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Re: Being the booker

Summerslam Review:

AMW vs. The Canadian Chris’ for the WWE Tag Team Championships. This was a very good opening match but I knew the Chris’ wouldn’t win when they argued a little bit on Smackdown before Summerslam. I am glad a conflicted tag team did not beat AMW. I cannot wait to see Jericho vs. Benoit but I hope you can drag it out so they can face at Wrestlemania. Surprised to see Benoit did not take action after “Jericho” cost them the match.

The DX promo was vintage and I love the way you use Garrison Cade and Jindrak as the dumb pretty boys. I like how Luther is all about business but I think he should be a little easier going and get into the DX way of things. Michaels was his normal, cocky self predicting that he would win the WHC.

Summer Games match. Wow! I was shocked to see Rey Mysterio pull off the victory in this environment. This was a very creative match and I liked it a lot. I am wondering who the mystery man who attacked Rey is but I think I have an idea or maybe not. It was nice to see Rey getting even with Rhyno and RVD. I was shocked at having Rey cheat a little to win but as they say, what goes around, comes around.

The Foley-Heyman encounter was very realistic but I can tell the build-up to COTC is going to get a lot of effort. I really like the way you are using Paul Heyman. I almost wish you would get rid of Bret and make him general manager but it’s your show.

Carlito vs. Sting. I was very disappointed to see Sting pull out a victory here because there is nothing cooler than a Carlito title push. I guess Carlito going over a legend at this point is a little extreme but I never got to watch any of Sting’s matches so I am not a big fan of his. I am looking forward to seeing the way that you use these two men.

I liked the Stone Cold and Christian encounter. It was hilarious how stupid Tomko is and how Christian reacts to him. I would like this two to met somewhere down the road because they could hype the match really good seeing as you use them both very entertainingly.

The Cruiserweight Ladder match was very amazing and was probably my favorite match other than the main events. I am a little disappointed that Kidman didn’t get a victory but I am looking forward to who will face London next. I hope you bring in the Mexicools because they are very entertaining and have the experience to take the title from London.

Undertaker vs. Christian. Captain Charisma, what else do I have to say. He deserved a push and a push he got. I am surprised he went over the Undertaker cleanly but I am happy at the same time. I hope you wait a little while before you put him back in the title picture to give him a little more chance to build himself up.

I loved the Wrestlemania 22 commercial. I would pay to see that in real life. I hope you do a couple more of these commercials because you wrote this one out so well. Anything with Mae Young, Moolah, and a male superstar means laughs.

JBL vs. Eddie Guerrero. I knew Eddie would probably not win the title back seeing as Heyman said the feud was over but I would have liked to see it end cleanly. Overall, I like JBL’s U.S. title reign and I think he is much more entertaining in the U.S. scene than the hogging the main event scene.

The Steel Cage match would have been great to witness. The Legend Killer killing the greatest legend of all time in the structure that made him such a legend. Nice to see Batista interfere in the match but have Orton overcome all odds. Orton is personally my favorite superstar and when used right he could be quite entertaining. A great way to end the fued with Evolution.

Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. This match has been done before but I liked the way you promoted this match and wrote it out. I am not happy that the Cerebral Assassin went over the Texas Rattlesnake but Triple H can’t lose all his matches. I am interested to see where you are going with Hunter know that you put him over Austin.

The triple threat WWE Championship match was a real shocker. I expected the Rock to interfere but I had no idea that Kurt Angle would win the WWE Championship two years in a row. I was kind of pulling for Lesnar to win but being added last minute should have clued me off. I can’t wait to see Rock vs. Goldberg III!

Lastly, the main event, Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena. I had a good feeling that Shawn was going to pull off the win here and I am glad he did. I like Cena’s no crap character but I don’t think he deserves a long title reign. There was no better man to take the title from Cena and I am looking forward to seeing Michaels’ title reign!

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