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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Wow... that was a damn nice/good/awesome piece of feedback, Para. Spanks dude.

Larry Zbyszko really doesn't have much of a character at this point. He's a WCW staff member, and will sort of be an on-screen guy for WCW board of directors (the always off-screen, faus pax owners of WCW). He's a WCW loyalist, and erm, The Living Legend . Not a whole lot to say, really.

Mike Sanders was a Power Plant graduate, and is a former WCW Commissioner and Cruiserweight Champion, although as the latter, he sucked. I'm not fond of him as a wrestler, but he was a solid mouthpiece me thinks. Also, it wasn't Sanders making the match himself, more was him announcing that the match had already been made by the board of directors (at Sanders' request/challenge, of course). It flows better just having Sanders announce the match then going through the whole explanation. Although, speaking of Sanders, you bring up a good point with the Lance Storm promo. In general, some sort of promo in terms of they know their opponents very well; I probably should've seperated the two promos further out in the show. Good catch. Also, here: More Mike Sanders info

Some of the stuff I book/write, I don't really want to. Tony Schiavone on commentary (and commentary in general) is not my favorite thing to write, so I make it much more fun and easy by adding in the wit. Same with just writing shows, period. Sometimes I'd rather do something else, but I want to get the show done, so I throw in a line or two so I can get a good chuckle. I'm glad to see that it is liked so well.

The Wall is pretty much your generic big man. He got onto WCW TV because Nash noticed him, but there's nothing special about him. Green in the ring, and not very over. He improved in 2002 once TNA came around, but nothing special at this point. He got really out of shape by WCW's end as well; he had a bad drug habit, and it was a big cause for his death. More Wall Info

To be honest, I didn't like writing Sting until I wrote the promo for him at Mayhem. It was just something so new and fresh, that it helped me create this new character for him. He's arguably my current favorite character in TTO. And yeah, breaking the bat over Steiner's chest was incredibly lame, but that's our dear WCW for you; gimmick and cheaping a weapon . <3.

Glad to see that the ending promo was a hit, and no shocker that Flair was the best. He's pretty awesome to write for, although Hulk Hogan is still awesome as well, brother. Glad to see that Nash was better than as of late; I've had some problems getting into a rhythm with Nash, and getting inspired by him. I haven't enjoyed writing for him too much, and it's showed. However, definitely happy to see that the show came off as a major success, as I wanted to make it something great before I head back to uni. From here, updates will be less frequent, although I do hope that I can have Starrcade up by the end of February. I want to write a 3rd Starrcade match, and then the 4th and final Nitro before Starrcade. That will give me 4 matches to write for Starrcade (and all the promos, commentary, etc.) in one-shot, instead of the usual everything.

Any other reviews would be welcomed, and they'll most likely be returned. And Reney, I am expecting one from you, Aussie. <3

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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