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Re: Being the booker

I cant wait Wolfy. It has been a quite a while since I've had the chance to give you a review. Looking forward to it!

Wrote these predictions the first day I got back, thought I'd re-post them here as I was never sure if you saw them.

World Heavyweight Championship
Last Man Standing Match

John Cena vs Shawn Michaels
I dont know man, its only December. Michaels just won it in August, and a long heel reign going into Mania is always nice. However, a babyface retaining the belt at Mania is always cool, and if Cena won it now, he'd have a bit of a reign going into the grand daddy. I just gotta go with my gut.
Shawn Michaels

Intercontinental Championship Match
Rey Mysterio vs Carlito

Really the same scenario here as in the above title match except with the face/heel roles reversed. I see the amazing phenom Rey Mysterio getting a nice clean retain in a great match against a willing and able Carlito.
Rey Mysterio

World Tag Team Championship
Ladder Match

Now if I am correct the DX duo has the belts; at least they did when I left. I could definately see this being the the title change match of the night if that is the case. I see the WGTT winning no matter what in this one. The DX duo was hot when I left, and I am sure it has continued. I just have a feeling they will lose.

Women’s Championship
Trish Stratus vs Victoria

Trish wins. No explanation really needed. Womens wrestling is hard to talk about with no known storyline.

Ric Flair vs. Undertaker
(Flair cannot be disqualified, or counted out, and falls count anywhere)
Another match where I havent a clue of the build up. I will go with what may seem a long shot. After a hell of a fight, Flair wins due to his favorable working conditions.
Ric Flair

Randy Orton vs. Christian
May be another long shot, but I'll go with the Captain here. Christian needs the win more, and Orton will not suffer as much from a big time loss as Christian would.

Past vs. Future
Sting vs. Batista

Hard, hard match to call with no info. Gotta go with what may be another underdog. I just dont think Sting can take the power of the animal.

Challenge Match
Edge vs. Rob Van Dam
Dont have any idea man. I loved RVD's character before I left, and remember being a bit frustrated when he dint win the IC belt off Rey Rey. I also know Edge was slowly turning heel off the fans lack of respect for him. Who knows?

6 Man Tag Team Match
Brotherhood vs. Booker T,Goldust & Eugene
One question...WHO? If you are writing it I know its good, but Ill just go with the guys I know.
Booker T, Goldust, Drugene

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