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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership


Segment 1 - Yuck

Segment 2 - Meh

Segment 3 - Blah

Segment 4 - Meh, again...

ROFLMAO. J/K of course. Hatchet = Buried? If not, fuck off. No, really.

Anyway, I am psyched to get into this. Great to have a “realistically good" WCW thread, unlike anything else, ever done, by anyone else. I remember seeing this float around way back when I was headed out from my first run. You hadn't made your name yet. It was intriguing then, and obviously still is. I LOVED WCW with a passion. Still do. Still watch all the old tapes, as I own just about every piece of wrestling filmed since 1980. And I’m proud to say that during the 83 weeks Nitro beat Raw, I was part of the reason. Nitro got watched, and Raw was lucky to get tivo’d. But tbh, I hated WCW by late 1999, and I switched back to WWF. I literally had to watch tapes to catch up on the year 2000-2001, which I did long after the company was dead. Just really hard to watch. Horrible angles and Title matches, and the Hudson-Madden-Tony team was enough to induce vomiting, tbh. I really thought it sucked. Glad to see you using Tony and Tenay. Iron Mike was so great back in WCW. He sucks beyond belief now. And I know you have a passion for good wrestling and crisp storylines, so I am sure the company will be in good shape. Starrcade looks good, and the banners rule. Although the two titles matches at the top are far less intriguing than the rest of the card unfortunately. Glad to see you still using the big name guys, and hopefully you'll keep them around a while longer. Especially considering they've all continued, in one way or another, right on through today. Anyway, looking forward to reviewing Starrcade. Ironically, that will be my next/first "in full" offering as well. Mine will obviously stomp yours.

Later hater.
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