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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown – August 17, 2007
Mohegan Sun Arena – Uncasville, Connecticut

Smackdown started off tonight with Smackdown GM JBL in the ring in his ring gear. JBL has Finlay by his side as he is also in ring gear. JBL goes on a rampant speech about how he warned Jeff Hardy not to show up at Raw and that is why JBL himself showed up at Raw, so he could do something about Jeff showing up. And JBL said he did do something about it! He had Matt “accidentally” punch Jeff but JBL tells Jeff that it wasn’t an accidental punch. JBL tries to persuade Jeff that his brother Matt punched him on purpose. But JBL says that doesn’t matter right now because Jeff has already been suspended with no pay for this week, he’s got a Handicap Match against Finlay and JBL, and that he’s only got two days to get ready for the biggest match of his career at SummerSlam! And JBL says that he hopes the fact that he’s pushed Jeff to the extreme (no pun intended) literally will make Jeff wake up come SummerSlam and go out there and win the match! Jeff interrupts trying to tell JBL that Matt punching him was an accident and that they can mend up their differences but JBL stops Jeff there. JBL says he doesn’t’ care what Jeff has to say about it. JBL says that since it looks like Jeff is ready for action, we can go ahead and start this match now!

Smackdown took a quick commercial break before coming back as the Handicap Match with Jeff Hardy taking on Finlay and JBL commenced. Finlay and JBL had to tag back in but their frequent tags made a difference on Hardy as it seemed like he wasn’t going to be able to fight back and win the match! Finlay came in trying to stop the comeback from Hardy but Jeff dropped Finlay with a big dropkick sending the Fighting Irishman to the outside. JBL who was the legal man at the time stumbled into the path of Hardy who went for a Twist of Fate but got shoved off into the ropes. JBL charged at Jeff Hardy for the Clothesline from Hell but Jeff ducked and as JBL came back he ran into a big Twist of Fate from Jeff! Jeff made his ascendance to the top ropes as he leapt off the top rope hitting the Swanton Bomb to get the victory despite Finlay trying to crawl in and break the pin fall up. Jeff escaped the ring and made his way up the ramp as JBL grabbed a mic! JBL started yelling at Jeff that “this isn’t over and that if he loses at SummerSlam, two people will be out of jobs referring to himself and Jeff.” Jeff was making his way up to the top before Matt Hardy from Raw came running out! Matt ambushed Jeff from behind as Jeff rolled down the ramp way! JBL showed a smile on his face as Matt dragged Jeff back towards the ring before throwing Jeff into the ring. Matt stomped away at the body of his brother as Finlay and JBL held Jeff up. Matt slapped his brother in the face repeatedly before kicking him down low and then dropping Jeff with a Twist of Fate! The fans looked on booing Matt Hardy as Hardy looked at JBL and Finlay as JBL showed a smile but it doesn’t seem Matt did this for him, it seems Matt is trying to take advantage of Eric Bischoff’s offer a few weeks ago that if Matt wins, he gets a “special surprise” which could mean anything for him, possibly even the WWE title?

Backstage Big Show is standing by and is being interviewed once again concerning the big tag match this Sunday at SummerSlam. Big Show talks about last week’s match with Umaga stating that it proved that he truly is an unstoppable force and that is might be just nearly impossible for Finlay and Umaga to take down the Big Show. Big Show then says that once he finishes this up, he’ll do what he said he was going to do last month and prove that he is deserving of having a World-Heavyweight title shot. Big Show was almost done speaking before Armando Estrada entered. Armando introduced himself again before telling Big Show that he begged to differ. Big Show laughs at Estrada but Estrada says that not everybody is a Samoan Bulldozer like Umaga! Big Show looks at Estrada as if he is serious and Estrada says “as serious as I can be” before Umaga ambushes Big Show from behind! Umaga does a beat down on the Big Show before he repeatedly strikes the Big Show (who is down on the ground) with the Samoan Spike to the throat! Big Show starts coughing up blood as Estrada tells Umaga that is enough as Umaga walks off before Maria yells for some help to stop Big Show’s throat from bleeding.

Our next match is a six man tag match pitting John Morrison, The Miz, and Chris Masters all teaming together tonight to take on WWE Tag Team Champions Jesse and Festus and finally Kofi Kingston. It’s mainly used to further the feuds between the tag champs and Miz and Morrison but somewhat used to highlight the seemingly starting feud between Kingston and Masters. Either way the match didn’t really last long but it did end on an emphatic note as the monster Festus was able to close the match out and get the win for his team with the Fireman’s Carry Flapjack before covering the Miz and getting the victory! Jesse, Festus, and Kingston all celebrate the victory as Miz, Morrison, and Masters all look on from the outside rather distraught about losing the match.

The video package for the “Prototype” airs again this week as the numbers speed up and end with 8.24.07 before the letters arrange to form the words “He’s here….”

Maria catches up to Matt Hardy from Raw as Matt has his bags packed and is making his way out of the arena. Maria tries to ask Matt some questions but Matt doesn’t really respond to them though. Maria does ask Matt though how can he does this to his own flesh and blood and Matt responds with “I’m in it for myself Maria, not for Jeff” Maria looks at Matt as Matt rolls his luggage towards his car and he gets in driving off with not many questions answered.

Shawn Michaels is in the ring next to talk about his big match this Sunday at SummerSlam. Shawn talks about how it didn’t have to be this way and all of that before Ric Flair interrupted him rather quickly. Ric tells Shawn that he doesn’t care if it didn’t have to be this way or not. Ric noticed that the “egotistical” Shawn Michaels was back and that the Nature Boy was not going to take a stand for it. Ric said that he noticed a long time ago that Shawn didn’t care about his friends and that’s why he never really had that many “friends” in the first place. Flair points this out talking about how everyone from Diesel to Marty Jannetty to Triple H have either turned on or been turned on by Shawn Michaels. Flair says you can add The Nature Boy to that list but he’s not going to be just another name. HBK interrupts Flair saying that Flair is jealous that HBK is years younger than the Nature Boy, he’s still got something left in him but Flair stops him there. Flair tells HBK that he doesn’t believe any of that “bullshit” that is coming out of the Heart Break Kid’s mouth. Flair says he knows that he still has it in him and he’s not going to let some “has been” like Shawn Michaels try and tell him what to do with the rest of his career. The Nature Boy says he might be up in age but he’s still got the talent, the desire, and the skill to embarrass Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam. The Nature Boy tells Michaels that he finally shows Shawn Michaels just why they call him “The Living Legend” at SummerSlam but Michaels doesn’t want anything to do with Flair it seems. Flair was going to continue speaking but HBK began to walk off. Flair acknowledged this by asking HBK if he’s going to back out of something else in his life like he has many times before. Flair looks at HBK leaving it at that as the Nature Boy made his way out of the ring to boos looking down his former friend Shawn Michaels in the ring who is staring at the mat pondering about what Flair just said.

The next match of the night sees Gregory Helms take on Super Crazy. Super Crazy and Helms wrestled a good match as Super Crazy’s tag partner Psicosis was at ringside but the camera showed most of the Cruiserweight division watching on the television in their locker-room in the back. Super Crazy came oh so close to capturing victory but thanks to a quick Shining Wizard from the former Cruiserweight Champion; Helms was able to secure a victory. Helms grabbed a mic from ringside talking about the Cruiserweight title. Helms said that he heard the title will be making it’s return next month but Helms then tells the fans and the Cruiserweights watching backstage that they better hope Helms doesn’t win the title again because we’ll be back in the same predicament they are right now. NO TITLE! Helms walks off after the victory as the Cruiserweights in the back look on hoping someone can stop this seemingly unstoppable Cruiserweight.

Christian is backstage as he walks into the office of JBL. Finlay gets into the face of Christian but JBL tells Finlay to step back and let them worry about it this Sunday. JBL says Christian’s talked a lot of crap recently but he’s backed it up a lot too despite the fact he doesn’t want to admit it. Christian says that if he wins he wants a World-Heavyweight title shot and JBL says as much as he hates Christian, he might have to agree. JBL then says whatever team wins this Sunday at SummerSlam will have future World-Heavyweight title shots. Christian walks out smiling of the office knowing his time may be coming soon. Finlay looks at JBL to which JBL says “Don’t worry, I know Umaga and you’ve got this match won” which JBL and Finlay share a laugh as it seems JBL might be helping Finlay try to get towards the top of the mountain.

The fourth match of the night turns out to be a rather quick match that puts Umaga in action. Umaga runs right through Eugene squashing the poor “special” kid as Eugene was thrown about the ring. Umaga finished off Eugene with the Samoan Spike and struck the throat of Eugene several times just like he did Big Show earlier in the night. Umaga tossed Eugene into the corner as Eugene hit his head hard on the turnbuckle before Estrada stopped Umaga! Umaga and Estrada made their way up the ramp with Michael Cole and Tazz pointing out the fact that Umaga has indeed shown he may be an indestructible force tonight.

For the first time in weeks, we don’t get a match featuring all of the competitors but a special sit down interview conducted by Tazz (each superstar was interviewed separately). Each competitor in the match was interviewed concerning the match this Sunday and each one was asked the same several questions. First off Brent Albright talked about how there hasn’t been much words spoken but there doesn’t need to be. Albright says it’s all about this (as he points to the Intercontinental title) and that whoever wins this Sunday will prove just who is the most talented up and comer on Smackdown. Next was Carlito and Tazz asked Carlito his opinions about how everything has been going down the past few months in the Intercontinental title scene? Carlito says that it’s a joke that Carlito is not the champion right now but that can be changed this Sunday. Carlito then tells Tazz that the advantage he holds over the other three in the match is that he is the only superstar to win the US and Intercontinental titles in his first tries. Tazz then interviews Charlie Haas. Haas tells Tazz that just like his archrival Brent Albright said earlier, “There doesn’t need to be words spoken. We know what’s on the line, and that’s all that needs to be said” Tazz looks at Haas who’s not a man of many words and ends it with his seemingly popular catchphrase “It’s my time…” before the clips of Tazz interviewing London are shown. Tazz asks London if he knows that he is the only person in the match to NOT have been Intercontinental Champion. London said that doesn’t bother him at all because he’s just reaching the peak of his career. London tells Tazz that he’s tried his best and he’s finally gotten to where he needs to be at in his career. London tells Tazz that he’s gotten many big victories over the past few weeks but now this Sunday will be the only victory that will matter. London tells Tazz that if he can finally win his first big singles gold, he’ll finally have proven that he belongs here in the WWE.

Jamie Noble was backstage on the cell phone again this week for a brief period of time before he says “I’ll be there” to which Noble hangs the phone up and walks off. Noble leaves it at that as the series of mystery calls continue as they have for the past three weeks.

Edge cut a brief segment backstage talking about redemption this Sunday at SummerSlam and how he’s looking to earn his title back that was literally stolen from him as if he lived off the streets. Edge says that MVP had to cheat to win the briefcase and then the title but in just two nights Edge gets what he’s been waiting for since July. Edge says that he will be the next World-Heavyweight Champion and that he will finally stop the duo that is Ezekiel Jackson and MVP. The fans enjoy Edge’s promo as he says that “Step one starts now” referring to the main event match which is next!

The World-Heavyweight Champion MVP came out cutting a brief promo before the match about how the Tour of Greatness just kicked off last week and it was supposed to occur this week but MVP says that he needs a night off before SummerSlam so JBL gave him the night off. The fans find it ironic that he gets the night off before SummerSlam while Edge has to wrestle. But MVP says no worries because his big man Ezekiel Jackson is about to step into the ring and go toe to toe with former World-Heavyweight Champion Edge! This cues the music of Edge who wastes no time coming down to the ring as he charges in looking for a Spear on Jackson but Jackson moves and before MVP could get out of the way, Edge SPEARS MVP! MVP rolls out of the ring as the ref calls for the bell and the match starts. Edge and Jackson fought for a while during the match while the cameras focused on MVP trying to recover on the outside. Jackson dominated Edge for most of the match tossing Edge around and about in the corners but Edge finally mounted a comeback. After a hard series of right punches Edge was able to get Jackson on one knee before dropkicking Ezekiel down to the mat. Edge was setting up for the Spear but just as Edge charged across the ring MVP tripped him up pulling him to the outside. MVP went to hit Edge with a steel chair but Edge ducked and MVP completely missed and hit the steel ring post. Edge kicked MVP down low before tripping MVP face first into the steel post! Edge left the ring to a loud amount of cheers as MVP was down on the ground checking his face as Ezekiel came out to help him. Smackdown came to an end with MVP and Ezekiel both on the outside as Edge stood at the top prepared for SummerSlam on Sunday.


Breaking News: WWE Releases Four Superstars

The WWE has come to terms today on the releases of Raw superstar Rodney Mack and Smackdown Superstars Robbie and Rory McAlliser, and Juventud. The WWE wishes all of these men the best in their future endeavors.


So I really wasn't "feeling" it typing this show if you know what I mean. I think it was that PPV thing where you're ready to just get past that Big Four PPV. It happens nearly every single time for me. But anyways I really wanted to type SummerSlam in full but with baseball and work, there was no possible way it was going to be in full and be good. I need to work on my writing skills more anyways since it's been nearly forever since I've wrote a full match and I didn't want to throw crap out there for such a strong card. I hate that it won't be in full but promos will at least! So look for a SummerSlam preview Friday night, Backstage News and Notes on Saturday, and finally the 20th annual SummerSlam goes up on Sunday with recapped matches and full promos. After that I'll take about a week or two off while reviews come in to gather up my thoughts, etc. heading into Unforgiven. Most likely shows will be in full once I get past SummerSlam but we'll see.
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