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Re: Being the booker

Cena opens the show to the surprise of absolutely no-one at all. Nice opening stuff from Cena, and he gets another run with the title, but I cant see him holding the belt for a long period of time. Out comes Flair, and Cena gives some nice put downs on him. Rhyno accepts the challenge of Cena, and we have a match to open the show.

Cena gets the obvious win in the match, which was a nice way to start the show

Edge is on the verge of turning heel, but he needs to turn heel soon or this angle could get a little difficult to do. Maybe 1 or 2 weeks away from a full heel turn

Good win for Trish, which was obvious after winning last night. Good to see her title reign carry on

Definitely a lot of tension in DX. Cade and Jindrak will probably still be idiotic even if they try to be serious. Hate to say this, but I think DX is on borrowed time

Flair strips Rhino of the belt. See a face turn from Rhino coming from this, maybe to get a bit of revenge on Flair. But if Flair wants Cena to lose the belt so badly, why not strip him off the belt? Make sense doesn’t it…

Kennedy beats the Hurricane. Another win for him, but he needs to start a feud or wrestle a big name to continue to get over any more with the crowd. Although he is overrated, he will do a good job in the mid card

Nice Carlito interview, but the chances of him winning tonight are about the same as me winning the match. Aint going to happen…

Edge gets a win, which must come as a surprise to him. Interesting the reaction from the fans, and a heel turn is on the way, but who will he turn heel on – a wrestler or the crowd?

Incorporating the power 25! Love it, even though it is total nonsense most of the time. Interesting concept with the vote from the fans, and i will have to think about who I should vote for.

WGTT defend the titles in a match that no-one expected them to lose. Nice start to a title reign, but other than DX and the brotherhood, there isn’t many challengers

Edge and HBK to feud? Liked the comments from Edge, who is great on the mic

Good promo from Christian, with the excuses for the loss last night. Christian is more popular than Orton – he has to be. Great lines to Rey, and it looks like we have a short feud but both guys will be in the rumble match. Play on the play station! Great line there! Christian and Rey brawl, but the numbers work against Rey and he gets beaten down. Rey/Tomko on next week’s show is likely

Booker/Goldust/Eugene and A-Train are out early on, as they had no chance of winning. Loving the tactics from HBK in the match, as that is what he would do. HBK eliminates RVD, and Carlito is out due to Orton. Down to the big 4, which could go any way. Taker eliminates Batista, which adds to the conflict and build to the mania match which I am sure will happen. HBK eliminates Orton sneakily, and he tries to take out Taker, but he just cant do so. Taker wins in what must be a surprise, and Taker/Cena is now happening at the RR. Strange match choice here, and I don’t think it will be a great match, but will have the crowd behind it. Maybe a heel turn from someone here as face/face matches do not always work.
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