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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Szumiís NITRO Feedback

Sorry I didnít drop any comments on your last show man, I read over it though, so Iím still up with things.

No matter how hard you try to convince me of otherwise, I still hate Schiavone and Tenay, but I feel obliged to read what they have to say just because I enjoy and eagerly anticipate your smartass remarks that you throw in for good measure, such as the ďThat youíre a fucktard, TonyĒ comment in the last show. Funny stuff.

I donít know much of Larry Zís persona or character, so thankfully you didnít have too much dialogue for him in this promo. I liked the fact that you didnít have Booker say anything when he first arrived and that he didnít even acknowledge Zbyskoís existence, he just signed the contract. I think thatís a good way to demonstrate Bookerís desire and focus to win the championship. This was a really gutsy promo mate, some of the content was great. You did a really good job at putting over just how personal the feud between these two, the comment about the guaranteed world title shot from Booker really made it hit home. You put over both Jarrett and Bookerís characters very well, but I felt Bookerís last part of dialogue was really a bitch to read because it had a heap of slang, but thatís exactly how Booker sounds anyway so the I guess it was good in terms of realism but all the slang took away from the flow a little bit. The ending wasnít a real shock to me, but I was a little bit surprised to see Booker make the first move as I thought Jarrett was going to explode, particularly after the comment about the World Title. I totally forgot about Larry Z, so the Scoop Slam to Eric made me giggle until Jarrett blasted his head off, cool stuff though, instant heat magnet those actions. None the less, electric opening to the show, the hype for this match has been awesome and it just got even better in my opinion, youíre doing a really good job of portraying just how personal and intense this rivalry is as well as just how much the World Title means to both men. I honestly have no idea as to which direction youíll head as to whoíll win at Starrcade but Iím definitely leaning towards Booker because I canít see you renaming the title the nWo World Heavyweight Championship, but I know you like to be a controversial motherfucker, so who knows. Shock me, I say. Iím rooting for a Jarrett victory just because I want to see what happens if the nWo go over but some how I think youíll throw the strap on to the Book man.

I like that you go into the descriptions of what each man is wearing, it definitely helps create a better visualisation as to whatís going on. Itís definitely something that not enough people around here do, myself included, I do it sometimes but other times I forget all about it, none the less, good shit. I still donít know who the fuck Mike Sanders is and itís annoying me. Lol. Stock standard stuff here with booking the regulation one on one match as hype to a tag team match at the PPV while I like seeing OíHaire go over as I feel this feud is simple a filler to further establish the Young Lions team as you seem to be quite high on them. Iím intrigued by the fact that this Mike Sanders chap held back Johnny Stamboli thus preventing him from breaking the cover. So this Sanders bloke has the authority to book his own Tag Titles matches at Starrcade too? Interesting. Anyway, I liked his promo albeit short. His arrogance shone through brightly and I liked the way you had him try to get into the heads of the Young Lions, I still donít think theyíll win.

Before Tony can make any more of you contemplate suicide, the show cuts to the back.

And there it is, the regulation smartass comment making note of Tonyís stupidity. I love it.
Very entertaining stuff with Scott Steiner and the slut. I made me laugh. Particularly the ďShut it bitch and service the big bad booty daddyĒ line. Fucking awesome. The mind games on Stings behalf are cool too, definitely a creative way of pissing off Steiner. The ďEmo bitchĒ call made me laugh too as did the Syringe comments. Good shit Szumi. Iím loving this show thus far.

Lance Storm generally comes across quite bland but you did a good job avoiding that here. His dialogue was very good, you kept it interesting and made his passion and drive in particular very evident. The only thing I didnít like about this promo was the fact that I felt it was a little too similar in content to what Mike Sanders had to say as it had the same sort of feel in terms of Storm knowing exactly what Awesome is going to throw at him. This is another match Iíll be interested to see pan out. You seem quite high on Lance Storm but I think he could indeed fall victim to the numbers game of the New World Order.

Okay, donít know who The Wall is. I donít think your bagging of certain talent will ever grow old. Please continue with it. You were right, extremely random tag match and itís only here to get the Cruiserweight Title match some hype and to have it noticed. Helms leaving the match was another nice way to build him and get him over even more as a heel while Crazy picks up the win over The Wall, keeping some solid momentum for him too. Lol @ the Sugar Babies being loose. The promo afterward was nice too, Helms was spot on for mine. Youíre really getting him over as a heel very nicely. Super Crazy was awesome man, I was about to say his first line cracked me up, but the whole thing cracked me up, right down to the stuff with Tenay and Schiavone after it. Crazy was great, you wrote his character very well although I have absolutely no doubt that Shane Helms will go over at Starrcade.

Mike Tenay:What a shocker that is, Tony!

Tony Schiavone: I know, Professor! Super Crazy can speak English!


Mike Tenay: Ö

Yeah, me too, Tenay.
Funny shit, your sarcasm and wit will never grow dry.

Steiner bashes a stagehand and then bashes a cardboard cut-out of Sting? Odd. It seems Steiner is pissed off.

Big match next week, thatíll go a fair way to determining as to who will go over at Starrcade imo.

Steiner is pissed. Alex Wright is dead. Ahahaha. Ohh. Iím loving Steiner tonight. His reaction when the lights went out was priceless, his character did feel a little generic but I still felt the promo was very good. Once the Stinger got involved, the promo picked up even more to be honest. Stingís character was brilliant. The mind games heís playing are better than anything Iíve seen anyone in BTB produce with Sting or so called ďMaster of the Mind GamesĒ The Undertaker. I liked how Sting alluded to the fact that once Starrcade is done, he and Steiner will head their separate ways. This match is another one thatís very hard to predict. The build and the booking for all your feuds thus far have been great, and itís certainly tops that the outcome of your matches are hard to predict. Iím a little bit lost though, I thought Sting was done with WCW for the short term? Anyway, the baseball bat shot makes this even more personal and it builds up the rivalry more so while the bat shattering over Steiner is lame and gay, it definitely puts over his strength well. Great segment.

Wow. Flair wins clean, I thought for sure weíd see some sort of interference from the New World Order here but not to be. Itís definitely good for Flair as he builds a little momentum heading into Starrcade.

Huge promo to end things with an absolutely mammoth announcement. Flair was brilliant. His character was spot on, the same can easily be said about Hogan and Nash but for me, Flairís part was easily the best. This promo had everything passion, intensity, humour. Like the first promo this one almost broke the barriers of kayfabe at certain points, I like that you do that but I think itíd grow a bit dry if you do it regularly. The references to the WWE/Vince about Hoganís safe haven were interesting and I think itís definitely something we wouldíve seen in that era because itís a way of WCW suggesting that the WWF wouldíve taken talent that they no longer had any use for. The stipulation for the triple threat is huge, I have absolutely no idea whoíll win again and I think thatís great. It certainly has me asking plenty of questions, as do most of your feuds. I liked the fact that this one didnít end with a brawl instead a simple stare down. Great promo again, all the characters were spot on and you did a great job of creating an easy visual of what was going on.

Overall mate, this was a great show. The build towards Starrcade is going fucking brilliantly to be honest with you. None of the matches were overly gripping or enthralling but it was definitely your booking skills that shone through here and they and the promos were of a very high standard. Literally EVERY segment served its purpose in hyping the PPV and when thatís the case your booking obviously shines through brilliantly. Well done man, this thread is quickly becoming my favourite simply because of itís originality and your dare to be different. The match banners are awesome too btw, great job Crazian.
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