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Re: Being the booker

Raw Review
It may not seem as detailed as usual, sorry.

Great opening commentary

The opening segment involving Cena was extremely well done. His words were perfect, and Flair’s involvement flowed wonderfully as well. Rhyno becomes the first victim of the new champ, in what was an electric way to kick Raw off. No offense, but I just can’t believe you put the belt back on Cena! I hope a Smackdown guy wins the Rumble, and Cena goes into Mania for a face title retain, which I would like better. Or better yet, a heel taking the title from Cena at Mania….? Not gonna happen though.

Edge is focused, and will likely have a full blown snap by Mania.

Another good win for the dangerously diva-licious champion.

Cade and Jindrack play tag! LOL! HBK is fed up. It is time to get serious. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. This sad day in DX was bound to happen sooner or later. Lets see how, or if, they rebound.

Flair punks out Rhyno, who may now be a face to get crushed by Batista. Flair takes the Hardcore belt…? He is gonna throw it away or something I bet. Flair hates the Hardcore divisions, and always had. I have a feeling we no longer have a ‘Being the Booker’ Raw Hardcore Title.

Nice segment from Kennedy, and another decent win for him, against the Hurricane. Where will Kennedy go from here?

Absolutely loved the Carlito segment. He is here to stay as IC Champ IMO. Maybe to lose it a Mania, but I doubt it, he’ll likely retain.

Poor Edge; he just cant figure out that crowd. And he hasn’t figured out that he NEEEDS to go heel yet. The thing is, once he does, they’ll probably like him better. Nice win over Luther, bouncing back about a ¼ of the way from last night’s loss to Van Dam.

Fabulous developments regarding the five choices of who goes to SD!. I don’t really have any idea what you have planned, but I am eager to find out. A very interesting scenario here for sure. HARDCORE TITLE IN THE TRASH!!! I love it! Get it out of here!

Nice retain for the new tag champs, and great comment from Coach about DX bringing personality to the belts.

Fantastic little meeting between Edge and HBK. It wont be for the belt, but it is gonna be HBK vs Edge at Mania, calling it now. Or maybe even a triple threat, with Cena, for the belt…? Interesting!

Very cool feud between Rey and Christian started, with both men wanting to be Champion. These men have had their battles in my thread as well, including being the last two in the TT battle Royal. I could honestly see Christian as a heel getting the belt from Cena at some point, and dropping it to Rey. That would rule.

Excellent main event, with fabulous action! I love that the Undertaker won!! I am not the biggest Taker fan, though I do like him. What is great about it is that you have created such an intriguing match! I mean the Deadman vs Cena…? Who’d of called that? Face vs Face!! I am sure Cena will win, or it’ll be a botched finish, with Taker coming back for the belt at maybe Wrestlemania…? Nonetheless, as you always do best, you have thrown us a curveball that we anxiously await catching. And great to see HBK as the last one w/Taker too.

Cena acknowledges the Deadman, and he aint scared. Should be great, and you have immediately turned some of my ill feelings about his title win around. Great Raw Wolfy. Looking forward to Smackdown! I feel like it has been all Raw lately! I am ready to see what the blue team has in store for us!

PMing my votes now!

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