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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Nitro Review

Great to see my pick of match didn’t take too long to appear on a show . Wasn’t one of the most spottiest ladder matches you would ever see but told a very good story. Ending to the match was very entertaining with Awesome hitting the Awesome Bomb to Storm off the ladder and Kidman German Suplexing Mysterio off the ladder. Not too surprised that Storm got the victory as Mysterio is closer to the Cruiserweight division than the US Title division.

Lol at Tony Schiavone making a mistake and I liked how you wrote in big red letters that he fucked up. This thread is so realistic.

Wasn’t so overly keen on this segment, was very dull and Sanders speech for me dragged on a little in my opinion. Good to see the tag division get some promo time though.

Decent Cruiserweight match here which just looked like it was on the card to get Helms over. Great Helms promo after the match, good to see that Helms actually has a personality in this thread. Good heelish promo mocking Super Crazy

Nwo promo was very good, Bischoff was spot on character with him putting the odds against the faces with the announcement of the two Handicap Matches. Not so sure on Anderson coming out of retirement, but aslong as he doesn’t take too much of a bump I don’t see why not I suppose.

This sounds like it would be a horrible match, but the interferences made it a more exciting match than it would have been. Very surprised to see Nash lose since I thought he would overcome all the interference. Jarrett’s promo was very well written and will be interesting to see if Booker makes an appearance on the show at all.

Nice promo here and the odds are definitely against Flair and Double A now. But I somehow still think that Booker T will still make an appearance and Flair and Double A will get the win.

Nash’s promo was short but straight to the point and showed a very intense side of him. Nash v Hogan looks it is being built up for Starcade which is going to be a horrible match, but the mic work could be pretty good.

The main event was pretty decent and you have made NWO look very strong with two victories tonight. Was surprised to see that nobody interfered in the main event despite Bischoff’s ruling. The aftermath for me was better than the match with the big brawl between the NWO and the WCW members, and we do get an appearance by Booker T and great way to end the show with Booker sending a message to Jarrett with the Bookend through the table.

Overall the show was very good, there were some dull moments in there but was mainly a very entertaining show. Also got to comment on the Sting/Bischoff/Flair promo, was a great confrontation and Sting leaving WCW is going to make for an interesting future in this thread especially the backstage bits.
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