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Re: Being the booker

Raw Review pre-Summer Slam:

Your opening promo was fantastic and it has been a long time since I “heard” the De-Generate Shawn Michaels speak. The few things I have seen of D-X, I really liked Shawn Michaels back then. I am glad you are using him as a fun heel and I have really grown on your DX. I foresee Michaels winning the belt from Cena at Summerslam because what is DX without the World Heavyweight Championship.

Nice to see you continuing the Kenzo, Rene angle although it would be nice to have some backstage stuff incorporated in their storyline too. I am wondering where you are going to take them. I am surprised that RVD is still helping out Rey but I see that coming to an end before Summerslam setting up another rematch. I don’t think RVD will win next week but rather at Summerslam after he turns heel.

Funny promo with Coach and Foley. I did not see any apparent purpose for the promo but I think we all need a good laugh now and then.

I am wondering who you are going to make the number one contenders for the tag team titles. The only aspect of your booking that is a little weak would be your tag team division. I would like a bit more storylines like the old days. I should not be critizing you though as I do not even book myself. Anyways, just a thought.

The open ended Women’s challenge looks really cool. I am interested to see who you are going to dig out to compete in these matches but I am sure we will see some of the old divas come back.

It was obvious that Cena was going to win over Reigns but it was cool to see Cena tear apart DX. This proves that he is not afraid of the numbers which I am sure he will have to face at Summerslam. Michaels was very much in character when he backed down from Cena and I could see him doing that in real life.

Nice little conversation between Carlito and Christian backstage. Christian and Tomko are so funny and I am still laughing from when Tomko told Carlito having a woman around is not cool either.

I am surprised Randy Orton won the Independence match but when Orton spoke afterward I should have seen it earlier. I knew the Batista-Orton feud would have to continue but on its own. The steel cage match is going to be great at Summerslam but I think Orton’s got it in the bag for sure.

Also, Carlito vs. Christian at Summerslam, now das cool!


I really like the way you are using Goldberg as a heel. He is very entertaining and I am tempted to jump on the Goldberg bandwagon despite the fact I do not like him that much. I’m glad that Paul put Lesnar in the match as he is getting his push sooner than I thought. I doubt Lesnar will win at Summerslam but I hope he can win it at No Mercy or Armageddon maybe.

Billy Kidman up in the best of seven series for the Cruiserweight Championship. If I have done the math correctly, unless one man sweeps the other or only allows one win and wins all the others, the winner of the series will be determined on Smackdown. I am wondering if you will end the series at Summerslam although I highly doubt that. Anyways, I am looking forward to this series and rooting for Kidman the whole way.

The AFA is a truly unique and funny idea. I was wondering how you would use Faarooq after JBL quit the APA, but this is a great way. I am wondering if they may eventually win the tag team titles.

Also, same thing I said in the RAW review, would like a little storyline for the Tag Team division on this show as well. I am not trying to be rude just give a suggestion. You may already have a storyline planned and if you do great!

Wow, what a shock to see Noble interfering in the six man tag but I like the idea of him being JBL’s Chief of Staff. It is good to see him rid of Nidia as she was only a handicap to him when they wrestled. (No pun intended) This further strengthens my belief that Noble will get a shot at the Cruiserweight title next and I am pretty sure he will win it.

The Triple H-Stone Cold promo was written brilliantly. Although I have never heard Stone Cold say it, I like how he said he took a crap in Hunter’s locker room earlier. I knew the Austin-Triple H match was bound to happen and there is no better place aside from Wrestlemania to have it. I have no clue who is going to win this one.

Nice to see the Success System get another win under their belts and I hope we get a couple more promos out of these two guys. I like all your past promos with them and I think you could do wonders with them. I would like to see them feud with AMW just for a couple of good, fun promos.

Lastly, the Angle-Goldberg match was very good. I knew Lesnar was going to run out but I thought one man would win. Anyways, nice to see the Animal showing his dominance heading into Summerslam. It was cool to see Heyman book a rematch next week because there was no winner. It would be neat to see the two men gang up together against Lesnar and Heyman as a way to end their weekly match with each other.

Overall, two very good shows!

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