crook, the Pit Bulls pick up a big win over the Mexicools.

Cole: Helms ruined a hell of a matchup between two great teams! But anyway later on tonight, after 6 months of being on the shelf, “The Animal” Batista returns to SmackDown!.

Tazz: But coming up next, a monster 6 man tag team contest: Booker, Finlay, & Regal take on Lashley, Mysterio, and the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle.

Cole: NEXT!

Commercial Break


Cole: Huge news we just heard Tazz, Benoit returns at The Great American Bash!

Tazz: That is huge news Cole. But we’ve got a huge match right now!

Cole: We also have another announcement. Next week on SmackDown!, Paul London & Brian Kendrick take on The Pit Bulls. Nothing on the line except pride and respect.

“I love to fight” hits and Finlay comes from the back getting a lot of heat.

“Royalty” hits and King Booker, Queen Sharmell, & William Regal (with microphone in hand) make their way to the ring receiving tremendous heat.

Regal: All hail King Booker! All hail King Booker! All hail King Booker! All hail King Booker!

“Soldier” hits and Bobby Lashley comes out from the back receiving a good pop. Lashley does his pose at the entrance way as his pyro goes off. Lashley then comes to the ring.

“Booyaka” hits and Rey Mysterio pops out from his compartment under the stage. Mysterio then makes his way to the ring receiving a great pop.

There is a long silence before….

“Medal” hits and the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle comes from the back receiving an incredible ovation. Angle stops at the middle of the ramp and points to the sky as his pyro explodes. Angle then makes his way down to the ring. Once in the ring, Angle poses with his World Heavyweight Title on all four turnbuckles.

Audience: Angle! Angle! Angle!

3) Finlay, William Regal, & King Booker vs. United States Champion Bobby Lashley, Rey Mysterio, & World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle

At the 7 minute mark of the match, Angle nails Finlay with a belly-to-belly suplex. King Booker enters the ring. Angle goes behind and nails Booker with a German suplex. William Regal enters the ring. Angle hits Regal with the Angle Slam. Queen Sharmell then jumps on the apron and begins yelling. Angle grabs Sharmell by the hair and flips her over the top rope into the ring. Angle then puts Sharmell in the Ankle lock. Then, all hell breaks loose. Finlay, Booker, & Regal attack Angle and put the boots to him. Bobby Lashley & Rey Mysterio enter the ring and brawl with Finlay & Regal. Lashley clotheslines Finlay over the top as Mysterio gives Regal a head scissors over the top. Angle and Booker brawl in the middle of the ring until Angle gives Booker a belly-to-belly suplex. Lashley & Mysterio return to the apron as do Finlay & Regal. Angle lifts Booker up and gives him a back suplex. Angle covers Booker. 1.…2.…Booker kicks out. Angle goes over to the corner and tags in Lashley (Fans pop). Booker crawls over to the corner and tags Finlay. Finlay and Lashley exchange right hands until Lashley eventually wins out. Lashley shoots Finlay off of the ropes and gives him a back body drop. Booker attempts to get in the ring but the referee stops him. Due to the distraction, Finlay nails Lashley with a low blow. Finlay then lifts Lashley up and hits him with the Celtic Cross and goes for the cover. 1.…2.…Angle breaks up the three count. Angle goes to leave the ring but Booker enters the ring and gives Angle a shuffle sidekick which causes Angle to knock Mysterio off of the apron. Regal & Booker than go to attack Mysterio on the outside of the ring. Finlay and Lashley brawl on the inside of the ring as Booker & Regal put the boots to Mysterio on the outside of the ring. Angle goes to help Mysterio on the outside of the ring. Finlay shoots Lashley off of the ropes, Lashley ducks the clothesline and plants Finlay with a devastating spear. The referee becomes distracted by the 4 men brawling on the outside of the ring. Sharmell enters the ring and slaps Lashley. Lashley, upset, backs Sharmell into the corner. FINLAY TURNS LASHLEY AROUND AND NAILS HIM WITH THE SHILLELAGH. Finlay drags Lashley to the middle of the ring. Finlay covers Lashley 1...2.…3. (WINNERS-Finlay, Booker, & Regal at 15:37).
Cole: Finlay, with that damn shillelagh has just pinned Lashley!

Tazz: Finlay just pinned the United States Champion! I don’t believe it! Finlay’s gotta be considered the top contender after that HUGE win!

Cole: Well, anyway, tonight “The Animal” Batista returns to SmackDown! after being put on the shelf by Mark Henry. But coming up next, The Great Khali is in action against Hardcore Holly.

Commercial Break

**Vignette airs for the Triple Threat World Heavyweight Title match at The Great American Bash.**

When we return from the break, The Great Khali and Daivari are already in the ring.

Daivari: Pay very close attention to this next match Undertaker. This is what is in store for you at The Great American Bash. Except after THAT match, you won’t be breathing.

“How Do You Like Me Now” hits and Hardcore Holly makes his way to the ring receiving a good ovation.

4) The Great Khali vs. Hardcore Holly

After about two minutes of Holly throwing punches and kicks which don’t affect Khali, Khali grabs Holly by the throat, lifts him up, and then slams him down. Khali puts one foot on Holly’s chest. 1...2...3. (WINNER: Khali via pinfall at 2:28).
Cole: Another dominating victory by The Great Khali. What the hell is this?!

The lights begin to flicker off and on. A video package then plays of The Undertaker in a cemetery.

Taker: Khali, I want you to take a look into your future. I want you to see what is in store for you at The Great American Bash. Tons of dirt thrown onto you, as you lie there, gasping for air. Khali, I want you to realize that by signing for a buried alive match against me, you just signed a warrant, to REST IN PEACE!

Cole: Oh my! Those were some mighty strong words from The Undertaker but I’ve gotta say that The Great Khali looks unafraid.

Tazz: As big as that was Cole. Coming up next, my goodness, the return of the former World Heavyweight Champion, Batista to SmackDown! after not being seen in 6 months.

Cole: Batista, “The Animal”, returns next!

Commercial Break

A video plays, showing how Mark Henry “took out” Batista inside of a steel cage.

Cole: “The Animal” returns next but Tazz, The Great American Bash is shaping up to be one hell of a PPV!

**Graphic appears on the screen**
Tazz: The Undertaker says that the WWE isn’t big enough for the both of them. Guess what, problem solved, it’s gonna be somebody’s final match at the Bash!

**Graphic appears on the screen**
Cole: And for the Cruiserweight Championship, GREGORY HELMS defends against SUPER CRAZY.
Tazz: Crazy has already beaten Helms in a non-title match, can Crazy do it when the gold is on the line.

**Graphic appears on the screen**
Cole: And the match which was just made by the GM a few moments ago, THE BIG SHOW takes on MATT HARDY in a TABLES MATCH.
Tazz: Earlier tonight, Show absolutely drilled Hardy with a choke slam through our announce table. Can Hardy repay the favor at the Bash?

**Graphic appears on the screen**
Cole: And another match that was just made by Teddy Long, BOBBY LASHLEY defends the U.S. Title against FINLAY.
Tazz: So far in this rivalry, Finlay has had Lashley’s number. Will that be the case on the 23rd.

**Graphic appears on the screen**
Cole: “THE RABID WOLVERINE” CHRIS BENOIT returns to SmackDown! at The Great American Bash.
Tazz: I don’t got nothing to say about that except I can’t wait for the Bash!

**Graphic appears on the screen**
Cole: For the WWE Tag Team Championship, JBL and MR. KENNEDY defend their titles against PAUL LONDON & BRIAN KENDRICK,
Tazz: Can the high-flying, athletic, and young team of London & Kendrick upset the pompous and arrogant team of Kennedy & JBL.

**Graphic appears on the screen**
Tazz: Kurt Angle has been unstoppable since January. But now he goes against a 5 time WCW Champion in Booker and an electrifying enigma in Rey Mysterio. Can Angle retain his championship.

**We cut to the backstage area, where Hardcore Holly is walking down a hallway after his loss to “The Great Khali.” Holly runs into King Booker and his court.

Booker: Damn, man you don’t look too good.

Finlay: Nice moves out there by the way. Ha!

Regal: The Great Khali threw you around the ring like a rag doll. I mean it was pathetic!

Holly then shoves Regal into a wall very hard. Booker & Finlay sort of back up because Holly has a crazed look on his face.

Holly: How do you like me now!?

Holly walks away as Regal looks at him, pissed

**We cut back to the ring in which Tony Chimel stands.**

Chimel: Please welcome back, the former World Heavyweight Champion, “The Animal”….Ba….

“Some Bodies Gonna Get It” hits and “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry makes his way to the ring receiving some ungodly heat.

Henry: I heard a rumor that Batista was gonna come out here and call me down to this ring, Well, big man, I’m standing right here. You ain’t gotta call me out. I’m calling your crippled ass out here. You see, Batista, I took you out before and I’m prepared to take you out again. Except, this time, when I take you out, it will be for good.


Tazz: No pyro. No posing. No nothing. Batista is back and he’s here on business.

Batista enters the ring and takes down Henry with a double leg. Batista then begins to throw right hands at Henry. Henry covers up. Security enters the ring and attempts to break the two apart.

Tazz: What the hell is security gonna do? How the hell are they gonna stop these two monsters?!

Batista breaks free of security and takes Henry down with a spear. Security then pulls Batista off of Henry. Henry then gets back to his feet and begins to nail security guards with right hands. Henry then lunges at Batista, taking out “The Animal” and several more security guards. Teddy Long then comes from the backstage area, waving wildly for SD! Superstars to break up this huge brawl. Several dozen SmackDown! wrestlers come from the back and attempt to break up the brawl. Batista and Henry are both being held back by a dozen wrestlers/referees/security guards.

Tazz: Oh my God Cole! These two guys are gonna destroy each other and this whole damn show!

Cole: “The Animal” is back and he has brought HELL with him!

SmackDown! closes with a couple dozen wrestlers and such trying to stop Batista and Mark Henry from destroying each other.

Matches Announced for SmackDown! next week:

-Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Pit Bulls (Jamie Noble & Kid Kash)

Matches Announced for The Great American Bash 7/23/06:

-©Kurt Angle vs. King Booker vs. Rey Mysterio
World Heavyweight Championship

-Undertaker vs. The Great Khali
Buried Alive match

-Chris Benoit returns to SmackDown!

-©JBL & ©Mr. Kennedy vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick
WWE Tag Team Championship

-The Big Show vs. Matt Hardy
Tables Match

-©Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay
United States Championship

-©Gregory Helms vs. Super Crazy
Cruiserweight Championship

for the week of September 28th


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