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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

I'll have all you bookers know he held a gun to my head 'til I agreed to comment his show. Opinions on banning plz...


Larry Z, meh. I'm so/so over him but whatever, Booker T getting straight to the point without anything said was a little surprising. Bischoff and Jarrett getting on the mic was quality and then Bookah! BOOKER TEEEEE! Great speech from the Book Man, hilarious ending line on the slap nuts insult, fucking gold. Totally awesomeness to open the show imo. Damn, Larry gets wasted by Jarrett. Holy shit Jarrett just took out Booker aswell, he's looking strong for the title win methinks, but I'd still love to see Book win. Overall a great opening segment in every way

rofl Marky Mark. Interesting to see two halves of the original Natural Born Thrillers feuding with each other, with of course no more Shawn Stasiak (Billy Gunn wanna be) and Reno (Ugly version of Maven) around. Sanders still running things for the NBT it seems and it should be a nice tag match to see

Bahaha Steiner gets cock blocked. Sting > Steiner plz. Midajah's acting makes porn stars look like Oscar winners tbh. I lovve Steiner on the mic tho, never holds back from the cussin', "emo bitch"

OMG how about giving Lance a dose of charisma in his breakfast. He's bland. Gonna get serious? lolz. Good promo from you here, despite Storm being very vanilla on the mic

Very weird combinations for this tag match but the story is told afterwards in a very comical promo. Super Crazy vs Helms shall be a good match and with the title on the line you can see Shane Helms retaining. I had to laugh during the whole thing, Super Crazy talking like a retard

Steiner is getting messed with something cronic, Sting must be having a field day with this idiot. Steiner crushes some no name, fair enough. Sting = ratings. Great promo, you capture Sting perfectly every time. This match is gonna be sweet, I like this feud the most atm

Main event was solid but wow, the ending promo, wow. I marked. Awesome announcement from Nash and for both to accept is big, BIIIGGG. I think Flair retires, but I can't be sure, they are all as you say, past it. But whoever loses, it'll still be a massive match. Flair, Nash and Hogan all sounded fine here and made it a class promo

Good work Szum, now if I give you a "modest" mark you'll put the gun away, rit? 10/10

8.5./10 tbh


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