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Re: Being the booker

that was brilliant man absolutely brilliant

right from the start the whole beginning video was creative and everything i loved it

trish beating victoria was good because it keeps the feud going and continues to show off the frustrated victoria.. i see her finally snapping and wreaking havoc on trish to win the title... but just not tonight

the wrestlemania video package is so entertaining i still find that entertaining even after reading it like 4 times its very creative

i liked how you ended the 6 man tag in a DQ so it keeps that feud alive... it will be interesting to see who finally wins that war.. i have a good feeling that BookDust and Eugene will end up coming out on top.. the brotherhood looks good now but i think that they will end up getting picked apart separately before finally losing another 6 man tag

Edge vs RVD was a great match and i think its clear to see that Edge has turned... RVD winning by cheating keeps his heel image but it seems a face turn for him is coming... the turn seems to be instigated by the fans though not by him.. I think this leaves the door open for their feud to continue but Edge will be the heel and RVD will be face

The ladder match stole the show in my mind. That was amazing how it just went back and forth on so many occasions. Alot of high impact moves with the ladder was really what made that match amazing... Especially the sunset flip powerbomb, The T-Bone Suplex... the pushing of the ladder sending guys flying out of the ring... that match was so intense and im happy to see TWGTT come out on top because i think they could have a long very good reign

Batista beating Sting is really goo to put Batista over.. it was a good idea to make him beat Sting as it really sets his mark as one of the better wrestlers now on Raw... I see him setting out on his own soon to go for that World Title

Carlito beating Mysterio was something i expected to happen and i like Carlito as the IC champ... he is set to have a nice title reign now... he makes a hell of a heel champ too

Taker beating Flair was great for Taker after suffering all those losses to Christian.. Him overcoming the odds would almost be a good end to his career since it seems he may be close to retirement in your thread.. i would hate to see him go but he is getting old haha.. i hope he sticks around for a little while and ends on a good note like he had at Armageddon

Orton vs. Christian
So happy to see Orton shut up that CLB Christian "The Myth Murderer" haha that was a clever name for him.. it puts Christian in his place and maybe gives Orton a slight title push after that amazing showing at Survivor series in the War Games Orton is really showing what he is made of lately and i sense possibly an Orton/Cena Mania main event. Also i see tomko leaving Christian rather soon and setting out on his own.

HBK vs. Cena
amazing match.. a lot of momentum shifts which is what a World title match is mainly about. A definitely brutal match and both men gave it their all clearly.. one of the best matches that you have written.. I'm glad to see Cena win it because it could maybe set up the Orton vs. Cena match at Mania which would be fantastic.. Also DX is showing some signs of disfunction and they seem to be breaking up soon.

fantastic show 10/10 not like you didnt already know that


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