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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Szumi’s NITRO Feedback.

First time I’ve offered any feedback to this thread, so bare with me if I am ignorant towards something that should be bleeding obvious.

On a side note, Tony Schiavone and Mikey Tenay could quite possibly two of the most annoying motherfuckers that I have ever had to encounter in my life. New commentary team plz. Fuck realism Pretty stock standard opening, good to see them give a decent recap of the PPV. The flow of Schiavone’s second line was a little off but shit happens, it’s only Schiavone, who gives a fuck what he says anyway.

The Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck version that Lance Storm better be the version by Dry Kill Logic . Great match to kick off the show, this is definitely one you would expect to get the crowd pumping. Haha @ “The conveniently place ladder at ringside”. Such a coincidence that it lay there. A Modified Russian Leg Sweep off a ladder would be a hard spot I think, and I found it particularly hard to visualise. Your match recap style is different, I’m liking that you’re highlighting some of the key spots. AWESOME BOMB OFF THE LADDER! That’s fucking cool, you wrote that spot really well to be honest, it was very clear to visualise. Kidman costing Rey the win was a good way to continue and hype their feud, although I’m confused as to who the heel is, if anyone? This match had a good psychology about it for mine in spite of it only being a recap and I thought it told a solid story in the fact that it didn’t have to be all about the ladder as it really didn’t get utilised as much as one would think, but I think that’s a good thing and when you did use the ladder the spots were good. I’m already seeing early signs about what you said in your preview about the show being NWO top heavy. Great start to the show, mate. I’m loving the Lance Storm push. It’s not something you see done regularly.

Lol @ the Schiavone fuck up. That was cool. Original.

Who the hell is Mike Sanders? I’ve got no clue. My enjoyment of this promo is obviously hampered because of the fact I have no idea who Sanders is and I can’t visualise any of his characteristics. This promo seemed a little bland and it had a couple of slight structural errors in there but nothing drastic. Never the less this promo served its purpose in re-establishing The Natural Born Thrillers as well as hyping the Tag Team Division a little bit.

No idea who Lash Leroux is either, oh well. It seems he’s a jobber anyway. If not, he was treated like one here for the most part although it was nice to see you mention that he got in a bit of offence. Clearly the match was more for establishing Helms as a heel. The Vertebreaker is immense <3. The promo in the aftermath was more of a highlight than the match, though. You definitely established Helms nicely as a heel and his character was portrayed quite well. The slurs and insults towards a Super Crazy as well as the crowd were great ways to have him garner some good heat. I look forward to seeing you establish the CW Title.

I’m not retarded! I got the sarcasm! Hoorah. Anyway, this was a great promo. Best of the show thus far. You portrayed Bischoff very nicely and he was very easy to visualise (particularly his sarcasm). The Awesome announcement was big and I’ll be surprised if Awesome loses at Starrcade. The Two handicap matches getting booked were obvious ways for heat to be thrust upon the NWO and they definitely served their purpose. Both of the NWO teams should go over tonight following Mayhem and you should be wanting them to pick up some momentum. Arn Anderson coming out of retirement is obviously another method in order to force the crowd to dump even more heat on the NWO, because there’s no chance Flair and Anderson will win. I definitely have to give you big props for your booking of the New World Order here, I think you made the right decisions to really establish their dominance even more.

As expected, Kronik go over Nash but Big Kev comes out of it looking a little better than I expected. It was no surprise to see the remaining members of the NWO at ringside enforce a beat down on Nash while the ref was distracted. Good recap, very well booked from the prospective of the NWO.

Really good promo from Jarrett. His character was spot on and you definitely got him over as a heel very well. This promo was definitely needed since Booker T is (apparently) not here tonight and you needed to build a little bit of hype for the Title match at Starrcade. Booker will be here by the end of the night though, I’m certain.

This promo was very lovey-dovey to start out with. Flair and Double A obviously play up the underdog card big time but I still don’t think they’ll win and quite frankly I hope they don’t. I was glad Larry Z came in and let us know that no interference will be welcome from WCW during the match, luckily it provided a little bit of life to the promo.

This was an awesome promo to be honest. I fucking loved it. Short and sweet. Nash was spot on, his intensity was obvious while his drive to beat the piss out of Hogan was glaring as well.

I would expect that the heat for the New World Order upon there entrance at this stage, would be huge. The No DQ stip being added in the middle of the match was great and once again, an instant heat magnet for the NWO. I could absolutely see the crowd shitting on that. That beat down of Flair and Double A was epic. It was so well written and very well structured, you made it seem very methodical. I almost thought you forgot about Anderson at one stage, though. I have to say that it’s interesting that Jeff Jarrett is the World Champion but Hogan is made out of the be the MAN of the New World Order. That’s definitely something different. Booker coming out at the end wasn’t a huge shock but it was still awesome to see. The aftermath hyped the World Title match and the Nash/Hogan feud brilliantly and even though WCW stand tall at the end of the show, the exposure the NWO received for the most part of this show was excellent and it definitely puts them over as a huge force.

Overall mate, I really enjoyed it. My only question is, are you doing two hour shows or one hour shows? Because it seemed a bit short for two hours. Other than that, I thought it was great. Essentially the promos in particular were great, there was only the one that I found bland, other than that they were good. The matches, although they were technically great matches, particularly because of the nature of them, I thought the were booked very well and I think your booking was the major standout of this show in general to be honest. As a whole it was booked very nicely and you made all the right decisions. I love shows where I don't have much to gripe about thus meaning I don't have much to write about and this was one of those shows. Well done mate, great stuff.

BTW, No AJ Styles = No Ratingz. I kid . Oh, and I don't buy your injury angles either - after what you did with RVD in your ECW thread, who can blame me?
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