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Re: Being the booker

Armageddon Review:

Great opening video. Actually I think it was right up there with your Survivor Series one, for best opening video.

WWE Womens’ Championship:
Victoria v. Trish Stratus(c)

Surprised to see you went the Womens’ Championship match to open the show, but honestly it came off really well. Victoria did everything she possibly she could to get the victory, but comes up short thanks to Trish’s Chick Kick. What a great Womens’ Match and great opening and Trish is still the Womens’ Champion. ***out of 5.

Ah, once again that WrestleMania video is funny as ever. It’s the best funny video I’ve read since Renegade’s one a couple of months ago with Austin and his team against Triple H’s team back at his WIWA Survivor Series PPV.

Brotherhood v. Booker T, Goldust, and Eugene:

Good match considering the people involved in it. Really, I thought that the match would end cleanly, but I guess I was wrong. The DQ finish really in my opinion put the Brotherhood over as a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully though, the push for them continues. **.5 out of 5.

Edge delivers a good promo here and it looks like we’re going to be in for a great match between himself and Van Dam.

Edge v. RVD

MOTN at this point. Both men beat the living hell out of one another, even though at times RVD looked like a man who was on a mission. The powerbombs, the moonsault, everything worked in this match. Even Alfonso. I will admit, I thought that Edge had it won after nailing the spear on Van Dam. Then when Van Dam missed the five star I thought it was over. But Van Dam gets the rollup for the win. Plus, Edge nailing the spear on the ref after the match, shows that his heel turn could almost be complete. ***.5 out of 5.

Ladder Match for the World Tag Team Championships:
The DX Duo(c) v. The World’s Greatest Tag Team

My respect for you has reached a new level from this match. Sunset flip power bomb from off the ladder. High spots galore are seen in this ladder classic. This goes right up there with your ladder match with Kidman and London back at Summerslam. What a match. Benjamin sacrificed his own self for Charlie to grab the belts and pick up the victory. The six month reign of HBCade and MJ are over. **** out of 5.

As much as a fan I am for Kennedy, this promo was useless and really did not belong here.

Sting v. Batista:

When I first looked at this match a couple of days ago, I was shocked by the short length in this match. 8 minutes and just a tad over three minutes is short for you, but it got the job done. Batista picks up the W in clean fashion, and I see the Animal in for a huge push after cleanly beating a legend like Sting. Also, I see Sting getting ready to leave the company. **.5out of 5.

Good promo from Carlito. Marc got lucky tonight as he was spared getting spit in the face by Carlito. But he still isn’t cool.

Intercontinental Championship:
Rey Mysterio(c) v. Carlito

Great match that went a little short, but was good none the less. Carlito looked really good out there interacting with the Boston crowd, and giving Mysterio everything he has in him. Carlito catches Mysterio with the Apple Core, and finally after seven months of trying, a new Intercontinental Champion is crowned, and his name is Carlito. And that, das cool! *** out 5.

I see some friction here between Christian and Tomoko. Can the self-proclaimed “Myth Murderer take down the Legend Killer? Only time will tell.

Ric Flair v. The Undertaker:

Taker wins in another short but good match. Taker over comes the odds, as Flair tries to use every bit of an advantage he has in this match to beat Taker but to no avail Taker ducks after Flair comes after him with the chair. Flair hits Batista with the chair, and Taker nails Flair with the tombstone piledriver for the W. Great match. *** out of 5.

Van Dam looks to be the Raw entrant in Smackdown’s battle royal match at Fully Loaded. But will he be selected?

Randy Orton v. Christian:
Excellent match here. The spots were right on, and since I’m stretched for time I’m going to leave at what a match here. I really thought that Christian was going to win but Orton winning seems to work. Hopefully Christian wins the Rumble though. Great match and this garners a **** out of 5.

World Heavyweight Championship: Last Man Standing
John Cena v. Shawn Michaels(c)

16 pages of pure brilliance. Everything seemed to flow in this match. Man, when I do decide to do a Last Man Standing Match, I will definitely re-read this one for some pointers. As much of a Michaels fan that I am, I knew that there was no way, Michaels was leaving Boston, Cena’s hometown with the belt still with him. What a message, it was to end the match with the F-U right through the table, for the decisive win. Cena is the new World Champion! ***** out of 5.

Excellent pay-per-view, man. This beats Great American Bash as the best single brand ppv yet. Looking forward to the briefer Fully Loaded, and of course the four hour Royal Rumble PPV. 88/100=B!

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