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Re: Being the booker

Raw; December 19th; Houston:

Smackdown note: Brilliant! You are doing it with Raw and Smackdown; a few of them are given away, and some need to be earned during the show. The only one that I do not understand is Hardy, many people scored a pinfall during the gauntlet match.

That is a great banner, I am going to have one made.

I will try to keep this terse, but then again, that is what I say for all my reviews.

Spelling and Grammar:
I only spotted one grammar mistake, though I did not scrutinize carefully for grammar. One spelling mistake as well, making you meritorious of a, 9.5/10

I was impressed on how well you described the matches for this show. Three of the descriptions surpassed one page. When I used to write matches out, I always tried to suppress them to a page. Well done on the last Raw of 2005! 10/10

As I said before, this opening promo was absolutely gold! I just hope that you do not share Edge’s hopes. He had his explanation well done for the fans and for Orton. I am sensing that Orton is turning heel soon because you are no longer giving him loud pops. That would make sense if he is to face Cena. He got the ovation while entering, but not while speaking. As I have expressed before, Orton attracted me to wrestling as a face. Edge and Orton are bound to collide soon.

1st Match: First Blood Elimination Match:
The Brotherhood w/ Theodore Long and Jazz vs. Booker T, Goldust & Eugene

Eugene is just left to die. I am not surprised as he has been the focal point of the Brotherhood. Goldy locks just escapes, as OJ nails Rodney Mack, something that has been happening to frequently in this thread. Double elimination works well in my revered opinion. Booker T book ends Henry?? Amazing! Teddy intervenes to cost the faces the match. I see the rematch in the horizon with the way this way ended.

It was pretty evident that the lottery was going to be fixed, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder could have seen it. I am just shocked to see that it is Ryhno against heels. I would have expected someone with a higher profile.

2nd Match: Women’s Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly

Yeah, Trish faces real wrestlers unlike Shaniqua. I have a question; whatever happened to Chyna? Trish may have a year long reign the way this thing is heading.

Ryhno may think he will win, but fat chance.

3rd Match:
Christian vs. Rey Mysterio

I want the Christian shirt! Plus the Christian beating Undertaker calendar! Christian is being well marketed around here. The Big Goat intercedes as he usually does. I think it would be best for Christian if they split. Uh oh, referee bump! Everytime it happens, Rey hits the 619!! What do you know?? Too bad that Tomko had to win the match for Christian, at least Rey stays strong. No!! Rey wins!! What a turn of events!! You have to be consistent though, sometimes the referee can reverse his decision and sometimes he cannot.

If I thought the opening promo was gold, then this was platinum!! I love Kennedy, and the way that you are using him, it seems like you do too. I loved how he just got in Carlito’s and Stacey’s faces. They are going to be teammates tonight, but it does not look like they will for long. Kennedy for IC champ! When he was introduced in the thread, I thought he would be a face. He seems to be swerving there. Kennedy … Kennedy.

4th Match:
Rhyno vs. Batista, Carlito & Ken Kennedy

Obviously, Rhyno cannot do much with the odds like this, after all, he is not John Cena!! Good win for the heels, they can celebrate the conclusion of 2005 on a high note. Kennedy!

The match up between these two seems to be coming. I would hazard a guess to say Wrestlemania, but Cena has Undertaker to worry about and Orton has Edge to deal with. Awkward is the only thing I can say, but awkward is what is needed in a face – to – face confrontation.

Are you actually going to write the Top 5?

Main Event:
John Cena & Randy Orton vs. Edge & Rob Van Dam

Undertaker is bugging Cena the Undertaker way. I like that Undertaker is not in the rumble, it is not his way. It seems like Taker is done with rumbles. The quintessential tag team match with the faces starting quick, the heels gaining advantage and isolating, until a face tags in his partner who nails the five moves of doom for the win. Great main event to end the year with two of my favorites winning!! I see them pairing up again soon, but not for long.

One of the best shows just like you promised; some great matches and promos. However, where was DX?? You mentioned Reigns but nothing else. 9.1287123489172348971284971289478129034789/10

The Bottomline cause Arjun says so:
As stated, one of the best Raws, making the top five I have read. It had everything, except Degeneration X, which was disappointing. They are the major stable of Raw, they need more than mention of one guy. I guess I just want to see the story develop. You have some intriguing and interesting feuds at the moment.

So much for being terse! I would appreciate it if you could answer my questions.

Say it loud and proud, Kennedy ......... Kennedy!
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