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Re: WWE 2006 & Beyond by ddmrko

WWE SmackDown! 6/30/06

SmackDown! opens cold with no introduction and no pyro.

“Mr. Kennedy” hits and Ken Kennedy comes to the ring receiving a mixed reaction. The microphone lowers from the ceiling. Kennedy grabs the microphone and speaks.

Mr. Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen, I would just like to remind you that one-half of the greatest tag team in WWE history…hails from Green Bay, Wisconsssiiinnn!!! Miiissstteerrrr Keeennneeddyyyyy…….Kennneeeddyyyy!!!

“Longhorn” hits. JBL heads toward the ring receiving tremendous heat.

Mr. Kennedy: Introducing the other half of the greatest tag team of all-time. He hails from New York City. He is the media maven. He is “The Wall Street Warrior.” John Bradshaw Layfield…Layfield.

JBL and Mr. Kennedy head to the announce table to do commentary for the next match.

“London Calling” hits as Paul London and Brian Kendrick run full-speed to the ring receiving a decent pop.

“Kid Kash” hits as Kid Kash and Jamie Noble, the Pit Bulls come to the ring receiving a rather silent reaction.

1) Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Pit Bulls (Jamie Noble & Kid Kash) for a WWE Tag Team Championship shot at The Great American Bash

After about 11 minutes of back and forth action, Paul London hits Kid Kash with his patented 450 splash. The referee counts to 2 but Mr. Kennedy pulls the referee out of the ring. Kennedy and the ref. argue until Brian Kendrick hits a flying crossbody onto Kennedy and the referee. Kendrick, Kennedy, and the referee are all down on the outside of the ring. JBL exits the announce position and grabs a steel chair from ringside. JBL enters the ring and swings the chair at London but London ducks and the chair hits Kash. Noble shoves JBL. JBL and Noble argue until London hit’s a double dropsault on Noble and JBL. JBL rolls out of the ring. London climbs to the top and hit’s a Shooting Star Press on Noble. A second referee comes from the backstage area and counts the three. (WINNERS- London & Kendrick at 15:57 via pinfall.) Kendrick re-enters the ring and celebrates with London. Kennedy and JBL retreat up the ramp in pain as the Pit-Bulls look at the two with pissed off looks on their faces.
Cole: We have new #1 contenders for the tag team titles. London & Kendrick did it & the Pit Bulls look none to happy.

Tazz: So at The Great American Bash it will be JBL and Mr. Kennedy defending their WWE Tag Team Championship against those two men right there!

Cole: What a great start to SmackDown! And its only going to get better because we’ve got two blockbuster matches for you her tonight. First, there will be a 20 man battle royal to crown a #1 contender to the World Championship at The Great American Bash.

Tazz: And Cole, even bigger than that, our second main event features perhaps the most dominant World Champion of all-time, Kurt Angle defending his title against the 7 foot, 500 pound Big Show.

Cole: All that and much more tonight!!

Commercial Break

When we return from commercial, The Great Khali and Daivari are already in the ring.

Daivari: If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, The Undertaker is afraid of The Great Khali. He refuses to show his face on SmackDown!. Lets face it people, The Undertaker has abandoned you (Audience boos). He has abandoned SmackDown! And he has abandoned all of WWE due to his fear of The Great Khali (Audience boos). You people don’t believe me? Fine! Continue to believe in The Undertaker all you want! But he hasn’t shown any sign of even his presence since he was destroyed by The Great Khali.

Then all four turnbuckles explode simultaneously!!

Undertaker (Over the P.A.): Khali, Daivari, you dare challenge me? Khali, you may have one the battle but this unholy war is not over. During my time away, I’ve realized that this company isn’t big enough for the both of us. But that problem will be solved at The Great American Bash. Khali…you. Me. Buried alive!!

Lightning strikes and Undertaker’s music plays as Khali looks focused and unafraid.

Tazz: Oh my God, Cole! Undertaker has challenged The Great Khali to a Buried Alive match at the Bash!

Cole: And judging by The Great Khali’s reaction, he won’t back down from this fight.

We cut to the backstage area as Josh Matthews stands by with the Pit Bulls.

Matthews: So Jamie Noble, Kid Kash, how do you two feel after you lost your match earlier?

Noble: Let me explain something to you boy. Me and “The Notorious K.I.D.” didn’t lose our match earlier tonight. We got screwed out of a title shot by Kennedy and Bradshaw because those two rotten “Sons-a-bitches” didn’t want to face us at the Bash. They’d rather go up against those two pretty boys, London and Kendrick.

Kash: It ain’t over between us and those two teams. You can out “kash” on it. Kid Kash and Jamie Noble will be at The Great American Bash and I guarantee we will make an impact upon arrival

Cole: Strong words from Kash and Noble but coming up next, a 20 man battle royal with the winner earning a shot at the World Championship.

Tazz: That match is next!

Commercial Break

As we return from break, Scotty 2 Hotty, Sylvan, Simon Dean, Super Crazy, Psichosis, Paul Birchill, Funaki, Jamie Noble, Kid Kash, Tatanka, and Gregory Helms are already in the ring.

“How do you like me now” hits as Hardcore Holly makes his way to the ring receiving a good pop.

Cole: Hardcore Holly returns to action in this after several months on the shelf and he has a chance to become the #1 contender here, tonight.

“Live for the moment” hits and Matt Hardy comes out to a good reaction from the fans.

Cole: Matt Hardy will not die but will he win this battle royal here tonight.

“I love to fight” hits and Finlay makes his way to the ring getting a lot of heat.

Tazz: Finlay loves to fight and his “ground & pound” style may give him an advantage in this every man for himself environment.

“Royalty” hits and King Booker & William Regal come to the ring.

Cole: Will the King of the Ring take one step closer to becoming the king of the world here tonight.

“Soldier” hits and Bobby Lashley receives a great pop as he comes to the ring.

Tazz: He’s the United States Champion and if he wins this battle royal he’ll have a shot at becoming the World Champion.

“Somebody’s gonna get it” hits and Mark Henry makes his way to the ring receiving tremendous heat.

Cole: The man who took out Batista, “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry, has a chance to become the top contender to the title that Batista never lost.

“Booyaka” hits and Rey Mysterio comes to the ring receiving a great pop.

Cole: Rey Mysterio came up short in his World Title match at WrestleMania 22, when Kurt Angle forced Randy Orton to submit in a triple threat match. But tonight, Mysterio has a chance to climb the mountain one more time. Mysterio is the last competitor in this match and we’re ready to get this battle royal on the road.

2)20 Man Battle Royal for a World Championship match at The Great American Bash

Elimination Summary:
-Henry eliminates Scotty 2 Hotty at 1:38.
-Henry eliminates Funaki at 2:50.
-Lashley eliminates Tatanka AND Vito at 5:50.
-Hardy eliminates Sylvan at 7:28.
-Booker eliminates Birchill at 9:46.
-Mysterio eliminates Psichosis at 11:03.
-Lashley eliminates Finlay at 14:32.
-Finlay comes back from being eliminated and helps Booker & Regal eliminate Lashley at 16:16.
-Crazy eliminates Helms at 18:16.
-Henry eliminates Dean AND Crazy at 19:00.
-Mysterio eliminates Kash at 19:30.
-Hardy eliminates Noble at 19:45.

Commercial Break

-Henry eliminates Holly at 20:38.
-Mysterio eliminates Regal at 21:16.

Finish: Rey Mysterio, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, and King Booker are the remaining four in the ring. Henry & Hardy brawl as Mysterio & Booker go at it. Henry nails Hardy with a splash in the corner. Henry then nails Mysterio and Booker with a double clothesline. Henry then proceeds to go back after Hardy in the corner. Hardy nails Henry with a knee to the groin before Henry could grab him. Hardy then hits Henry with the Twist of Fate. Henry shakes it off and makes it up to his knees. Booker then hits Henry with a Scissors Kick. Henry attempts to shake it off and crawls towards the ropes. Mysterio bounces off the ropes and hits Henry with the 619. Booker, Hardy, and Mysterio then manage to dump Henry’s body over the top rope.

-Booker, Hardy, & Mysterio eliminate Henry at 25:19.

After Henry is eliminated, Booker nails both Hardy and Mysterio with low blows. Booker then lifts up Hardy only to hit him with the Bookend. Booker then lifts Hardy up and throws him over the top rope.

-Booker eliminates Hardy at 27:07.

Booker then lifts up Mysterio and tries to throw him over the top but Mysterio grabs on to the rope and lands on the apron. Booker charges at Mysterio. Mysterio hit Booker with his shoulder, causing Booker to stumble backward. Mysterio then springboards off of the top rope and nails Booker with a seated senton but Booker doesn’t go down. Booker then stumbles backwards and falls over the top rope. Booker and Mysterio both hit the floor at the same time. (WINNER-??? At 29:39) Booker and Mysterio argue as Jim Corderis and Chris Kay, the 2 referees who were standing on the outside of the ring argue. Corderis raises Booker’s hand (Audience boos). Kay raises Mysterio’s hand (Audience cheers).
“Macmillitant” hits and Teddy Long comes to the ring.

Long: You know what? There are lot of things I could do in this situation but I’ll tell you the decision that I have come to. The winner of tonight’s World Title match will choose his opponent for the Great American Bash. Thank You.

Both Booker and Mysterio look shocked at the announcement. Booker and Queen Sharmell get in Long’s face about his decision.

Cole: I don’t believe this. The winner of the Kurt Angle-Big Show title match will choose who gets the World Title match at the Bash. Oh My!

Commercial Break

Vignette airs for the return of BATISTA next week on SmackDown!

“Gregory Helms” hits and the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms comes to the ring and receives some decent heat.

“Mexicools” hits and Super Crazy comes to the ring receiving a good pop.

3) Gregory Helms vs. Super Crazy- Non-title match
After 10 minutes of a very competitive matchup, Helms goes for the Shining Wizard, Crazy ducks the move and nail Helms with a spinning wheel kick. Crazy then climbs to the top and hits a moonsault off of the top rope for the eventual pinfall. (WINNER: Crazy at 11:01 via pinfall)
Cole: And Super Crazy picks up the victory over the cruiserweight champion.

Tazz: That’s a big win for Crazy and that’s gotta make him automatically one of, if not the, top contender for the cruiserweight championship.

Cole: But coming up next, perhaps the most dominant champion in the history of the WWE, Kurt Angle, taking on the world’s largest athlete, The Big Show. World Championship. ON THE LINE, NEXT!

Commercial Break

“Crank it up” hits and The Big Show makes his way to the ring receiving a mixed reaction.

Cole: Can the largest athlete in the world become the “biggest” thing in sports-entertainment.

“Medal” hits and Kurt Angle comes to the ring receiving a great pop.

Cole: He has been the World Champion since January, and since that time no wrestler on the planet has been able to touch, Kurt Angle.

4) (C) Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show for the World Championship

After a relatively even 11 minute matchup, Angle hits a German suplex on Big Show. Angle pulls down the straps and applies the ankle lock on Show. Show with little effort, rolls through and sends Angle flying to the outside of the ring. Angle hops up on the apron and climbs to the top rope. Angle attempts a flying cross-body but The Big Show catches him in midair and nails Angle with a front powerslam. Show covers Angle but only receives a two count. Show lifts Angle up and locks in the cobra clutch. Show then lifts Angle up and hits his cobra clutch backbreaker. Show then flings Angle across the ring. Show goes over and covers Angle but only receives a two count. The fans chant “Angle, Angle!” Show pulls his strap down and raises his hand. Show “stalks” Angle until he makes his way to his feet. Angle gets up, turns around, and runs into Angle’s hand. Angle nails Show with several right hands. Angle breaks free of Show’s grip, bounces off of the ropes and runs over Show with a clothesline. Angle then stalks Show until he gets to his feet and hits Show with an Angle Slam. Angle then turns Show over and locks in the Ankle Lock. It takes Show 10 seconds but eventually he submits to the ankle lock (WINNER: Angle at 16:37).
Cole: Angle retains his title. That was a hell of a match-up!

Tazz: He’s unstoppable!! Plain and simple. Nobody can stop Kurt Angle, The Wrestling Machine. Wait…what’s this. Apparently Kurt has something to say.

Angle: At the Royal Rumble, I beat Mark Henry. At No Way Out, I beat The Undertaker. At WrestleMania, I beat Randy Orton. At Judgment Day, I beat Chris Benoit. And just now, right here on SmackDown!, I just beat a 500 pound giant in The Big Show. And at The Great American Bash, I will defeat…King Booker (fans boo)…and Rey Mysterio in a triple threat match (fans erupt).

Cole: Oh my God! Angle, Booker, Mysterio in a triple threat match at The Great American Bash for the World Championship.

Kurt Angle celebrates with World Title as SmackDown! Goes off the air.

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