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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

KOM's Nitro Review:

Good way to open the show. While I'm not surprised to see how the match ended, I'm must say that I was surprised to see Helms and Crazy work together as a team. Well, most of the match as a team. Helms' attack to Crazy at the end of the match, and the post match attack to Super Crazy, was a great way to put over Helms as a heel, and champion. Flair's promo was really good, as after reading the promo it was apparent, that both Gene and Ric were written very realistically, and in character.

The second match went as expected, considering the wrestlers involved in the match. The match flowed well, and had a real old school feel to it. The old school feel made the match even better. As far as the brawl after the match was over, while it gives Awesome momentum heading into the match with Storm at Starrcade, it also, IMO, makes it clear that Storm is somehow going to win the match and retain his championship at Starrcade.

Great promo from Kidman and Mysterio! With their match now being a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH, I'm expecting a classic from this match, and a strong contender for Match of the Night for the PPV! While I believe I am the only other booker to have at one time or another had Mysterio booked as a heel, I must say that over the past few weeks in this thread, Mysterio has become a very credible heel, IMO. The ending of the segment was an excellent way, to add more meaning to the match. As far as going to a backstage segment instead of going back to commentary, good booking, as I also think that the commentators would just drop the momentum from that big segment that had just finished in the ring.

The interview with The Lions was alright. However I must admit, that even with the beatdown from the NBT, this feud is really just average, IMO. While I'm sure that the match between the two will be good at Starrcade, this feud just has not been that good so far. Hopefully though, it ends or gets better at/and/or following Starrcade. Booker's promo with Larry Z, was short, but it got the point across. The only thing is, that not all of that twang was needed, IMO, for Booker's promo. Especially since the promo was an important one, it kind of took away some of the importance from the promo. Still though, the promo was a good one.

Not surprised that the match ended the way it end, as it was building towards that conclusion, for the whole match. Honestly, this is one match, that I'm still not a 100% sure on who will be winning, and who will be losing. As far as your comments about Tony hyping up the upcoming Starrcade PPV, I literally LOL'd after reading those sentences.

No incorherent rumblings and ridiculous, comical statements from Steiner concerning his match with Sting at Starrcade? With that said, the promo was really good. I don't understand why you tried to rip at Reney and Orry. However the promo was good in that while it built up the match between the two at Starrcade, it also made a point of how Steiner's promos come off. Also, great way to throwback to Sid's promo, a few years ago back in WCW.

Jarrett's promo was a good way to put over the nWo. As far as the main event, being that this is a WCW thread, I'm not surprised that it ended the way it did. However I understand that it was necessary for the final buildup for Starrcade. With that said, great way to end the show, and looking forward to Starrcade!

Overall Comments: Great show man, once again. There were some faux pas, but nothing that made the promo or segment really bad. Outside of the few mistakes, the final buildup for Starrcade was well booked! I'll be posting my predictions for the PPV, after the Starrcade Preview is posted in this thread.
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