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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Nitro Review:

Booker/Jarrett Promo-Excellent promo to start the show. Really gave more heat to the feud, because before this Nitro, the feud was kind of average. Looking forward though to the next part of the buildup, as this feud has me interested.

Match 1: Really O Haire winning the match does nothing more, than confirm that the NBT will remain the champs at Starrcade. With the build that the team is being given, Iíll be shocked to see a title change take place. Sandersí promo drove home that thought even more.

Steinerís Promo-This was an excellent promo written in true Szumi style. Steiner was great in this segment, and it adds to the upcoming match between the two.

Stormís Promo: Glad to see that youíre continuing with Stormís WCW gimmick. While by the time Stormís gimmick became well, I was already watching more WWE than WCW, Storm was one wrestler who was actually good in WCW. The Storm/Awesome match should be good, come Starrcade.

Tag Match: Really this match was just average. Crazy and Morris gets the win, as expected. Thankfully Helms picks up the segment with his promo, before Crazy finally announces that the title match between the two at Starrcade is made official. Crazy speaking in English was well booked as well.

Steiner/Wright-While Iím a fan of Alex Wright, this obviously was not even a match. Steiner wins obviously, and finally it looks like Steiner and Sting is going to come face to face.

Steiner/Sting Promo: I loved the way this promo was booked. Steiner saying some of his comments was done in true Steiner form. However the four vultures segment was done quite well, and was original. The pre taped promo from Sting, before he actually appears in the ring was great. Thatís not something that is used in BTB as much, so it was good to see it was done in this feud, as it fits the feud perfectly. Sting hitting Steiner with the obviously gimmicked bat was good booking as well. I have a feeling that this match, somehow, can be a Match of the Night Candidate.

Main Event: Despite it being Henningís return match from his injury, he was never winning the match against Flair. However the promo was greatly done, even for a WCW promo, during this time frame. Honestly this match has the easiest buildup of any of the other matches on the card. I know youíre a fan of Hogan, so I donít think heís losing, neither is Flair. In all honesty, I see Nash losing this match. Reason being, I have a feeling that Hogan v. Flair will take place either at Superbrawl, Uncensored, or at the latest Spring Stampede.

Overall Comments: Obviously this Nitro was written, just to continue the feuds, as the matches were really decent at best. However itís understandable that the matches were kept short, so that the promos can help the feuds continue. Iím looking forward to the upcoming news in this thread, regarding the future of WCW in this thread. Iím looking forward, to the next Nitro in this thread as well.
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