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Re: Being the booker

I will post all my old reviews that I can find now and I will post predictions for Survivor Series after.

Great American Bash Review:

First up, the six man tag match was written out very well. Although I was not really looking forward to the match it was very well done and kept my interest throughout the whole match. I really liked Matt Hardy fighting off all three men and I hope this means he gets an upcoming push. He really deserves a minor belt and could have some great charisma. I liked Masters, Dean, and the Dudleys returning and duking it out. A classic example of a tables match and I loved it.

The Cruiserweight Championship match was done well but I don’t really like London or Akio that match so this was probably my least favorite match of the night. I just skimmed through it and it seemed like you did a good job. I am not surprised to see London retain because I knew he would eventually have to feud with Kidman since their tag team days. As I can see from later on in the show, I think London’s days as champ are coming to an end.

The Tag Team Championship was another great match but I would expect nothing less from you. I really liked the Un-Americans back in the WWF and I am glad to see them getting a little bit of time in your show. Even though there was not a lot of build-up I am shocked to see AMW retain. I can’t wait to see who they drop the titles to though.

Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Jericho was a classic. I was rooting for Jericho but I was very happy with the way the match turned out. It was nice to see the “Vanilla Gorilla” showing his mean streak and Jericho trying to keep going. Thought Jericho might be able to make a comeback at the end but I was wrong. I hope Lesnar heads to the title scene soon because he is ready.

The 10 man gauntlet for the number one contender ship of the Cruiserweight Championship was one of my favorite matches of the night. I knew Billy Kidman would win because of the past tension between him and London so I am glad he won that night. Nice to see Jaime Noble have a small run and I think he may be one of the first people to face Kidman after he wins the belt from London.

The Triple Threat match was my second favorite match of the night only to Kurt vs. Hunter. Whenever Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero are together in the ring there is always potential for a great match. I am also surprised to see JBL win the belt off of Guerrero. I thought for sure that Benoit had this one in the bag because of his history with Eddie but I was wrong. It was nice to see JBL win off Eddie though so I can possibly see another triple threat rematch at Summerslam.

It was cool to see everyone sucking up to Linda McMahon all night and I thought you would name someone else than one of those men. I thought you might have brought Ventura back for another little run at GM only this time at Smackdown. It would have been hilarious to watch Heyman and Bischoff go at it. You should have had Morgan and Lesnar interfere but that could keep Lesnar out of the title picture. I can’t wait to see what you do with Lesnar but I’m sure it will be good.

The Angle, Triple H match was, like I said earlier, my favorite match of the night. Even though Angle vs. Triple H has been done many times before I really liked this match. Both men are great wrestlers and I think are easy to use. You wrote this match out very well and I commend you on that. I knew Austin was going to interfere in the match even if he was suspended but I didn’t expect him to cost Hunter the match. I would have preferred Angle to have won cleanly but it was still a fantastic match.

Lastly, the main event of the night, The Rock vs. Bill Goldberg. This was one of your most shocking pay-per-views in my opinion. I never expected Goldberg to be victorious but I’m glad you are keeping us readers on our toes. I am surprised you gave Goldberg the belt back but I suppose he only had a short title run last year. Nice to see Goldberg decimating the Rock after the match but with a beat-down like that, I hope The Rock continues to feud with Bill even if he doesn’t win the gold back!

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