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Re: Being the booker

Wolfy, the Smackdown recap looked decent. And the news and premature Raw preview look great as well. I do actually have a couple of negative things to say this time though:

A. Benoit loses against Kurt, and has been downhill ever since. And now, he loses a gaunlet match he should have won, and now Benoit vs Snitsky...? He is your favorite...? Maybe an undercard precursor to Benoit winning the Rumble...? Coming off a feud with Snitsky definetely wouldn't have Benoit as a favorite, so maybe your doing it for the value of surprise. You obviously need not answer that, so as not to spoil anything. I am just being bitchy.

B. Why the hell are you shafting Smackdown so? I know Raw has all the younsters, and maybe the better overall storylines etc. But, Smackdown is a show full of established talent, and fresh talent, that it could be such a great show! I mean, if you are gonna have the old codgers on the roster, use them!! And use the show!! I mean Raw gets full shows, and a full PPV. Smackdown gets recaps, and a summarized PPV...? WHY!!! You should have either summarized them both, or wrote them both in full, IMO. SD just has so much potential to be hugely entertaining, but it seems you rate it second. Why?

As you know, I meant no offense. I would just like to see Smackdown used as well as Raw.

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