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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Jamie1 Review

Szum this is my first time doing a review so it may not be great but I will try anyway J

First of I would just like to tell you that this is the first show of yours I have read but as I can see with the Starrcade card its shaping up to be a great night, I am a huge WCW fan and thought even though during 2001 and so on WCW was heading to a close I still felt they had some of the best talent in the company to ever belong on a WCW roster and I hope you can do with the talent that I don’t think WCW could do

‘ And what Tony says, goes…. So we cut to the ring ‘ classic J I have heard about the funny comments you stick in and I liked this one, hopefully more to come

Booker T. Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff Promo: First of all how dare that piece of crap Bischoff talk to like you said the living legend Larry Zbyszko’s like that, I was so hoping that Larry Zbyszko’s was going to answer Bischoff back with no you shut the hell up and then hook him, was not to. Anyway this match is really heating up, Jarrett and Bischoff promising to kill WCW, if Booker doesn’t win WCW will be dead and NOW will take over, I don’t think so, well I hope not, Booker T was as intense as ever walking down to the ring not like his usual self, he never even done his trademark entrance, flying down that stage LOL, Now onto the actual contract signing, due to this being the first time reading your show I have to say it is the best promo I have seen you do, character wise was brilliant and your little comments in between passages of people talking, really does crack me up. Anyway Bischoff was in great character, really excelled yourself to me as a great booker with how good you got the characters, Jeff Jarrett calling Booker T black I was not sure about until I read on as I started to love this slating, All the jokes about how he is just a ghetto boy and I really loved Booker T, you can believe in God, you can believe in karma, or even Buddha, at the end of it all, it’s the good who win out in the end. The black souls, the horrible people, the Booker T’s of the world, they come out losers. This was definitely the best line in this promo, so much like Jarrett, cocky arrogant bast***. Booker T once again showing his really emotions which I loved, I knew he was going to fly across at Jarrett and what would a contract signing be without a little scrap. The walking legend taking down Bischoff, Oh what I would do to see that. .. . ..! Even though I would be screaming at my TV screen if this was on TV you definitely done the right thing making Jarrett take both men out, I always feel it is better with the heel going into a pay-per-view on top.

I have one question about this last promo, Maybe its because I haven’t read any of your shows before but Jarrett is champion! And he said when he wins the title he is going to turn it into the N W O belt, why has he not done it already!!!!!!

The opening match of the night I feel would have been a good match with two men with a lot of talent. I know this doesn’t seem like I am saying a lot about the match but I just do not know what to say, prefer reading promos.. . . Me! Anyway afterwards in the match I found interesting, I always liked Mike Saunders for some weird reasons but anyway I did, I thought you had him in good character and this adds to the already great Starrcade card. Really getting hyped up for Starrcade and the rest of this show

‘ Before Tony can make any more of you contemplate suicide, the show cuts to the back ‘

Another funny comment throwing in, I love it Szum, maybe it isn’t your writing abilities that gets you noticed on WF maybe it is your funny comments!…. .. .. Nah only joking but It did make me laugh

Scott Steiner Promo: Scott Steiner wants some… .. . .. Eh Sting!!!! J LOL, Steiner and Midajah A.K.A Slut and I love it, no only joking, Sting trashing Steiner’s locker room is a brilliant idea to intense this feud up, what man wouldn’t be happy if they were just about to get the sort of thing Steiner was, I wonder!

Lance Storm interview. I was wondering how the most boring man to ever grace this earth interview would go and it actually went quite well, see to tell you the truth Szum I actually cannot remember Lance Storm doing many interviews so I was not sure about his character, All I did know is if he seemed boring then his character would be fine. I picture him in my mind with what he was saying and yes I can see him saying stuff like that, I am not trying to slate Storm as I like him and I think he is a great athlete but Szum please keep him of the mic!

Match 2: Nice partners for both men, I read through the match and it was alright, I think it would have been good to see on TV

I loved the aftermath of match 2, It was very good, Super crazy can speak English and Szum I have to tell you I didn’t no they could speak English either. Anyway another match set for Starrcade, it really is getting better and better as this show continues

Steiner taking down the plastic cut out was creative genius, I feel it is small things like that which make the show more entertaining and sometimes bring in the ratings so I was glad to see this, Steiner seems to be getting more angry and I am thinking someone Is going to get hurt.

Scott Steiner match LOL is all I can say

Sting and Scott Steiner it was like an Undertaker moment, Scott Steiner I knew would come out to the ring and demand Sting came out and that is what he did, Steiner was in good character acting cool when the lights flicked back on but when the lights were off probably crapping himself, Sting coming out and smacking Steiner with the bat across the chest I felt was a little lame after all the build up, I think you could have done a little better with this

The Main Event was good and their was only one man that could have won and that was the nature boy, Ric Flair, my complete idle, this guy carried WCW and I loved him for it and still do love him, This was an alright match and a match that would also be good to see on TV

The Big Ending: Oh My God Szum I thought you had gave all you could get for a normal weekly show with the opening promo but after reading this one it totally throws that out the window, you made me feel like I was sitting in the arena, What a match for Starrcade, the winner getting a shot at the title with the loser retiring, I personally hope Hulk Hogan is forced to retire, I just think this would be a great way for him to go out, I would then like to see Flair win back the title and retire on that note!, What a ending for both men’ s career. Anyway what a way to end the promo, Ric Flair going crazy around the ring that is why I love this guy, he is just the best and at Starrcade we will see if Hogan and Nash can beat the best…… . . . .. .! Hulk Hogan was also in character and I really felt the emotion of all three men, If only WCW could book like this it would be them making a fool of there self creative wise today instead of the WWE.

Overall Szum this is the first ever show I have reviewed on this forum and it was an honour to review yours, like I said at the start the review might not be brilliant but I certainly tried, Great show anyway Szum and expect a better review for Starrcade, might not get a review in for the next Nitro. Sorry!


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