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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Sorry about the lateness and shitty review, but you know I been busy as of late. I'll make it up to ya.

8 man tag match is a fantastic opening match, and would be quite enteraining, although maybe a bit too overcrowded. However, it serves its purpose of hyping up a couple of PPV matches in one segment, which makes life easier. I like the teaming of Rey and Chavo, hope it goes somewhere. I'm also liking the Shane Helms cocky, heelish turn and I think the 3 way dance will be a good matchup, with Shane beginning to solidify his title run.

Whoa, first time in history that you have had a bad Bisch or Flair segment. NOT! This segment was exceptional, and to my surprise I am interested in this fued. I like how you still have guys like Flair and Hogan still around and still fueding, but stepping down a spot on the card. It balances things out well.

Yes, more Rey and Chavo! Looks like you finally found a way to use the two, and that is as a tag team. If you decide to continue this route, they could be a great choice as tag team champions. They didn't do half bad in this promo either.

Ok, Lance Storm is looking better and better each week, but I am growing tired of seeing him get such a push in every WCW thread I have seen. I know Storm may be the future, but just don't push him too hard. The brawl afterwards was great, and I'm liking the several stages, if you will, of the WCW/NWO fued.

Ok, so the weapon choices were obvious as you pointed out, but I'm glad you added this segment as it was a good one. I like to see Scott Hall stand tall at the end of the segment, it was a certain surprise, but of course, he won't win at the PPV.

Yes! More Rey and Chavo! I like this fued with the 'FAZ', and I'm curious if Rey and Chavo will go over.

Good to see the champ on the show, and a match with Hugh was a good enough choice. Surprise at the end with Big Sexy coming down to the ring and finally we have a WCW title match signed at the PPV. Good addition to the card.

Good main event as well, to cap off a long ass show lol. Of course there was no winner in this match, it just couldn't happen. So, the standoff with the weapons was a cool ending to the show, and a smart one.

Great show Szumi, glad to see you are back. Sorry for the lacking review, but I just got off work homes. 9/10, Mayhem is going to be off the charts.

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