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Re: Being the booker

Right now, I've got 4 matches completed for Armageddon, as well as half of another. Hopefully, I'll still have it ready in time for Friday.

Also, with the time I have to visit the forums beginning to cut quite rapidly, after I return the reviews for Raw this week, I can no longer promise to return all replies. I will however, return all replies for PPV events.

December 1st; Birmingham, England:

Chris Benoit faces Gene Snitsky in a passable opener. Benoit locks in the Crossface, but Snitsky is too close to the ropes, and breaks the submission. Benoit tries to apply the hold again, but Snitsky pushes Benoit away, and gets out of the ring, walking off, getting himself counted out, not wanting to lose.

Backstage, Bret Hart is given a delivery. He opens it with caution, not sure what to expect, but as he does, he realises what it is … a contract from Kurt Angle. Bret shakes his head, before binning the contract, and walking out of the room.

Chris Jericho hosts the Highlight Reel, and announces the #1 Contenders Gauntlet at Fully Loaded featuring him, Goldberg, Triple H, Steve Austin, one other Smackdown superstar, and even a Raw superstar, yet to be named to determine the Number One Contender for The Royal Rumble.

This brings out Triple H who does his usual speech, saying he’ll be victorious and head on to the Royal Rumble and take the WWE Championship before heading to Wrestle Mania. Jericho and The Game share a War of words, before The Rock enters, with Triple H deciding to high tail it out of the arena through the crowd, wanting to wait to fight Rock.

Paul London defeats Lance Storm, but after the match, Maven enters, and runs down England, before directing his insults at the Smackdown ‘Golden Boy’ Paul London, telling London in no uncertain terms that he wants his spot.

In an Eight Man Tag Match, Kurt Angle, and the three members of the Dudley Clan manage to score a victory over The Cabinet, with Kurt Angle defeating JBL via the Angle Slam, which gives all four men a title shot at each member of the Cabinet at Fully Loaded.

Angle doesn’t seem too ecstatic, with him more interested in a match with Bret Hart, rather than a United States Championship Match.

Brock Lesnar and Triple H meet backstage, with both coming to an agreement to take The Rock out of commission tonight.

The System Success cheat to a victory over Americas Most Wanted, with Dean nailing Harris with a fitness bag, before getting the pinfall.

Backstage, Kurt Angle again pesters Bret Hart, telling him he’ll regret turning him down for the rest of his life, with Hart nearly exploding, telling Angle to get lost.

Goldberg comes to the ring, and bad mouths Steve Austin, telling The Rattlesnake that he wants a piece of him, one on one, anytime, anyplace, anywhere … which brings out Austin. He doesn’t say much, but basically accepts a challenge from Goldberg for anytime he wants a match, before the two men brawl. They go back and forth for a bit, before Goldberg misses a Spear, and Austin follows up with the Stunner.

Matt Hardy & The A.F.A defeat Test, Scott Steiner & Matt Morgan in a six man tag match, with Hardy pinning Steiner.

In the main event, The Rock defeats Triple H, with Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho both getting involved, which cancels the other out, and allows Rock to block a Pedigree, and get an inside cradle, getting a three count.

The Rock celebrates, standing tall as the show goes off the air.


Heat Results:

Mark Henry defeated a Local Jobber

Booker T & Goldust defeated two local jobbers

Gail Kim defeated Molly Holly

Ken Kennedy defeated Stevie Richards


Velocity Results:

William Regal defeated Tajiri

Maven defeated Hardcore Holly

Billy Kidman defeated Jonny Storm (Local Jobber)

Chris Jericho defeated Robert Conway


News and Notes Concerning Armageddon:

The Edge - Van Dam encounter is expected to be one of the 'sleeper' matches of the show, with some anticipating the match to be a possible contender for Match of the Night. The contest isnt expected to be too long though, with Edge having just returned from an injury.

Word has it that Sting could ask for a release, depending on the outcome of his match with Batista at the PPV. It has been previously mentioned that the legend is unhappy with his current role in the company, and unless a big turn around is made with his character direction, Sting may well leave the company before his contract runs out.

The Undertaker - Ric Flair match is expected to have a lot of short cuts, in order to keep the match exciting. Flair and Undertaker are both in their twilight as performers, and with the rules positioned in favour for Flair, it is expected he'll be making the most of them at every turn to keep interest high in the match.

There is a big possibility of a title change in all four title matches scheduled for the PPV, and with the chances so high in each match, at least one title change has to be expected. The most likely change would possibly be in the Intercontinental or Tag Team Title Match, with both Mysterio and The DX Duo having held their titles for a long period of time.

However, with rumours circulating of an imminent Michaels - Rock match at Wrestle Mania, HBK is almost certain to drop the championship before the March 26th event. It would also be hard to rule out a womens title change too, with Victoria being pushed extremely hard this past month.

There is also a lot of anticipation heading into the Randy Orton vs Christian match, with both men ear marked as two of the companies headliners for the coming years. This will be their first real opportunity to show they have what it takes to carry the ball, being thrust into a feud together, rather than gaining momentum against other past stars such as The Undertaker and Ric Flair. A lot of rumours are also pointing to the winner of this match heading to the Royal Rumble to meet either Shawn Michaels or John Cena.

As announced on Smackdown, a Raw superstar will be part of the #1 Contenders Gauntlet at Fully Loaded on December 18th. It is possible this issue will be addressed in some manner at Armageddon, and if not, definately on Raw. Speculation is indicating that the fans will decide which Raw superstar goes to Smackdown for the event. At this point in time, it is unclear whether it will be a permanent switch, or a one off appearance though.


I'll give an update on Wednesday as to how I'm getting along with Armageddon, and if anyone else has anymore predictions, feel free to post them.

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