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Re: Being the booker

alright, this RAW should be spectacular.....

Nice playing to the crowd from Cena early on, only to be interrupted by the Nature Boy. O boy, Flair is getting ripped into, and Rhyno! Man talk about huge pushes from nowhere, WHC match right now! And Rhyno dismantled Cena, but Cena comes out the winner. Awesome way to kick things off.

Hmm, Edge is not a happy camper, and the fans truly don't like him anymore.

Nice to see Gail Kim and Molly Holly around, and not Candice & Torrie wrestling. Trish retains and she could have a lengthly run as champ, or lose it to Gail which wouldn't be a bad thing.

LOL! Cade & Jindrak are idiots. And HBK is not happy at all. Maybe DX splitting up, or on the verge?

Well, I think we are going to see Rhyno turn face and side against Flair with a few others like Taker, Orton and so on, which will be a good change of character for the Manbeast.

Another win for Kennedy, and he seems to be on a roll heading into the Rumble, although he won't win it.

Ha, Carlito pwning Lloyd with the apple. Another guy just thrown into the battle royal to make up the numbers.

So Edge is in the rumble and the fans are still booing the hell out of him, yet he doesn't seem to want to go fully fledged heel yet. Interesting.

Evolution are scheming something, and the lack of respect to the Hardcore title is awful, in the trash can. I see ECW coming back maybe, with Mick Foley?

A nice win for the WGTT over Dupree/Kenzo.

Another excellent confrontation between two major tier superstars on RAW, I see both men in the Rumble, because something just doesn't feel right with HBK winning.

Funny stuff from Christian, brilliant line on Rey with "You must be this high to talk to Christian" hilarious. Ha, he's still insulting Rey. And Rey gets dominated by Tomko/Christian and left out.

A mad start to the battle royal, with this Brotherhood vs Booker/Goldust/Eugene fued continuing, and maybe another match at the Royal Rumble to end it?
There goes A-Train. And RVD and Carlito go in quick succession, and we are down to 4. Please god not Batista. Alright! Batista is gone. And Orton is gone thanks to some cheap tactics from HBK. And Undertaker is going to the Rumble to face Cena, in a blockbuster matchup.

Awesome RAW coming off the heels of Armageddon. Top stuff 9/10


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