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Re: Being the booker

Thanks to all the reviews for Raw. Personally, I thought it was the weakest Raw I've put out in a while, but next weeks will be perhaps one of the better ones.




Please cast votes via PM, and preferably in an order of 1,2,3,4,5. With Number 1 being your first choice, and Number 5 being your last choice.

*Note* The voting is working as follows - If you vote Batista as your #1 Pick, it will count as 5 Votes, If you vote Christian as #2 it counts as 4 votes, Orton in #3 would be 3 votes, HBK #2 is 2 votes, and RVD #5 would equal one vote.

Right now, voting is extremely tight between three of the men, whilst the other two are lagging behind by quite a margin. I'll not disclose who though for obvious reasons.


Smackdown; December 8th; Baltimore:

Matt Hardy wins a 6 Pack Challenge Match, against Matt Morgan, Kanyon, Chris Benoit, Hardcore Holly and Billy Kidman to earn a spot in the 6 Man Gauntlet at Fully Loaded in 10 days time. Hardy pins Morgan with the Twist of Fate, after Gene Snitsky got involved, forcing Benoit out of the ring to brawl with the big man.

In an interview with Paul London, he says tonight he’ll shut Maven up, after the former tough enough winner ran his mouth last week.

Kurt Angle comes to the ring, holding his contract for a match with Bret Hart, calling the GM out to talk about it. Hart enters the arena, and storms to the ring. He doesn’t speak a word, instead, asking for the contract. Angle hands it over, with Bret taking a quick look. Angle smiles, thinking he has sealed the deal, but Bret looks up at Angle, then pulls the paper from the board, and rips the contract in half, before storming out of the ring again.
Angle looks at the ripped pieces of paper, before shouting up the ramp at Hart that he has a lot more copies where that came from.

Paul London faces Maven. London uses his speed and agility to get into the drivers seat, and goes up top for a 450 Splash, only for Maven to roll out of the way. He then rolls up London, grabbing the tights, getting the three count for a victory.
Immediately after the match, Maven runs away, up the ramp, jubilant in victory, despite having to cheat.

Backstage, The Cabinet chat about their matches at Fully Loaded, with JBL claiming Kurt Angle is too busy chasing dream matches to worry him, before he brings Kurt a grim nightmare, but his three team mates are concerned about the double title, tables match they are competing in.

JBL & The Basham Brothers defeat The Dudley Clan in a Six Man Tag Match, thanks to interference from Jamie Noble, allowing Doug to pin Spike. The Cabinet start a 4 on 3 attack, before Kurt Angle makes the save, running off The Cabinet.

Bill Goldberg comes to the ring, and talks about the Gauntlet Match at Fully Loaded, mentioning the Raw superstars that could be involved. He then talks about how much he’d love to run into Steve Austin, and end his career once and for all, before winning the match, and taking a title shot at The Royal Rumble.
This brings out Austin, who comes to confront Goldberg. However, as Austin goes to each turnbuckle, Goldberg attacks him!! Austin mounts a comeback, but Goldberg again takes over with a low blow, quickly following up with a Jackhammer. He thinks about causing more damage, but tells Austin he’ll save it for Fully Loaded.

Chris Harris defeats Simon Dean, getting revenge for last weeks tag match in England, where Dean and Masters cheated to a victory over AMW. After the match, Chris Masters attacks Harris, applying the Masterlock for a brief period, before James Storm runs to the ring with a chair, running off The System Success.

Backstage, in an interview with Chris Benoit, The Rabid Wolverine reveals he has just been given a match with Snitsky at Fully Loaded, to end their recent feud.

A video plays which reveals Mr. McMahon will be at Fully Loaded to make a major announcement, concerning the 2006 Royal Rumble.

Backstage, a number of stars speculate what McMahons announcement could be.

In the main event, Chris Jericho and The Rock defeat Triple H and Goldberg. Brock Lesnar sits on commentary, scouting The Rock for Fully Loaded. Eventually, Brock gets involved, but is told to get to the back by the referee. Whilst this happens, Steve Austin comes through the crowd, and nails Goldberg from behind with a Steel Chair, with the official not seeing it. The Rock fights with HHH to the outside, whilst Jericho hit’s a Lionsault on Goldberg, getting the three count!!!

Austin celebrates with a beer, standing tall on the ramp, toasting Goldbergs loss, as Bill slightly recovers in the ring, knowing he’s been screwed, as the show goes off the air.

Current Card for WWE Fully Loaded:
Date: 18th December 2005
Location: American Airlines Arena; Dallas, Texas
Event Music: Not Forgotten, Waiting - From SD vs Raw 2006

WWE Championship Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock

WWE United States Championship Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Kurt Angle

WWE Tag Team & Cruiserweight Championship’s; 6 Man Tables Match:
The Cabinet (Basham Brothers & Jamie Noble - All Champions) vs. Dudley Boys

#1 Contender for WWE Championship @ Royal Rumble; Gauntlet Match:
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Goldberg vs. One Raw Superstar Chosen by the fans (Christian, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Batista, Rob Van Dam)

Grudge Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Gene Snitsky


Heat Results:

Mark Henry defeated Val Venis

Victoria defeated a Local Jobber

Billy Gunn defeated Nick Nemeth

Christian & Tyson Tomko defeated Roadkill & Danny Doring


Velocity Results:

Gene Snitsky defeated a Local Jobber

The AFA defeated William Regal and Lance Storm

Chris Masters defeated Scotty Too Hotty

Jamie Noble defeated Billy Kidman


WWE.COM has announced that this Monday Night on Raw, that the five superstars in line to go to 'Fully Loaded' this Sunday will all be given a thirty second period of time to state their reasons as to why they should be voted in for the event this coming Sunday. No doubt, fireworks will explode when Batista, Christian, Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels are in the ring together, all vying for a spot at Fully Loaded.

Also this week on Raw, it appears that the General Manager, Ric Flair is keen on out doing the Smackdown PPV, by putting together a huge line up for this weeks show already.

Flair has signed an Armageddon Rematch, pitting Rey Mysterio against Carlito, in a rematch for the Intercontinental Title. Will it be a short reign for Carlito?? Or will He make it two for two against the Human Highlight Reel??

And, after being stripped of the Hardcore Title this past week on Raw, Rhyno has demanded a match this week on Raw, with Flair granting it, giving The Man Beast a match against none other, than The Animal, Flairs personal friend, Batista. What will happen when these two goliaths collide in the ring??

Plus, the main event pits the Foursome of DX, against a team that could potentially implode. John Cena, The World Champion, will team up with Randy Orton, and strangely Edge and Rob Van Dam too.
Edge has had his problems in the past with Cena and Orton, as well as his recent history with RVD. Not only this, but right now, Edge appears to be on the verge of snapping, with his behaviour becoming extremely erratic. However, after a brief clash with Shawn Michaels this past week, Edge is sure to want a piece of HBK.

Not only Edge, but RVD will be desperate to get his hands on Michaels too, after HBK sneakily eliminated Mr. Monday Night from the Battle Royal this past week on Raw.
John Cena and Randy Orton also have previous history with all four members of DX, and their tag partners, as well as each other. Will the team of egos facing DX co-exist long enough to get the job done??

I'll have more news and notes up on Monday most likely, along with a Preview for Raw, although basically whats above is a Raw preview, so maybe not.

Also, after Raw, I'll allow people to cast a second batch of votes, if they wish, should they be swayed by any reasons given by any of the men involved.

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