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Re: Being the booker

Ugh, sorry for the lateness. Tons of crap this week, you know how it is....

John Cena opening the show was good and a nice promo leading to Flair interupting and announcing the Battle Royal before telling Cena he has a title match, the way Rhyno attacked him OWNED. Even though he lost here tonight I hope you push him a little.

Edge is a very unhappy guy, and a heel turn is on the horizon.

Nice retain for Trish and PLEASE dont bring in Mickie James as I dont like her at all, she is seriously the most annoying character in wrestling today. Victoria was pushed so well for a month too so I hope she gets another shot soon.

DX promo was fantastic and Im sensing a break up soon due to HBK treating everyone like complete crap, lmao at Cade and Jindrak "Tag Your It".

Rhino stripped of the title?! Thats crazy but this could develop into something between Flair and Rhyno and you really have the chance to elevate the mans career with this, I look forward to how this progresses.

Kennedy vs Hurricane is another alright win for Kennedy however Hurricane put up wayyyyyyy to much of a fight as in real life, Ken Kennedy would destroy him.

Carlito promo was awesome.

Edge vs. Luther Reigns was good and a good win for Edge, I see him entering The Royal Rumble and eventually getting eliminated before bitching about getting screwed and leading to a full heel turn, going after whoever eliminated him which will probably a big time face.

WGTT vs. Kenzo and Rene is a nice title defense for these two however for some reason I see them as transitional champions and feel that a break up is on the horizons, maybe a match at Mania?

Rey Mysterio and Christian promo kicked ass and Christian was hilaripous as usual, I see a match at RR between these two with Christian getting the win, although Mysterio could really use it as well.

The ME was fun, and UT vs John Cena should be good at The Royal Rumble however sadly I dont see UT winning since hes been jobbing so much lately

Good Show, cant wait for The Smackdown Recap.
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