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Re: Being the booker

Armageddon Review
Presented by Raw
December 4, 2005
Boston’s Fleet Center

This review turned out very long, and I don’t really know why. I just felt like writing a lot this time around. Take it as payment for that long TT review you gave me, which you said was your longest ever. This is my longest ever; and it’s an 83 page single brand show! Go figure!

Heat was decent enough, doing its job in setting up the PPV, and I wonder what is on Flair and Big Dave’s mind. Good win for A-train in a match he had to win for the sake of his career.

Opening video was pretty good as well. Not your best, but then again it is an individual brand PPV, and all the important matches were covered. It really picked up when the “End is here” theme kicked in.

Opening commentary was good, and I loved the comments from Coach and JR in terms of the great non-title matches on the card, and the end being not quite here, but near. Gives the feel of importace to the show, and all its matches. Here we go! Women’s Title kicks it off for the first time ever!

Women’s Championship Match
Victoria vs Trish

I think a Women’s match is a good way to start it out, as it gets it out of the way while the fans are still on their initial buzz, making for more excitement for the Women’s match, and more viewers due to no one being on bathroom break during the opening segments of a PPV. Great booking right off the bat here. HA HA, spelling mistake in the first match!! Realise, should be realize!! Just had to comment on that, it was shocking. After a relatively quick start from both divas, Victoria’s power finally takes over, and she dominates Trish for the bulk of the contest which is perfect powerful heel match psychology; and Trish just won’t quit kicking out. Tide turns, and now it is an amazing effort from Victoria, kicking out of several combos. But one failed Widow’s peak leads to a chick kick, and clean cut victory for a tenacious Women’s Champ. Good Woman’s match here, and with the babyface Champion retaining, a great open to the PPV. 6.5/10

Originally posted by Da Wolf Guy:
Chavo Guerrero:
That’s me, regular old John Smith.
Dude, what a great WM trailer! So funny from start to finish! There was one problem though; you ca=hanged all Eddie’s parts to Chavo, but you apparently added in Carlito in place of JBL, and for all Carlito’s dialogue you have it written as JBL saying it. Great otherwise!!

Six man Tag
Brotherhood vs Booker T, Goldust, and Eugene

I always loved the team of Booker T and Goldust, as they were probably the oddest pair ever, yet meshed terrifically in terms of personality and ability. I have picked them as the winners, but I didn’t even know who the Brotherhood was, and they seem impressive, and with the WSM on the team now, I just don’t know. Surprisingly Great tag match here between a throng of underutilized mid carders. Mark Henry is just so damn strong though. I have a feeling he may be the difference maker here, as he is yet to do too much. Wonderful incorporation of Hogan and JYD moves from Eugene! Great fast paced action and tags. Booker hits the bookend to no avail! Henry has been kept back in this one a bit, which is understandable; he doesn’t need to do much. Yep, he is just too strong, and out of control. The DQ is fine with me. I thought Booker may turn heel and go Brotherhood in this one, but it was not to be. Good Six man here. 7/10

Henry and company clean house after the match, with Henry dominating everyone. I hate Mark Henry, but I feel you used him perfectly here.

Great confidence and intensity from Edge, but I don’t know if that will be enough. Nice video package. I just don’t know who is gonna win! Either way works, but I’ll go with RVD, and Edge getting even more incensed, maybe leading into him finally realizing that his problem is…HIM!! Let’s see.

Edge vs Rob Van Dam
Wonderful opening action here. Fast paced, hold for hold, stand offs, and finally one guy (Edge) getting mad enough to slap the opponent. Another misspelled word: capitalise. I am beginning to think this is how it is spelled in Ireland maybe…? Do you use “Z’s” in places we use “S’s”…? Back to action. I suspect this could be a show stealing performance between these two. Edge gets the upper hand as they go into the slugfest. Edge looking to end it early!! NOPE!! RVD is back on track now. Nope, Edge takes over again, and no matter what he does cant get admiration from the people, but RVD begins to get the crowd going with high risk moves, and looks like he’ll garner the most fan support by match end. RVD and Edge continue to have momentum swings and fast paced action. Excellent. A number of near falls! Though it was over once or twice! Great action. End must be near!! SPEAR BUT RVD GETS THE ROPES!!!! FIVE STAR!! NO!!! DAMN IT!! A ROLL UP!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! RVD hooks the tights, and wins a great seesaw match up!! 8/10

Frustration is just festering in Edge, as he takes out the ref. A full heel turn is coming. A heel turn that, IMO, will be the catalyst to Edge’s success.

The DX duo is always scared, yet always victorious. But not tonight. WGTT are fixing to take the belts in what I am sure will be an extraordinary match.

World Tag Championship
Ladder Match

Excellent opening moments here, with the double plancha. It gets the crowd into, and sets the pace of the ladder match in the right direction. This is gonna be brutal. Just Terrific Wolfy, with all four men immediately going up the ladder, only to be pulled off by an opponent. They now how crucial it is to take every opportunity in this one. RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!! Phenomenally original spot that I have NEVER seen, and can see happening!! NECK BREAKER!! ATOMIC DROP!! INCREDIBLE!! Great domino effect, with one fall leading into the next and the next, taking everyone down!! Just tremendous action!! Ouch, opening up the ladder on Cade!! DOUBLE SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE!!! HUGE SAVE FOR WGTT BY SHELTON!! WHAT A MOVE!! Wow, not looking good…YESSSS!!!! THE WM 21 Ladder spot!! Shelton knocks Jindrak out of the hunt!! The two fresher men back in…Hass and Cade…Haas hits the SUMMERSAULT POWERBOMB!! Love that move!!! Oh man, the falls, the close calls!! GERMAN!! TBONE!!! Glad you threw that one in for sure, as A Shelton Ladder match shouldn’t happen without it!! Jindrak and Shelton going at it now…this thing is ending soon!! CROTCHES THE TOP ROPE!!! Benjamin is the sacrificial lamb!!! OVER THE TOP THROUGH THE TABLES!!! I suspect Haas should have no problem now!! NE W CHAMPIONS!!!! I LOVE IT! May be gimmick match of the month, and definitely MOTN thus far!! Gonna be hard to beat. Fabulous! 10/10

Hmmmmm? Dissention in DX? Wrong of Michaels to not check on Cade?

Great little segment from Ken Kennedy! Only problem is you forgot the final ….KENNEDYYYYYY!

So far I am 4-4 on predictions, so let’s see! What a match coming up! Forgive me if the next few matches are shorter reviews, as this thing is going long, and I have to get on with my day. I am gonna read the matches in full, but I wont comment on everything like I did earlier (or so I say now). I’ll save the next big one for the main event.

Sting vs BatistaI loved Sting in WCW, mainly in the early 90’s in his prime. IMO he has not been the same since he turned into the dark gimmick in 1996-1997. In my opinion he just doesn’t have enough to beat Batista, though in Batista’s case, a win over Sting will be huge. I think you know all of this. Lets see. Great action in this one. Batista basically dominating Sting till the near end. Sting finally with a comeback! I now think Sting will win after coming up short all match. Excellent execution on the Scorpion Death drop! Cover to no avail!! No chance for Sting after all I don’t think! One last effort proves fatal, and Batista hits the clothesline, followed by the Batista bomb. As good a match as could be expected, and a great win for the Animal, who IMO is looking at a big push in the coming months. 7.5/10

The Rumble from the Garden!! Nice!! Only place better than the Garden to have the Rumble would be…well…the Tokyo Dome!!

Nice talk from Carlito. He called Marc Lloyd “Todd”. I don’t know man, I got a feeling we may have a new IC Champ, and two long term title reigns ending tonight. Love Stacy being with Carlito as well.

5 for 5 on predictions right now, but I don’t think for long.

Intercontinental Championship
Carlito vs Rey Mysterio

Should be a great match up. Carlito has great quickness, and is also stronger and more grounded than Rey, making for a stern test. As predicted, Rey lets loose, but is then grounded by Carlito. Colliding with the barrier, and being choked by Stacy will definitely not do Rey any justice. And the snake eyes is crucial as well. Rey’s head is taking major punishment here, and may be his downfall if Carlito can hit that sick neckbreaker of his. Ah ha, the apple core!! That must be what your calling it. Fabulous. Rey looks really lethargic in this match, Carlito is just getting the better of him. No matter how hard Rey tries, it aint enough! Cocky cover from Carlito to no avail, wasted too much time. Rey is finally on his comeback, near fall after nearfall. Plancha to Cool and Keibler!! Can he do it? I think so now that he has momentum finally! Rey is gonna do it!! 619!!! NO!!!! THAT DIRTY BITCH!! (Not that I am always opposed to that)!! APPLE CORE!!! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!!! Carlito beats Rey! Dats cool! Carlito causes my prediction streak to end! Dats not Cool!! Wonderful match up here, and CCC has arrived for sure. 8.5/10

Great to see the fans give Rey an ovation. Wonder where he will go. I can see him getting a push further towards main event off this, or getting behind a bit, maybe losing to Cool in a rematch…? Or maybe not! Who knows, but I cant wait to see where you take it!

Funny commentary from Christian and Tomko. Is Tomko getting tired of him…?

Batista and Flair have something in store for Flair’s match, which I expect to be a straight forward fight.

Predictions 5-1; pretty damn good considering I didn’t read the build up.

Ric Flair vs The Undertaker
Great star from Flair!! Perfectly done! I am sorry, but I didn’t know Flair was GM! I didn’t see Survivor Series, and since I returned there has been so much new stuff, I haven’t had a chance to read it. So I am assuming that he had a Team Foley vs Team Flair match or something…? Let me know. Great action in this match, with the tides swings and pace of the match done as perfect as possible between two of the most legendary, yet in their twilight, superstars. Again, perfectly done, with a match like this it should be a spot and finisher fest from the beginning, as Flair has used a chair, bell, and knucks, and Taker has already delivered a snake eyes etc. The match is brutal immediately! As expected, the animal in for the save when the tricks run out! Near fall after near fall, kick out after kick out! Taker will stay down soon enough I believe! Taker just wont stay down, no mtter what the Game and Flair do to him, and I take it back. I think he’ll win, and go on to feud with Batista, probably losing a match to Dave. Taker is gonna lose by DQ…? He is finally fed up! NO!! Cant be DQ’d for hitting the illegal man in the ring!! TOMBSTONE!! Gotta be…yep…its over. Like Sting/Batista, a great a match as it could have been. Sets up a possible money feud between Batista and Undertaker. Again, I think Batista is set for superstardom! 7.5/10

Nice video package for Christian/Orton. And interesting comments from RVD.

Great commentary leading in as always. I now think Orton will win, as I didn’t know of Christian beating him at SS in War Games.

Predictions stand at 5-2

Christian vs Randy Orton
Should be a great match between two men that are on the verge of being at the top of the industry. Crucial loss for one man tonight...or a botched finish…? Great action to start out. Christian is an unsatisfied heel, an Orton seemingly already has his number. Great psychology for the first half of the bout, ending with a failed unprettier attempt, and another Orton succession. Another match with tremendous action, momentum swings, and near falls here Wolfy. You do it best. Nothing is going right for Christian, as although he has dominated this match, he cant keep Orton down, he keeps getting surprised, and even his attempt at chair use is foiled by the ref!! Ut Oh…Tomko puts Christian foot on the ropes, that may be the kiss of death for Orton! Tomko in! Christian nails him!! This is it!! NO!!!! Orton is out!! What a match up! Feet on the ropes=no avail; Tomko holding the feet=no avail; Captain Charisma=PISSED!! Out of options in the Captain! Orton will not quit!! It is gonna take an unprettier, but I don’t think it will happen!! It is gonna be an RKO coming up! LOW BLOW!!! UNPRETTIER!! DAMN NO REF!!! He’ll kick out now! Yep!! Backslide, and no, it is coming, I feel it…RKO!!! Orton wins after fighting from Hell and back to get the victory!! Fantastic one on one bout! 9.25/10

Well, the time has come. MOTN so far is the ladder match, which was ironically, the MOTN at Taboo Tuesday according to you. I just don’t thik the LMS match will top it for me, because I am not a big Cena fan. Then again, you are Da Wolf Guy, so I am sure by the end of this match you’ll have me wearing a Chaingang T shirt, wrist bands, and bling bling chain.

AHHHHHHH!! Refreshed and ready for the main event! I just stepped outside and had a smoke…with Rob Van Dam!

Both men appear ready, and the commentary and video were superb. I don’t think Cena can get it done though man. HBK retains, and I go 6-3 on predictions.

Last Man Standing Match
World Heavyweight Championship
HBK vs John Cena

Should be a brutal match, and to save on time, I will not comment much until later in the bout on the actual moves. The action starts out as expected, with HBK getting stalked and brutalized by an incensed challenger. Cena has the hometown crowd, and is very pumped up to win his belt back!! Shawn cant shake him. Relentless is Cena thus far. Popcorn and beer was a cool original addition. HBK on the run!! Cena doesn’t even want the chair! At least not yet. HBK still on the move! Back in the ring is the best place for him at this point, but maybe not. HBk should have stuck his boot up catching the CHALLENGER in the face. HBK is the Champ. Shawn finally slows Cena down. Two classic HBK inverted AT’s and a neckbreaker aint gonna get her done! Wonderful style in writing the ten counts, incorporating other info besides just 1…2…etc. HBK is taking all the punishment in this match, which is the best way to have it. He has the best selling ability of anyone, and can make them look good. Here he is doing it for Cena. Having Cena on offense, with HBK taking the bumps is the best place Cena can be, as it will definitely get his skills over as well as they can be. Ahhhh!! HBk, crafty, hurts Cena’s leg! Now Cena looks even better and stronger making comebacks, and HBK has a legitimate way to finish Cena off later, as the leg wont hold out forever, but again, while it does, Cena just looks stronger. I think this is a Cena establishing match in terms of heart, ability, and determination-not necessarily as Champion. We’ll see. 8 count for Cena at mid-match! He’s in trouble! Even-Steven; an 8 count for Shawn as well! Tremednous writing as always, with Michaels doing everything correctly to sell this match!! So many close encounters, and HBK is not cool with the slow count!! RING BELL! HBK will get up. Yep. Never seen Shawn do a spinebuster. Maybe out of desperation…? Cena’s knee cant take much more! Strong man like Cena delivering a German to HBK at this stage of the match would keep HBK down for a 9!! Absolutely fabulous delivery of the FU!! Perfectly Done!! It aint over though! Nope!! HBK is up!! Sweet Chin Music, which I suspect will go the same way! Yep, Cena up at 9!! Awesome Match here. HBK MOONSAULTS THE TABLE!!! It may be nearing a new champ after all!! NOPE!!! NIP UP WILL SPELL DEMISE FOR CENA!!! Damn, 5 knuckle shuffle. Wont get it done though! Sweet Chin Music again!! HBK climbing!! BRILLIANT!! THE ELBOW BREAKS THE COUNT, but furthers the punishment!! Cena’s up, and now I am worried. Both men out! It is gonna end out here, I can feel it. FU!!! To the Spanish table!! Its over!! DAMN YOU WOLFY!! It is gonna be over!! CENA WINS THE BELT!!! NEW CHAMPION!! Even though he is not my favorite, it was a great win for Cena, and the Boston crowd loves it! Tremendous match, with an unbelievable finish, that was perfectly executed. 9.75/10-with .25 knocked off for Cena winning.

You know, after looking in the mirror, I kind of like this ChainGang gear.

Please don’t ever get mad at me for reviews not being this long, as I am not sure they will be. And that goes for EVERYONE.

What can I say…? Another superb offering from the Living Legend of BTB. Match ratings aside, this was the GREATEST SINGLE BRAND PPV EVER!! Bar none. It gets an A+. Ladder match was definately MOTN, with the LMS and Christian/Orton matches right behind. Good luck Smackdown, because Fully Loaded will have to be just that-Fully Loaded- to top this one. Great job Wolfy.

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