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Re: Being the booker

Raw Review pre-COTC:

Nice opening promo with Mick Foley. He was very much in character like always. I knew something was up if Sting gets the win over Carlito and it is nice to see him on Team Raw. How could Captain Charisma not be on Team Raw after going clean over Taker at SS. Next up, Edge. I think Edge will finally turn heel at COTC and try costing Raw the victory. I hope Orton steps up and takes him out though because I would love to see a fued between the two. Nice to see Cena on the team as well but I don’t see him doing anything extraordinary. He just lost the WHC and he should move on to a smaller fued now. Lastly, nice to see Orton begging his way onto the team. I see something big happening with Orton on the team but I don’t know what yet.

I don’t know who Roadkill and Danny Doring are as I never watched ECW but I think they might be around to stay. It would be great to get a little background info about them in a promo or something. With DX just escaping with the titles I don’t think this fued is over.

The interaction between Foley and Flair was awesome. There are a couple ways you could take this and I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

I like the RVD Outsider angle. It is very realistic and interesting at the same time. I have some weird feeling that it was Raven who attacked Mysterio for some odd reason.

Nice to see Shaniqua send out the challenge to London. I don’t see the Smackdown diva being able to take her down but if she does, more power to her. I think you should drop the Women’s title and put more emphasis on the Hardcore title.

Nice to see Carlito and Stacy getting in Lita’s face. I hope they fued in the future but first Lita needs to find a partner.

Cena vs. Henry was a necessary match for Raw. I’m glad to see Cena is still mad at losing the title and h*ll bent on getting his rematch after COTC. The WHC division is about to heat up with all these possible contenders.

Nice to see RVD standing up to Foley and I knew the suspension was coming. I can’t wait to see who he will fued with but I hope it is someone like Sting. RVD is ready for a I.C. title push with this gimmick.

Undertaker going over Rhyno was another necessary match to show Goldberg that he means business. I am looking forward to the Chain match and I think something big is going to happen in this match. I am guessing The Rock comes back and screws Bill once more to add more heat to the fued.

The tag team match was good and I am glad to see that Christian is finally getting the push he deserves. It would be hilarious if Christian got all five eliminations for Raw at COTC. I know he will get at least one elimination for sure now that he went over Taker.

I can’t wait until DX invades Smackdown. It brings back old memories of DX parading around on a tank and trying to invade Smackdown. I’m sure the DX promo on Smackdown this week is bound to get some laughs.

Nice to see Champion vs. Champion but there was no way Mysterio could have gotten the win here. I am looking forward to Michaels vs. Angle. This will be a great match-up and in your hands, has potential for MOTY.

Sorry it’s shorter than usual but, once again, I am pretty busy. I will try to review Smackdown later tonight.

Smackdown Review:

Loved the opening match. I wish Funaki would have won. He is so much stronger and charismatic than Lesnar. LOL! It was obvious Lesnar was going to get the win here and it is good to see the announcers making fun of Funaki.

Nice to see Matt Hardy speak up and defend Lita. It would be cool to see an interpromotional match between Carlito and Hardy.

I liked the encounter between London and Torrie. I hope Torrie takes Shaniqua down at the Clash. Torrie has been around for a long time and it is good to see her start wrestling.

Eddie Guerrero gets another obvious win over Matt Morgan. I wish you would have made the matches a little less obvious to predict but the Clash will make up for it.

Fantastic Highlight Reel with Paul Heyman. It is cool to see Jericho feuding with Mr. Just Bloody Lucky. I am surprised Heyman is on the same side as JBL but I’m sure it is not a permanent friendship. The way you use Paul is so entertaining, does Bret ever have to come back?

Nice to see Stone Cold getting on Team Smackdown. It wouldn’t be a team without the Rattlesnake aboard. I hope you use Stone Cold in a long fued after COTC because it would be cool to see him in a long term fued and give someone a push.

Nice interaction between Matthews and Coach. Nice to see him going where he belongs, the dumps. I hope these two have a match at COTC, just for laughs if nothing else. Also, I hope Benoit goes after the U.S. title again after COTC. It would hopefully resume the Jericho-Benoit fued as well.

Nice to see Benoit making the team and adding a little bit of a tactical background to the team.

I was surprised DX didn’t make it in the building but I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of DX. Nice to see Angle making a few jokes and Luther being all serious. Also, good to see the Smackdown roster uniting against common scum, I mean DX.

Triple H vs. Paul London would have been a good match to see. It was obvious who was going to win but it would have been cool to see how Triple H fared against a Cruiserweight arsenal. Smackdown’s team is pretty impressive but I don’t think they will get the victory at COTC again this year.

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