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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

oh my god what a event.

right i will write a short review about what i just read.
match one: Helms Vs Crazy Vs Hart. i really enjoyed the back and forth action in this match. it was so excitiing to read and i would have loved to see this match acctually go out on a WCW ppv. the match was good and the ending was especially good. i loved the turn with Helms. i predicted that you would turn him. the Crazy Vs Helms fued will be awesome.

match 2: johhny the bull Vs Big Vito. i liked this match, because it was recapped and it was short and sweet. i like the Natural Born Thrillers reunion and i really dont know where your going with this storyline which is exciting in my eyes. Johnny wining also made me very happy.

the Sting promo was orgasmic, i really liked how he was basically in character for the whole of the promo. at this stage in the night i believed truelly that Sting was going to win the triple cage.

Match 3: Filthy Animals Vs Chavo and Rey. this match was a fast paced and good enough to read and i really enjoyed the ending with the two Animals trapping Rey. but i am struggling to see where you are going to go next in this stroyline, because it would have made more sense to have Rey and Chavo win and then do something to the Animals after the match to further the fued.

Match 4: team Nwo Vs Storm and the young lions. i enjoyed this match even though it was recapped. it was a good solid bout and kept the whole WCW Vs Nwo fued going.

match 5 : Jarrett Vs Nash for the world title: i dont really like Nash so i was hoping for Jarrett to win the match from the beggining and my hope came true.good match. but you said in the preview thing that Jarrett was going to be punished for wanting the belt when he and flair had that agreement. but now we know that the winner of the super cage is definately going to win the belt at Starrcade. i still thought i was going to be sting at this stage.

Match 6: Hogan and Bischoff Vs Flair in handicap retirement match. back and forth match with loads of run ins which was alright because it has been a great fued so far. but i really did think that Cal Anderson was going to turn on Flair and go Nwo but it never happened and instead Nash came down and helped flair. i loved the whole emotion at the end of the match as well really great match.

Match 7: super cage Scott Steiner Vs Scott Hall Vs Booker T Vs Sting. at the begging of this match i thought that it would only be Sting or Booker T who could win the match. but i was still favouring Sting to win the title shot. Match was unbeliavbly long but the wriritng was exciting the whole way through which was good. there was so many HUGE spot which kept me interested through the whole match.i loved it when you had Steiner grabs the case but not. it got me i must say.there was big spot after big spot and when everyone was down i actually fancied Scott Hall to get up the cages and get the shot but i was pleased when the book man rose up and got his well deserved title shot at Starrcade

overall it was probably one of the best shows i have read on the WF btb area. but matches like the Filthy Animals ending and the whole Big Vito Vs Johnny the Bull were kind of let downs to me. overall i would give a 8.5/10 just because of the johnny the bull and vito match and the Filthy Animals ending.

love it, keep it going!!!!!
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