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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

So it took a long time for me to get this up, and now, updates will take me a while because of soccer. Two a days start tomorrow, for the next two weeks, and then school and the regular season starts. I'll work on it when I get the time, but for the next month possibly, very few updates.

World Championship Wrestling
Wednesday Nitro
Savvis Arena, St. Louis, Missouri
October 17 2001



Can Ya Dig A Challenge… Brother!?

Instead, the show opens up with the former WCW World Heavyweight Booker T standing in the ring. Booker is in tan dress slacks, and is sporting black shades, as well as looking extremely focused. Book has a mic in his hand, and starts the show off with a promo.

Booker T: Listen up sucka’s! Dere’s somethin’ ta’night dat da Booka’ Man has ta get off his ches’! Ya see, las’ week as da first time I showed up on Nitro, n’ the reason I was at home, n’ not here, is because o’ one man… Hulk Hogan!

The crowd right away starts to boo Hogan.

Booker T: Now, I’m pretty sure ya’lls know da stor’ay o’ me n’ Hogan, at Fall Brawl. At Fall Brawl, I had ta defend muh Dubya-See-Dubya Worl’ Heavyweight Championship against a tota’ of seven otha’ men, in da mos’ lethal structure known ta Dubya-See-Dubya, da War Games! N’ in dat match, Hulk Hogan, you was supposed ta be muh partner! Ya was supposed ta be a part o’ Team Dubya-See-Dubya! N’ instead, ya showed up at da end o’ da match, n’ Leg Drop Ric Flair, Sting, n’ most o’ all, me! Ya screwed us all ova’, n’ wors’ o’ all, ya cost me muh Dubya-See-Dubya Worl’ Heavyweight Title! N’ Hogan, dat really pisses me off!

Cheap pop from the crowd.

Booker T: Hogan, if ya wanted ta screw ova’ dis great compan’ay fo’ da n-Dubya-o, den fine by me! Don’t hate da playa, hate da game! Howeva’, dere’s a fine line in between what ya shoul’ be hatin’, n’ at Fall Brawl, yo punk ass crossed it! ‘Cuz ya see, I don’t hate da game right now! Booka’ T, he loves da game! I love bein’ a professional wrestla’ in Dubya-See-Dubya, the greatest company eva’! N’ I loved bein’ dis compan’ay’s Worl’ Champion fo’ ova’ six months! But I also know, now dat da Title is off o’ me, I ain’t gonna be gettin’ any Title shots in da near future. Now dat Eric Bischoff has his Champ, dis brotha’ is back down at da end o’ da ladda’! Booka’ T has ta work his way up da ladda’ to get an’ay th’ang again! Eric Bischoff n’ Jeff Jarrett, dey are scared o’ Booka’ T! Dey scared if I face Jeff Jarrett in a one-on-one match, I’ll pin dat sucka’ one-two-three! Cuz dey know, da whole entire damn n-Dubya-o knows dat if us two sucka’s face-off, I’d be da new Dubya-See-Dubya Champion! Jeff Jarrett, I unda’stand how da n-Dubya-O plays da game, but jus’ ta let ya know, some day, Jarrett, I will get muh rematch, n’ I will pin ya one-two-three, n’ become a five time, five time, five time, five time, five time, Dubya-See-Dubya Worl’ Heavyweight Champion!

Booker T pauses, and paces briefly.

Booker T: Howeva’, dere’s still one brotha’ I can wrassle wit, n’ dat’s a brotha’ I plan on wrasslin’ wit! Hulksta’, las’ week, if ya asked me, I even up da score a bit! Fall Brawl, ya cost me muh Title, n’ last week, I humiliated ya in da ring after yo match. Some can say we even now, but not me! We ain’t even close ta bein’ even Hogan! Like I said, ya crossed dat line of hate! When ya cost me da one thang I love da most, muh Worl’ Title, you n’ me, it became a whole hella’ lot personal! So at Halloween Havoc, I wanna settle it! You n’ me, Hogan! One on one! Halloween Havoc!

The crowd cheers for the match, as Booker T nods his head with the crowd’s cheers.

Booker T: Now Hogan, I know I ain’t expectin’ ya ta come out here right now n’ gimme an answer, ‘cuz dat’s just not how ya play it. Ya can’t come out here when I’m already out here, ya’d be playin’ ta what I wan’! So Hogan, don’t answa’ me now, but by da’ end o’ da night, I wan’ an answa’ Hulk, n’ I better get one! Hogan, dis match at Halloween Havoc, ya know I’ll get it! N’ when I do, n’ we lock horns, I will defeat ya! N’ afta’ dat, afta’ I settle this personal issue, then you can hate da game, but not… da playa! Now can you dig dat… SUCKA!?

‘Can You Dig It, Sucka!?’ hits for the first time this evening, and Booker T leaves the ring, the fans cheering him on…



Tony Schiavone: Hello ladies and gentleman, and now we welcome you to Wednesday Nitro! I’m Tony Schiavone, alongside me, is ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay!

Mike Tenay: Thank you, Tony, and boys and girls, we have a great show in store for tonight, but we already had a great challenge to start the show off!

Tony Schiavone: How true, Professor! Booker T, the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, has laid down the challenge to Hulk Hogan, the man who cost Booker T that Title at Fall Brawl, to a match at Halloween Havoc!

Mike Tenay: Well tonight, we also have the newest members of the New World Order, KroniK, taking on former WCW Tag Team Champions, The Mamalukes, Big Vito and Johnny The Bull! Those are two men who have been having problems recently, so lets see if they can get it together tonight against the former Tag Champs, Adams and Clarke!

Tony Schiavone: They’re going to need to if they’re going to beat a team like KroniK!

Mike Tenay: That they will, Tony! Also, in another International Open Challenge, Lance Storm’s challenge for this week, well, has been accepted by a foreigner… in Lance Storm’s eyes! Tonight, Lance Storm will put up the WCW North American Title against the undefeated streak of ‘The New Enforcer’ Cal Anderson!

Tony Schiavone: That match will be huge!

Mike Tenay: And of course, we have our main event!

Tony Schiavone: ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair takes on ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner! But there’s more to it! The match is going to have some sort of stipulation added to it later on in the show, by Eric Bischoff!

Mike Tenay: Well seeing as Eric and the nWo hate both Flair and Steiner, don’t be surprised to see a taped fist, 100 foot scaffold, no rope barbed wire, exploding bombs, death match.

Tony Schiavone: That’s not even funny to joke about, Professor!

Mike Tenay: Well Tony, knowing Eric… you never do know! However, we have to go to a commercial break, but coming up next, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms, the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, takes on Jamie Noble!


When Nitro returns, Jamie Noble is already in the ring, and ‘Sugar Baby’ hits the sound system, bringing out the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, ‘Suga’ Shane Helms to cheers. Helms struts down the entrance ramp with his Sugar Babies, dancing down the aisle. Helms gets into the ring, and is all set for this non-title match.

Match One
Jamie Noble vs. Shane Helms (w/Sugar Babies)
Non-Title Singles Match

Cruiserweights~! Noble and Helms open up the wrestling action like only cruiserweights can, and right away, put on a great match, going hold-for-hold on the canvas and on the ground for over two minutes. Now, the average fan found it boring, but those “smarks” starting to become a bigger and bigger percentage of wrestling founds seemed to love it. Helms and Noble went hold for hold, lock for lock, reversal for reversal, making quick transitions and counters, rolling into odd pinning combinations, and scoring several near falls. The match would finally slow down as Noble started to work over Helms, but the Cruiserweight Champion would fight back, rolling out of a Noble power bomb, and hitting a power bomb of his own, but a chicken wing ‘bomb nonetheless. As Helms prepared for the Vertebreaker moments later, he was hit from behind with a super kick to the back of the head by that one cocky guy from those video’s, Teddy Hart! Jack Evan is also there, and as Helms falls to the canvas, they both start stomping on him as referee Charles Robinson calls for a DQ!

Shane Helms def. Jamie Noble by DQ at 6:07

Ooh Flashy Harts!

Teddy Hart and Jack Evans briefly stomp on Shane Helms before bringing him up to his feet. Evans holds Helms as Teddy screams at Shane ‘The Harts are better than you!’ and then proceeds to slap him! Hart starts laying into Helms with hard right hands, only for Evans to then put Helms in a waist lock and lift him up into the air. Hart runs off the ropes and back at Helms, leaps into the air, and connects with a diving clothesline to Helms! With Helms down on the canvas, Hart and Evans stand on opposite sides of the ring, and stand on the second rope, albeit still inside the ring. Both men jump off, and Evans hits a springboard leg drop, and Hart with a splash! Both men roll to their feet, and yell out that they’re going to ‘finish him off’. Hart pulls Helms to his feet, and wraps on a waist lock. As Hart lifts Helms up for a German suplex, Jack Evans runs off the ropes and back at the two men, jumps into the air, flips, and grabs on Helms’ neck, pulling him down to the canvas, pulling off a German Suplex/Running Buff Blockbuster combination!!! The crowd was booing, but it is hard to boo a move like that! Hart and Evans stand tall, their arms raised in triumph, but the crowd starts cheering as the WW knock off of ‘Roadhouse Blues’ hits, bringing out ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy! However, Crazy isn’t alone, as he is carrying a steel chair with him! Crazy runs down the ramp and dives into the ring, but the new Hart wrestler’s don’t want anything to do with a steel chair, and flee the ring, and escape up the entrance ramp. Crazy stands tall, and then checks on Helms, helping him to his feet. Shane doesn’t look to happy to see Crazy, but Crazy gives Helms his WCW Cruiserweight Title, and a pat on the back. The two shake hands, and they stare down Teddy Hart and Jack Evans as the segment ends.

Tony Schiavone: Well Professor, we said that the Hart Family would be making their wrestling debut next week, but that hasn’t stopped them from making their debut this week!

Mike Tenay: Yeah, and if you ask me, they showed me exactly what I was expecting them to be; no good, cocky, arrogant, brats! They march into the ring, interrupting an excellent match between Helms and Jamie Noble, and attack the Cruiserweight Champion! For no reason, Tony! None!

Tony Schiavone: I know, Mike, and it is just foul! These two boys, because that’s all they are, have just marched into this company thinking they own it because of their ties with the Hart Family! Well, I know Bret Hart, and I know there’s no way he’d be happy with the actions showed by his nephew and his best friend!

Mike Tenay: Well we can all preach about how much we don’t like it, but we just have to deal with it! Teddy Hart and Jack Evans were scheduled for a tag team match next week on Nitro, and it looks as if they’ve just found their opponents! However, we have to take a commercial break, but don’t go away, because there is still a lot more action coming your way!


Ooh, Nitro returns, and it’s interview time!

One More Match

Here we are backstage, with ‘that bald guy in a tux’ Gene Okerlund, who is standing by with your reigning WCW Tag Team Champions, ‘The Young Lions’ Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire! The two are in their wrestling outfits, as well as sporting WCW t-shirts. That’s loyalty man.

Gene Okerlund: Hello everyone, and welcome back to WCW Wednesday Nitro! You all know me, ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund, and I am standing by with currently, the hottest tag team in WCW, your WCW Tag Team Champions, ‘The Young Lions’ Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire!

Palumbo and O’Haire hop up and down briefly, and then slapping each other in the chest.

Gene Okerlund: Well guys, you sure had an interesting night last week…

Chuck Palumbo: Yeah, and that’s exactly why we wanted this interview time, Gene! Yeah, last week, me and Sean, we got offered spots in the nWo. However, we never gave them an answer, and we didn’t plan on it! We had no desire to be in the New World Order because it’s just a bunch of overpaid, arrogant jerk-off’s trying to have all the power!

Sean O’Haire: Eric Bischoff, don’t think for one minute we wanted to join your side! Me and Chuck would get the gang back together to form the Natural Born Thrillers with nobodies like Shawn Stasiak before we join the nWo!

Chuck Palumbo: But KroniK, you punks did want to join the nWo! And that’s exactly what you did last week after you freaking attacked us from behind and beat our asses!

Sean O’Haire: Brian Adams, Bryan Clarke, if you two want to join Bischoff, Hogan, and the nWo, then so be it! That just makes our little rivalry all the more personal!

Chuck Palumbo: Because KroniK, now you’ve become our enemies in a blood war! WCW versus nWo, this is a blood war, and there will be casualties! It just so happens that you two, are going to be two of the first casualties!

Sean O’Haire: Me and Chuck, we’re the Power Plant Alumni, and WCW loyalists! You two, KroniK, are the no-good sell outs! But at Halloween Havoc, the WCW Tag Team Champions are going to end this rivalry between us!

Chuck Palumbo: KroniK, the Young Lions are challenging you to a match at Halloween Havoc! And just to give you greedy assholes some incentive, we’ll throw the gold up in the air for grabs!

Sean O’Haire: Young Lions versus KroniK. WCW Tag Team Championship.

Both: Halloween Havoc!

Sean O’Haire: You meet…

Chuck Palumbo: … your end!

The Young Lions stare into the camera, trying to look menacing, but after a corny ass ending like that, how can they!?

Gene Okerlund: Well that will wrap up this interview! Let me send you back to ringside with Tony and Mike, where all of the wrestling action will continue!

Cut back to the commentator’s booth… yay!

Tony Schiavone: Thank you, Gene, and Professor, what a match that would be at Halloween Havoc if KroniK accepts the challenge by the WCW Tag Team Champions!

Mike Tenay: Absolutely, Tony! And let’s face it, it’s KroniK and the nWo! They have a chance at winning gold! Palumbo and O’Haire know that, and that was their bait to get their match with KroniK! KroniK will accept, I guarantee you, and we’ll get that match, and hopefully, a butt whipping for KroniK, and all of the New World Order!

Tony Schiavone: I can only hope! However, let’s keep the wrestling action going, Professor! Coming up right now, is Title versus Undefeated Streak! It’s the International Open Challenge! It is Lance Storm versus Cal Anderson for the WCW North American Championship!

‘Enforcer’ hits, bringing the St. Louis fans to cheers as ‘The New Enforcer’ Cal Anderson walks out onto the entrance stage, looking focused as ever. His “uncle” Double A is with him, and talks with Cal down the entrance ramp, giving him advice. The two get into the ring as the electric guitar version of the Canadian National Anthem blares throughout the Savvis Arena. Most fans boo the music, but after Lance Storm comes out moments later, some fans start cheering, causing Storm to slightly, and very briefly, smirk. Storm marches down the entrance ramp afterwards, regaining his focus, staring down Cal. Lance gets into the ring, hands over his North American Title, and gets ready for combat.

Match Two
Lance Storm © vs. Cal Anderson (w/Arn Anderson)
WCW North American Championship

For those who have been wondering why Lance Storm has been getting cheered more and more lately, instead of the outrageous boos, this match probably helped prove why. Storm and Cal ripped the house apart in this match, going full force for around fourteen minutes. The two locked up several times before going into chain wrestling, which resulted in each man reversing the other’s hold. After swift counters, and quick reversals and escapes, the two men ended up in a stale mate, and eventual stare down. The two went at it again, and after Cal seemed to be getting the advantage, Storm was able to escape a hammer lock, execute a drop toe hold, and spin himself onto the top of Cal’s back. Storm started to lock on odd holds on the canvas, but Cal had a counter every time. The two went back and forth on the ground, rolling all over the ring, on their stomach’s, back’s, and knee’s, maneuvering their bodies this way and that, finding the oddest, but effective, counters and reversals to each other’s holds and locks. Holds turn into locks, which turn back into holds, and then pin falls. After almost five minutes of this splendid display of wrestling, the two had another stale mate, and a stand off as the match was then thwarted by a commercial break.

When the match returned on TV three minutes later, Cal Anderson was briefly in control, hitting hard forearm strikes to Storm, and we’re shown he had gone on the advantage after hitting a dangerous looking wheel barrow suplex, dropping Storm on his head. Cal would stay on the offensive for the next several minutes, hitting hard strikes to Storm to momentarily stun him, and then nailing away at Storm with multiple variations of a suplex and back breaker. As Cal continued his work on Lance’s back, he scored several near falls, but Storm wouldn’t just give up, kicking out each time. Finally, Lance was able to find a counter, reversing the Anderson Spinebuster in mid-air, straddling Cal’s right arm as he tossed Lance into the air, looking to slam him back to the canvas. However, Storm’s counter, led to Cal having to stop the move, and attempt to shake Lance off. Cal was able to toss Lance off of his arm, but Storm landed feet first on the second rope, and quickly spring boarded off, and hitting Cal with a make-shift Super Kick in mid-air! Lance made a cover, and it all seemed over, but the Anderson man found a way to get a shoulder up for a very long two count.

The match slowed down momentarily after the big spot, as both men were physically exhausted. After recovering and getting to their feet, with the crowd supporting both men, the two duke it out with right hands and forearm strikes. The bigger man, Cal, ended up getting the advantage, and fired off a quick Russian leg sweep. Cal hit a quick knee drop, and a cover, but Storm reversed the pin at two, rolling over with a cradle, once again, almost scoring the three count. Both men rolled to their feet quickly and charged each other, but Storm hopped into the air, and hit a snap hurricanrana to Cal! Storm kept his legs locked around Cal’s neck, rolling underneath Cal’s legs, and ending up sitting on top of Cal’s chest for a pin, but once again, the undefeated Anderson kicked out. Storm’s frustration started to kick in , as he kicked the ropes in anger. An irritated Lance Storm slowly made his way up to the top turnbuckle, promising to finish Cal off finally. However, he took way too long to climb up, his aggravation getting the best of him, as he had just reached the top when Cal was on his feet, and made his way over to the corner. Cal hit a few right hands, and then tossed Lance off the top to the canvas. After a few moments, Lance staggered up to his feet, and walked right into an Anderson Spinebuster! The match was all said and done, and the pin fall was academic for Cal Anderson to become the new WCW North American Champion.

However, before he could, Curt Hennig, equipped in an nWo t-shirt, rushed out from the back, got into the ring, and hit Anderson with a Hennig Plex before anything could happen. As referee Scott Dickenson ordered for the bell to be rung, Hennig started to stomp away on Cal, as the crowd booed the terrible finish. Hennig beat down on Cal, and Double A tried to intervene, but he only took a right hand to the face for his troubles. However, help did come for Cal as Hennig hoisted him up into the air for another Hennig Plex… his help just happened to come from his opponent, Lance Storm. Storm pulled on Cal’s ankles, pulling him back down to the canvas, and causing Hennig to release the Hennig Plex. Hennig and Storm stared another down, and Hennig argued with Storm for preventing the Hennig Plex! Storm stared at Hennig, and then at Cal who was getting to his feet. Storm smirked at Hennig, and then hit Cal with a Super Kick! The crowd booed, and Hennig looked shocked briefly, but then laugh. Hennig turned away from Storm to demolish Cal, but Lance turn him around, and hit him with a Super Kick too! The crowd broke out into cheers as Storm nailed Hennig, and then grabbed his North American Title Belt, looking incredibly pissed off.

Cal Anderson def. Lance Storm at 14:44 by DQ. Storm retains.

Tony Schiavone: Professor, this is why I hate the nWo! Lance Storm and Cal Anderson had a phenomenal match going, and just as it looked like Cal would pull off the huge victory, Curt Hennig marched down the entrance ramp, and ruined the match!

Mike Tenay: That he did, Tony, and because of that, Cal Anderson is still undefeated, and Lance Storm is still the WCW North American Champion!

Tony Schiavone: But a very angry North American Champion, Mike! He is not too happy with Curt Hennig for getting in his business!

Mike Tenay: Nor is he happy with Cal Anderson! Cal got the upper hand on Lance, and a wrestler like Lance Storm will not accept that! However, we have to take a commercial break, but there is still much, much, more to come on Nitro!


…But I Thought The nWo Fears No One?

As Wednesday Nitro returns, we’re in the nWo locker room, but right away, Curt Hennig barges in, looking incredibly pissed off. Bischoff walks up to Hennig, as do KroniK, who were previously sitting on one of the black leather couches. Mike Awesome and Jeff Jarrett chill out on another one, with Jarrett strumming on his guitar. Adams and Clarke stand behind Bischoff, looking menacing. Hulk Hogan is surprisingly absent.

Curt Hennig: Urgh! Bischoff! Did you see what that jack ass did to me out there! Lance Storm… he, he, he freaking kicked me in the damn jaw! And it hurt like hell!

Well duh!

Curt Hennig: I mean, I went out there like we planned, for me to attack Cal Anderson! And I did that! I beat that no good piece of *shit* into the ground, and just as I was about to finish him off, pop, Storm cracks me in the jaw! The stupid Canadian hick stopped me from getting my revenge on Anderson! He pinned me two weeks ago, and I still haven’t gotten over that! No one pins Curt Hennig and gets away with it! No one! And that does double for some *dick*wad who pledges his allegiance to WCW!

Eric Bischoff: Okay, Curt, calm down. Look, we’ll fix this to our advantage, okay? You still want to get your revenge on Cal Anderson, right?

Curt Hennig: Hell yes!

Eric Bischoff: And you’d love to kick Lance Storm’s Canadian ass too, right?

Curt Hennig: Heh, you know it!

Eric Bischoff: Well then how about at Halloween Havoc, Curt Hennig gets the chance to win some nWo gold when he takes on Cal Anderson, and Lance Storm, in a triple threat match for the North American Championship!

Curt Hennig: Bischoff, you’re Godly!

Hennig, Bischoff, and KroniK all share a laugh. However, on the sofa, Jeff Jarrett isn’t looking all too happy himself.

Jeff Jarrett: Alright Eric, you fixed Hennig’s problems, good job. Now how about you at least give me some insight on mine!

Eric Bischoff: What do you mean, Jeff!? You’re the World Heavyweight Champion! You don’t have problems!

Jeff Jarrett: Oh really!? Then how comes the rumor going around is that the stipulation for Steiner versus Flair is a number one contender’s match!?

The crowd cheers in the background.

Eric Bischoff: Do you really think that I would do that to you Jeff!? I made it a hardcore match too!

Bischoff snickers, but Jarrett isn’t laughing.

Jeff Jarrett: What in the hell is so funny about that!? You’re putting two guys who want my blood in a number one contender’s match tonight!?

Eric Bischoff: Look Jeff, you have to face someone for the Title at Halloween Havoc. I may be the President of this God forsaken company, but I still have to listen to a board of directors… to some extent, ha-ha. But you see, Jeff, Flair and Steiner, if they’re going to get the privilege to face you for the World Heavyweight Title at Halloween Havoc, they’re going to have to go through hell just to get to the pay per view! It’s a hardcore match, which means…

Jeff Jarrett: …anything goes.

Jarrett smirks a bit, but still looks uneasy.

Jeff Jarrett: Okay, Eric, we’ll let the old fart and the pill poppin’ dumb ass beat the hell out of each other in a hardcore match… but still. Those two, they’ll do anything to face me, and well… I don’t think I want to meet up with Scotty Steiner at Halloween Havoc. I, uh, yeah, I’d rather have Ric Flair!

Jarrett tried to hide his fear, but uh, he made it obvious. Bischoff looks at Jarrett, and shakes his head. He then looks at Mike Awesome, and snaps his fingers. The Career Killer walks up to Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Mike, you hear Jeff? He doesn’t want Steiner to be the winner tonight. He wants Flair… make sure it happens!

Mike Awesome: Heh, I think I can arrange that!

Eric Bischoff: Good! Now look, KroniK, you guys have a match up next. I want you to go out there tonight, and show Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire not to mess with the nWo! If they think they’re going to make a challenge to us, and just get their way, then think again! Go out there, and answer their challenge… with actions, not words!

Bischoff slaps the two on the back, and they leave the room as the show goes to a…


When Nitro returns, we’re at the commentator’s booth.

Tony Schiavone: Hello everyone, and welcome back to Wednesday Nitro! I hope you’re all enjoying the show, but there is still more to come! We have just learned that tonight’s main event, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair versus ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner will be a hardcore match, and the winner will face Jeff Jarrett for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at Halloween Havoc!

Mike Tenay: That match tonight just got a whole lot bigger, Tony, however, I don’t like Scott Steiner’s chances now! Mike Awesome and the rest of the nWo are planning to make sure Steiner does not win tonight, and well, that’s never a good thing!

The Mamalukes entrance hits, and the two make their entrance, not looking very enthused with another.

Tony Schiavone: But Big Poppa Pump is a man possessed when it comes to winning that WCW World Heavyweight Title! If anyone could defy those odds, it’d be Steiner!

Mike Tenay: I’d have to agree with you there, Tony, but it is now time for our next match, KroniK versus The Mamalukes!

‘N-N-New World Order’ hits, bringing out KroniK, Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke, looking ready to kick some ass and takes names. The duo march down into the ring, and start brawling with Big Vito and Johnny The Bull right away.

Match Three
KroniK vs. Mamalukes
Tag Team Match

Total squash here. KroniK beat down on the Mamalukes in the early moments of the match, hitting hard right hands, and then forearms and clotheslines. Various tosses, slams, and suplexes followed, and after about three minutes of the squash fest, Johnny The Bull took a hard lariat from Clarke, and Vito was finished off with the High Times! After the match, as Vito and JTB recovered, the two once again started arguing about getting their butts handed to them so easily. The two point fingers, and after a few moments, Vito slaps JTB, telling him if he’d listen more, they’d be winning. JTB shoves Vito, and tells him he doesn’t need to take this crap. The two were about to come to blows, but Adams derailed Vito with a Big Boot! JTB was then put away with a High Times after trying to put up a fight against Clarke. Afterwards, KroniK made the motion for bringing the belts back around their waits.

KroniK def. Mamalukes at 2:39

Tony Schiavone: Well KroniK sure answered the Young Lions challenge with actions like Bischoff wanted if you ask me!

Mike Tenay: I’ll say, Tony! They sure… wait, wait just one moment please.

Tenay brings his finger up to ear piece, and listens.

Mike Tenay: Wow, that is huge!

Tony Schiavone: What, Professor!?

Mike Tenay: I have just been informed that after a quick commercial break, ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan will be coming out to the ring to answer Booker T’s challenge!

Tony Schiavone: Whoa! That is going to be huge, Professor! Ladies and gentleman, please stay tuned to Wednesday Nitro because after this break, we get the answer to Booker’s challenge!


Watcha Gonna Do… SUCKA!?

When Nitro returns, there is silence for a brief moment or two, but Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Voodoo Child’ then fills up the Savvis Arena, bringing the crowd to their feet with boos as ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan struts out onto the entrance stage, wearing an nWo tank top and black jeans. He’s got the shades and the glasses, but no boas tonight. Hogan lets the crowd reigns it boos down on him as he grabs a microphone. After a few moments though, they quiet down, and the Hulkster begins talking.

Hulk Hogan: That’s right sheep! You grow quiet when The Hulkster tells ya to!

Who would have thought, Hogan gets… booed!

Hulk Hogan: Now lemme me tell ya somethin’ sheeps. The Hulkster, he just arrived at this dump called St. Louis, and because I’m Hulk Hogan, I marched right down the entrance ramp once I got here, and now, I’m gonna speak my mind, and there’s nothin’ ya can do about it, dude.

Hulk Hogan: Last week, Hollywood Hogan kicked the nWo-betrayin’ ass of Scott Steiner, brother, and it felt good! It felt good to kick someone’s ass like only the legendary Hulk Hogan can do, brother! But ya see, there just had to be one stupid piece of pig*shit* that had ruin The Hulkster’s glory. And that man, is Booker T! Booker T, last week, brother, you hit me right in the back of the head! You attacked me from behind, and that’s just not somethin’ Hulk Hogan’s gonna stand for, jack!

Hogan pauses, and rubs his hand over his beard.

Hulk Hogan: But to make matters even worse, Booker T, you decided to challenge me to a match at Halloween Havoc! Well Booker, I don’t know if you know this, but I’m Hulk Hogan, brother! I’m the biggest icon this industry has ever seen, and you, you’re nothin’ but some second-rate piece of crap!

The crowd boos, while Hogan just smirks.

Hulk Hogan: Booker T is all pissed off because Hulk Hogan kicked his ass at Fall Brawl, huh? Well brother, like I said, I’m ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan! I do what I want, when I want, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me! And guess what, chump, that means you too! And you think you can freakin’ challenge me, dude, well think again! You don’t make requests to fight Hollywood Hogan and expect me to just answer a low-life like you!

The crowd boos, and Hogan continues to smirk as he gets under the skin of the fans. However, Hogan’s smug face quickly changes into that of worry and fear as ‘Can You Dig It Sucka!?’ hits the sound system, and Booker T marches onto the entrance ramp. Booker stands on the ramp, mic in hand, and shades on. Once again, he is in just tan slacks, and nothing else. The crowd is cheering for the Booker Man.

Booker T: Ight sucka’, I listen ta’ yo bull*shit* fo’ lon’ enoug’ now! Hulk Hogan, earlia’ ta’night, I came out here n’ challenge ya ta’ a match at Halloween Havoc, n’ Hogan, I wan’ muh damn match! So Hulksta’, dis is wha’ I’m a gonna do. Earlia’ ta’night, ya weren’t here ta hear muh challenge. So I’m a gonna walk right down dis here ramp, get inta’ dat ring, n’ challenge ya, face ta’ face.

The fans cheer as Booker T tosses his shades to the side, and marches down the ramp. Booker gets into the ring, and Hogan looks a bit nervous. Booker marches right up to Hogan’s face, and looks directly into his eyes.

Booker T: Hulk Hogan… at Fall Brawl, ya screwd wit’ me, n’ cost me muh Dubya-See-Dubya Worl’ Heavyweight Title! So at Halloween Havoc, I’m a get some pay back n’ kick yo old wrinkly ass!

The fans cheer, as Booker just stares right at Hogan, giving him a look saying ‘I’ll kick your ass, no problem’. Hogan stares back at Booker, but then backs off.

Hulk Hogan: Lemme tell ya somethin’ brother, I got bigger fish to fry than Booker T! I don’t need to face you at Halloween Havoc, jack, and guess what? I’m not going to, dude!

The crowd boo’s as the two men stare another down.

Booker T: Ight sucka… if ya are too scared ta face da Booka’ Man, den so be it!

The crowd pops as Hogan gives Booker a look of ‘what did you just say!?’.

Hulk Hogan: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What did you just say!? You said that Hollywood Hogan fears Booker T!? Lemme tell ya somethin’, brother, while you and your fat-ass brother were tag teaming in the lower ranks of this *shit* hole, ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan was winning WCW World Heavyweight Titles left and right! I don’t fear you, jack! If anything, Booker T fears Hulk Hogan, brother!

Booker T: Naw, I don’ think dat how it is. Cuz Hulk, if I feared ya, I’d tell ya! N’ if I feared ya, I wouldn’ challenge ya again. So Hogan, just ta prove ya wrong, I’ll show ya I don’ fear ya… by wrestlin’ ya at Halloween Havoc! I think yo da one who fear me! Ya afraid I’ll show ya up in dis ring, at Halloween Havoc, so ya runnin’ scared! Cuz Hulksta’, deep down, ya know, yo time has come n’ gone, n’ da Booka’ Man is da new top thang in Dubya See Dubya! Now can you dig THAT!?

Hulk Hogan: Okay, lemme tell ya somethin’, brother, I do not fear you! Hulk Hogan fears no body! So don’t you come out here and try and disrespect my pride, jack! You think you can just run your mouth, brother, well, I’m Hulk freaking Hogan! You’re just some dumb “sucka” who thinks he owns this damn company! Well Booker T, brother, ya crossed the line, dude! At Halloween Havoc, if you want to tango with the best, then brother, prepare for one huge ass kicking! So Booker T, watcha gonna do brother!? Watcha gonna do when…

Hogan pauses, smirking. He looks up at the entrance ramp, where Curt Hennig, Mike Awesome, and KroniK have appeared.

The nWo Calvary

Hulk Hogan: Watcha gonna do when the New World Order runs wild on you!?

The 4 men on the entrance stage start running down the ramp, and Booker T quickly turns to look at the 4 men running. Booker spins around quick and hits Hulk Hogan with a hard right hand, sending him staggering back. Booker T then runs towards the ropes by the ramp, and dives over the top rope with a plancha, leaping onto the 4 nWo members! The crowd pops for Booker T, but Bryan Clarke quickly grabs Booker’s right ankle as the former Champ tries to get up to his feet and into the ring. As Booker struggles, Mike Awesome levels him with a lariat! The 4 nWo members then pick up Booker, and toss him into the ring, where an angry Hulk Hogan is waiting for him.

In the ring, the 5 New World Order members start laying the boots to Booker T, and the crowd boos the huge attack. The 5 on 1 assault only lasts for just a few moments though, as ‘The New Enforcer’ Cal Anderson sprints out from the back and runs down the ramp, but he isn’t alone! The WCW Tag Team Champions, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire, are with him! The three faces dive into the ring, and try to help out, making it a 4 on 5 attack. Booker T and Hulk Hogan do battle in one part of the ring, with Hogan on the offensive, while KroniK and The Young Lions brawl on the outside of the ring. Cal Anderson takes on both Curt Hennig and Mike Awesome, trying to take on the odds. However, Hennig goes down low with a low blow, and the two heels start beating on Cal. However, help comes in an unlikely candidate, as Lance Storm rushes down the entrance ramp, past KroniK and the Young Lions, and into the ring. Storm makes a beeline for Hennig, Awesome, and Anderson, and quickly levels Hennig with a Super Kick to the jaw! Mike Awesome tries to attack Storm, but Lance then hits him with a toe kick, and a knee to the face! Awesome staggers back into the corner, but before Lance can do anything else, Cal Anderson turns him around, and the two start brawling! Storm and Anderson brawl, but Curt Hennig then gets involved once again, attacking Cal Anderson with a right hand! Cal staggers back, and Lance and Hennig then team up, hitting a double clothesline on Cal! Anderson goes down, and Hennig and Storm stare each other down.

However, before anything can happen, Storm is hit by Booker T, who was whipped into the pile of wrestlers by Hogan! This causes Hennig to hit Booker, and Storm does too after he recovers. KroniK and The Young Lions end up in the ring just a moment later, and all of a sudden, we have a wild ten-man brawl in the ring. However, the lights the cut, and spotlights start flashing throughout the Savvis Arena. Moments later, Sting is picked up on a spotlight, coming down from the rafters! Sting lands in the center of the ring, and the spotlights stop flashing as the lights go back on. There is Sting, standing in the middle of the ring with a black baseball bat, and everyone else looks on in confusion. Mike Awesome makes a wild charge, but takes a bat to the stomach! Chaos erupts, and Sting, and the rest of the faces start clearing house! Sting hits Awesome, Hennig, and KroniK several times with the bat, and soon after tosses Mike Awesome from ringside. Palumbo and O’Haire work together to double clothesline Adams, and then Clarke, over the top rope to the outside! Cal Anderson drop kicks Curt Hennig over the top rope, but then gets a Super Kick from Lance Storm! Storm leaves the ring then before he gets jumped by WCW. Booker T and Hulk Hogan finish it off, with Booker T hitting several hard right hands before clothesline Hogan over the top rope and out of the ring! The 5 nWo members retreat up the entrance ramp, while the 5 WCW stars stand tall in the ring. Lance Storm is caught in between, so he exits through the crowd. The crowd cheers for Sting and co. as the segment ends.

Tony Schiavone: There is chaos everywhere! WCW, the nWo, and Lance Storm all went wild!

Mike Tenay: The war is picking up, Tony! However, the bottom line is, we got a huge match added to Halloween Havoc! Booker T versus Hulk Hogan!

Tony Schiavone: Plus, The Young Lions will now defend their WCW Tag Team Titles against KroniK! And Lance Storm will defend the WCW North American Title against Cal Anderson, and Curt Hennig!

Mike Tenay: But there is still one more match that will be added for Halloween Havoc tonight!

Tony Schiavone: There is?

Mike Tenay: Uh huh, there is.

Tony Schiavone: What match is that!?

Mike Tenay: Jeff Jarrett defending the WCW World Heavyweight Championship against either ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner, or ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair! And guess what ladies and gentleman!? The hardcore match between Steiner and Flair to decide who moves on to Halloween Havoc… IS NEXT!


When Nitro returns, sirens pierce the air as ‘Holla If Ya Hear Me’ hits, and the fans are split in boos and cheers as ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner comes out on the entrance stage, Midajah on his arm, shades on, and his medieval chain plate on his head. Steiner walks down the entrance ramp, looking calm and collected, and once in the ring, removes his entrance garb, and hops up and down lightly, as ‘Sprach Zarathursta’ hits, bring the fans in St. Louis to their feet in cheers as ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair comes out onto the entrance stage, decked in a blue entrance robe. Flair struts down the entrance ramp as the fans continue to cheer him. Once in the ring, Flair removes the robe, and pulls on the top rope, loosening up. Finally, the bell rings, and the main event is underway.

Main Event
Ric Flair vs. Scott Steiner (w/Midajah)
Hardcore Number One Contender’s Match

For the third week in a row, WCW has put on a main event that has its big name stars, albeit the wrestling not always being the best. However, names bring in ratings, and that’s what WCW needs to get ahead in the ratings. The two wrestlers had a long stare down to start the match, followed by brawling. Steiner just hit clubbing right hands and forearms to Flair, but the crafty veteran would fight back with his signature knife edge chops. After a brief battle, Steiner got the upper hand, landing a hard elbow strike, and then a vertical suplex. Steiner would go on the advantage shortly, slamming Flair around the ring a bit, and also hitting more clubbing blows. And hey, since this is a hardcore match, some cookie sheets were used, with Steiner bending one in half over Flair’s skull. However, Flair proved why he is “The Dirtiest Player in the Game” later on, hitting a low blow and a thumb to the eye to Big Poppa Pump when Steiner was on the verge of hitting Ric with a fire extinguisher. This gave Flair the time to use the extinguisher himself, knocking Steiner in the forehead, and breaking out the blade job.

Flair ended up going on the advantage in the middle stages of the match, trying to get away from the hardcore aspect of the match, instead wearing down Steiner’s leg for the Figure Four. Chop blocks, knee breakers, kicks to the back of the leg and knee cap, and throwing all of his body weight onto Steiner’s leg, all tactics used by Flair. Eventually, Flair decided that using weapons could work to his advantage, as Flair ended up breaking a broom over Steiner’s leg. Poor Ric though, he never did get to apply the Figure Four though, as Steiner eventually fought back, and was able to score some time to recuperate after hitting an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Steiner ended up going back on the advantage, hitting stiff punches and forearms to wear Flair down, and then going back to using weapons, hitting Flair several more times with multiple cookie sheets, and then a trash can. A hardcore match with Ric Flair wouldn’t have been complete without Flair blading, which he ended up doing after Steiner hit a front-suplex onto a folded steel chair. That seemed to take Flair out for the most part, but for good measure, Steiner hit a rotating belly-to-belly suplex to Flair. But still, Steiner wanted to be sure that’d be enough, so he brought a table into the ring, ready to use it on Flair. Steiner set it up, and then set Flair onto the top turnbuckle. Big Poppa Pump started to climb up, looking to hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, but before he could, Mike Awesome rushed down the entrance ramp and into the ring. Awesome hit Steiner from behind with a hard forearm to the back of the head, and pulled him down from the second turnbuckle. The Career Killer scooped Steiner up into the air, and then proceeded to plant him through the wooden table with an Awesome Bomb! Awesome then went over to Flair, picked him up in a military press position, and dropped him right onto Steiner! Awesome ordered referee Billy Silverman to make the count, as Flair was right on top of Steiner, and he did, One! Two! Three! Ric Flair will now face Jeff Jarrett at Halloween Havoc for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Ric Flair def. Scott Steiner at 11:01

Tony Schiavone: That is not right! Scott Steiner had this match all but won, but because of Mike Awesome, and Jeff Jarrett being afraid of Steiner, he will not move onto Halloween Havoc!

Mike Tenay: And we both know Ric Flair can’t be happy either! He would never want to beat Steiner like that, especially with the help coming from the nWo! But oh no, Tony! Look in the ring! Awesome is beating on Steiner once again, and look whose coming down the entrance ramp… ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett!

nWo Beatdown

Cut to the entrance ramp, and Tenay was right, Jeff Jarrett, WCW World Heavyweight Title Belt on his shoulder and guitar in hand, struts down the entrance ramp, looking quite happy. Jarrett enters the ring, just as Awesome hits Steiner with another hard right hand, and then tosses him from the ring. Jarrett then lounges in the ring, waiting for the bloody Ric Flair to get to his feet. After a few moments Flair does, only to stagger right into Jarrett breaking the acoustic guitar over his head! Flair crumpled to the canvas, but that assault isn’t over. Cut to the outside of the ring, and Awesome has Steiner in between his legs, and right next to the announcer’s table. Awesome hoists Big Poppa Pump into the air, and drives him through the announcer’s table with an Awesome Bomb! Awesome stands over Steiner, smirking, while in the ring, Jarrett stands over Flair, raising the World Title Belt into the air, amidst boos from the crowd.

Tony Schiavone: Despicable Professor, absolutely despicable! That’s what the nWo is! Scott Steiner and Ric Flair went through hell in their excellent hardcore match to try and get the victory, and while Flair did get the win, it was heavily tainted because of Mike Awesome’s interference! And just to make matters worse, Awesome put Steiner through our announcer’s table after the match, and Jarrett broke that damn guitar over Flair’s head! Yeah, real great Jarrett! Let your handymen do all the work, and you finish the job! Asshole!

Mike Tenay: Well, Tony, I don’t think I could describe it better if I tried! Jeff Jarrett, you are an asshole, and at Halloween Havoc, I hope The Nature Boy kicks your butt! However, this is all the time we have ladies and gentleman, but be sure to tune into Wednesday Nitro next week, as it will be the last Nitro before Halloween Havoc! For Tony Schiavone, I’m Mike Tenay, see you next week!


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