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Re: Being the booker

Nice way to begin the night off with in the video package. I liked it a lot and it solidfies Armageddon. It's going to be an all out war tonight in just about every match!

Intresting opener in the Women's matches and I knew Trish was going to end up retaining. Anyways, it was a good match and the ending was great with the reversal of the Widow's Peak into the Chick Kick

WrestleMania 22 promo now and I love that one. It's one of the best that you have done and I love it! Anyways, can't wait to see what is in store for us come WrestleMania time

As you said, the Brotherhood might have lost the match but they ended up winning the war. Decent six man tag and Eugene had his comical spots in there plus the power moves makes it good

Nice little interview with Edge getting himself ready for his match which is next against RVD. Not sure who is going to pull out the win here in this match though

Great match between RVD and Edge as it was very fast paced and kept me active the whole time through. I especially liked the ending with RVD going for the Five Star Frog Splash but misses and Edge gets a pin but RVD reverses it for the win. Nice way to end the match and Edge's heel turn has officially began tonight with him spearing the referee. Wonder where Edge is going to be going on from here?

Amazing! That is all I can say about the Ladder Match right there, it was unbelievable from the double sentons from Benjamin and Haas to the end of the match. T-Bone Suplex off the ladder, Senton Flip off the ladder, Benjamin runs up the ladder similar to WM 21, and the ending was great with Haas pushing Benjamin and Cade through the tables on the outside. What a match right there and good to see TWGTT win the match after that performance they put on

The other D-X members in Reigns and Michaels are backstage talking. Reigns is very concerned about Cade. Short promo but it did put over D-X here tonight and that is the point, right?

I loved the Ken Kennedy promo. That was great and all with the Public Service Announcement. I can see him playing a very big role come the Royal Rumble but he certainly won't win it. Anyways, should be intresting to see what starts to happen soon with Mr. Kennedy

Decent match between Batista and Sting but not much to comment on, it wasn't a match I was looking really forward too. Anyways, this win helps Batista possibly start to move up the ranks soon and with the rumors of Sting possibly leaving, I could very well see him leaving very soon, maybe he will be on a losing streak and leave

Carlito's interview was good and I am looking forward to the Intercontinental Championship match. I believe this is going to be a great match and I am going to say that Mysterio is going to find a way to pull it out and continue his seven month long reign

Great match between Carlito and Mysterio and I loved it! They both have great charisma with each other and if you were to make this into a longer feud, I would love it! The ending was great with Mysterio nailing the 619 but Keibler grabs Mysterio and Carlito nails the Apple Core, which by the way is a nice name for a finisher. Anyways, you shocked me as I thought Mysterio would retain but I like Carlito winning the title because, that's cool!

Intresting segment with the Raw GM, Ric Flair, and Batista. I'm guessing Batista is going to be at ringside to make the odds even tougher for Batista now. Anyways should be intresting to see what they are talking about

Ah, great promo with Christian and Tomko! I liked it a lot with Christian still referring to himself as the "Myth Murderer." Funny to see Tomko already know what is coming out of the mouth of Christian and I wish I could have seen Christian's face after Tomko said "That's How You Roll" it would have been a classic moment

Ric Flair vs Undertaker was pretty good too. I liked it and Flair did use his rules to his advantage but in the end, it doesn't work as Undertaker ends up getting the win. Ending was nice with Flair going to hit 'Taker with the chair but he hits Batista! Later on, Undertaker connects with the Tombstone and picks up a win tonight over the GM, I have a feeling that this is long from over for 'Taker

Interview with RVD and I was wondering what is was about and I know now. I forgot about the Gauntlet Match at Fully Loaded and I would like to see RVD in this match

Another great match to add to the great matches that you have written not only for Armageddon but for your whole BTB. I liked this match a whole lot and this has to be a match of the year contender. Christian tried to do anything and everything it took to win the match but Orton ends up getting the huge win with the RKO. Sad to see Christian win on PPV as I am a big fan of him but better things should be coming soon for Christian and as for Orton, I could see him going after the World-Heavyweight Championship very, very soon!

What a main event! John Cena wins the World-Heavyweight Championship once more and what a way too. That was a great Last Man Standing Match and the ending was great with the F-U through the spanish table but coming off of the Raw table! The war is certainly over and now we've got to wonder where HBK and Cena go from here. But the two big things are new champion in Cena and where does D-X go from here now? They don't have any of the titles now, so who knows

Great ppv and I espcially liked LMS, Carlito/Mysterio, the Ladder Match, and Orton/Christian. It was a great show and one of your best shows recently. This is definently the best Raw PPV imo. Anyways, can't wait until the Royal Rumble next month
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