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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Match One
Lance Storm vs. Rey Misterio Jr.
WCW North American Championship Ladder Match

Original booking with the two actually wrestling in the openign minutes, instead of immediately going for the ladder(s). A great story was told in this match, with interference from both sides added, to make the match better. Awesome's spot was well written. However Kidman connecting with the German Suplex from off the ladder was original. It looks like you messed up in announcing the winner, as you have Storm defeating Kidman instead of Mysterio. Also is Mysterio a heel, tweener, or face in this thread?

New Natural Born Thrillers Promo: Honestly, the promo for the most part seemed kind of boring. While it did get over the group, and the seperation of four of the original members, Sanders, was more or less kind of dull in the segment. With that said, the last paragraph and a half was well written. With good booking the feud between the two teams can be good.

Leroux/Helms: As you mentioned, the match was more or less Helms dominating the match, while Tony and Mike put over his actions from Mayhem and how he is a heel. Helms wins as expected, but the promo was excellent in establishing Helms as a heel. As a fan of Helms, this was great booking.

nWo Promo: Great promo from Bischoff, as he is always great on the mic. Bischoff's sacrastic comments was well written as well. Surprised to see Awesome speak, but his segment was well written enough to put over the upcoming feud. Not to keen on having Double A come out of retirment, even though I realize the purpose is to put more heat on the nWo. While Nash will be fighting in a handicap match, I won't be surprised if he wins the match.

Handicap Match: Surprised to see Kronik win the match, but it was obivious that was going to happen, once it was stated the nWo was at ringside. Jarrett's promo was well written, and gets him over greatly as a heel. Despite Booker not being announced to be at Nitro, I have a feeling that he will be on the show, before the end of the show.

Flair/Anderson's Segment: This was a good segment, and very realistic, in the fact that the three are admitting that this is a lose/lose situation. Larry's announcement from Bischoff however, just enfornces more that Booker T is going to be on this show, before the show ends.

Nash's Promo: Short but to the point promo from Nash. Nash versus Hogan at Starrcade, is all but confirmed in this thread so far, IMO. With the mic work from these two, the buidup should be no problem, IMO.

Main Event: Well if it wasn't obvious before, than it's obvious now, with the NO DQ rule from Bischoff. Booker is coming back! Not surprised at all that the nWO whooped the hell out of Flair and Arn, and got the win. In similar WCW's booking, Nash and Cal and the rest of the WCW members involved in feuds with the nWo come to the ring and we have a big brawl. Booker T, as expected comes to the ring at the last moment and goes after Jarrett, which continues their feud for their match at Starrcade. The Book End through the table from Booker to Jarrett was great booking, and the staredown from Booker to Jarrett was great as well.

Overall Comments: Great show man. There were some parts in the beginning that felt a little flat, but beginning with the nWo in ring segment, the show picked up quite a bit. Great show once again, and looking forward to the news and notes, backstage segments with Flair/Sting/Bischoff, and the next Nitro in this thread.
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