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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Dude, the reviews you get are gigantic. School started yesterday so I don't have time to ramble. I'll get right to the point and leave.

The great thing about your shows is the fact that every week you develop your feuds and use original segments for most of them instead of just a promo then a brawl. The Shane Helms and Mike Awesome assaults after their matches didn't do much for me; try not to do the heel cheap shot after a match angle too much, yah?

The Flair promo was good, but I personally thought that some of the Woos were out of place. I read through and it just didn't sound right in my head. I think it's the way you separate sentences with commas to fit in the Woos, I would try hyphinating just to try to get the right pauses and flow.

I really liked the Kidman and Mysterio segment, much more than the Flair interview. Now this is a great storyline; I loved the serious and personal atmosphere of the angle. Kidman's final line was good and had impact. It was refreshing to get away from the usual 'I'm going to beat your ass' promos you see in an attempt to further feuds.

The Powerhouses was a pretty disappointing and generic segment to be honest. There have been three cheap attacks so far, I hope I don't have to read any more in the show.

Your matches are pleasing to read because of your wide range of vocabulary. The finish to the special referee match was pretty obvious but a good one nonetheless. Your shows just get smarkier by the week don't they? Entertaining but could be watered down a little as I feel sometimes you just overdo and force the witty comments.

It looks like you captured Steiner's character and speech pretty well, that goes for Sting too I guess. I found this segment to be rather boring and lengthly as I am not into this feud as much as some of the other ones. The Bischoff and Jarrett interview was pretty good; it really had me looking forward to the three way match at Starrcade.

Oh snap, awesome finish to the show man. The huge brawl was tops and really set up Starrcade to be an excellent show. I could easily picture the fight with the description you gave, which was good of course. I think I got a bit lazy near the end with my feedback so forgive me for that. This was an exceptional show, good job.
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