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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Whoa, when did this show get posted? Skimmed right over it I guess, my bad.

*Rey vs. Lash: Glorified squash and Rey as a heel? Interesting move but I’ve got faith that you know what you’re doing. Kidman/Rey should be awesome at Havoc.

*NWO Promo: Looks like Hogan/Steiner in the main event and it looks like the NWO wants to take out Steiner after screwing up the plan last week. Good promo, everyone seemed on.

*Jarrett vs. Disco: LETS GO DISCO! Oooooh, I’ll call it a victory for Disco since he didn’t lose clean.

*Flair Promo: Good stuff from Flair and you teased Hogan/Flair but went with Flair/Jarrett instead. Jarrett ducking Flair could lead to Hogan/Flair though in a contenders match or something.

*Harts Video: JACK & TEDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, debut them, now…right now. Not two weeks, now.

*Storm vs. Wright: Seemed like another glorified squash but it’s Lance Storm, so I love it. Leg Drop > Elbow Drop, fuck Hogan.

*Offer: Eh, please don’t turn the NWO into a giant ass stable that keeps getting stronger like the real WCW did. I always thought that was a downfall of WCW, they put so many members in the NWO that people stopped giving a shit.

*3 Count vs. Lions: Too short to amount to anything thanks to Kronik. Looks like the Lions are out of NWO but Kronik is in. I think they’re a better fit so smart move.

*Steiner Promo: Good promo and it looks like Steiner is still on the fence. He’s created a third brand it would seem, SFS: Scott Fuckin Steiner.

*Steiner vs. Hogan: Slow match, as you said but it’s two big stars so eh. Steiner stays strong as it takes everyone from the NWO to help Hogan win. Smart move here because Hogan has friends at this point but Steiner tries to be the lone wolf and it costs him.

*End Segment: Well maybe Steiner does has some help although it’s probably more of a revenge thing then it is a helping Steiner thing. Yup, based on the ending Steiner is still on team SFS.

Good show and things further advanced heading into Havoc. The main event stuff is hot right now but possibly too show dominant (if that makes sense).

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