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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

WCW Mayhem Predictions Contest

Predict the winners and the match order
But the number you think the match will be next to the heading of the match, and bold your predicted winner…
(1-7 with 7 Being the Main Event, and 1 the Opener)…

Winner Gets Guaranteed World Heavyweight Title Shot At Starrcade
The Super Cage
Booker T vs. Scott Hall vs. Scott Steiner vs. Sting 7

It's an understatement to say that you've been fairly underutilising STing in your thread. IMO this can lead to a great program, 1997 all over again, a NWO heel champ gets beaten cleanly by Stinger at sTarrcade, and then you can play out a jealousy storyline between Booker T and Sting for the title. Never seen before feud and it'll be worth a read.

WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Singles Match
Jeff Jarrett © vs. Kevin Nash 5

I don't take Nash as a serious threat and I hope to God I'm right.

WCW North American & Tag Team Championships
Six-Man Tag Team Match
Lance Storm © & The Young Lions © vs. Mike Awesome & KroniK 4

Storm needs a win to further cement his face run. Would be a nice victory for the young lions too

WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Three-Way Elimination Match
Shane Helms © vs. Super Crazy vs. Teddy Hart (w/Jack Evans) 1

this will be the match where you pull the trigger on Helms' heel turn. Perfect time to do it. I see Helms getting rolled up or something by Hart because he was getting distracted by Crazy and then Crazy goes over Hart which leads to Helms attackng and beating down Crazy. If you haven't booked it, book it again, now.

If Ric Flair Loses, He’s Fired
2-on-1 Handicap Match
Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair (w/Arn Anderson & Cal Anderson) 6

OH boy, difficult to predict. I can't see you firing Flair unless you plan on giving him a few months off, play a storyline where a new gm is placed and Flair can return. In these kind of matches, 9/10 the guy who risks getting fired doesn't lose. You got respect from me if you let Flair lose here, will get me captivated for sure.

Grudge Match
Tag Team Match
Filthy Animals (w/Tygress) vs. Rey Misterio Jr. & Chavo Guerrero Jr. 2

A cruiserweight feud who is pretty well developed I must say, despite the awfull promo skills from all men involved (maybe bar konnan). As for the winner, it's a tossup. Either Chavo and REy get put over cleanly to make them a serieus unit or you can turn konnan on Kidman to bury TFA once and for all + you can have an all mexican lucha stable.

Grudge Match
Italian Street Fight
Big Vito vs. Johnny Stamboli 3

Don't care to much about this match really. Two close to being jobbers put in a loser leaves town match. Who cares. Stamboli wins though seeing you obviously have plans for him.

Show Questions:

What will be the worst match – rated due to overall match rating in *’s? Bischoff & Hogan vs Flair is gonna stink it up
What will be the best match – rated due to overall match rating in *’s? Super Cage
Will Halloween Havoc see anyone(s) turn from face/heel to heel/face? Yes
If Yes – Who is/are going to turn? Shane Helms
Who will be pinned in the 6-Man Titles match? Bryan Clarke
Who will score the pin in the 2-on-2 Tag match? Mysterio
Who will be the last man eliminated in the Cruiserweight Title match? Teddy Hart

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