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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

Raw Feedback

The big man on campus Vince McMahon is in the house, seriously nice way to start the show. McMahon was very tame by the sounds of things, and perhaps a little out of character, I mean would he really just leave it to Triple H to deal with… I don’t think so. Teasing Bischoff a little bit is just what I would expect from a face Vinnie Mac. I get the picture that he is face but I am not 100 percent. He is face right? McMahon then mentioning the person who attacked him is good but wouldn’t that be what was first on his agenda I mean he is a little conceited at times. Anyway great ending with the lights going out and being attacked adding a little bit of mystery to the thread and that could be exactly what it needs to spice things back up.

Nice match up to begin the show between four superstars who actually know what they are doing in the ring. JBL making an appearance was nice and I officially love him for the night because he pretty much caused what I have been asking for, for weeks. Some tension resulting to some violence is nice hopefully things get even more heated on Smackdown. Nice credible win for Benjamin and Burke also which is something I am happy with as I am quite the Burke fan

Filler interview here really nothing much to say it was just an obvious way to gain some heat between the tag champs and Priceless before Priceless win their first match at Madison Square Garden.

Priceless were always going to go over Cryme Tyme… seriously I don’t think it was ever in doubt especially since they are pretty much already building a feud with the tag champs. It could be something big if done properly just take your time I guess and don’t rush into anything. I wonder if the tag champs were taking notes… Also do Punk and Kendrick have an official team name because I think it is about time they get one

Batista interview was good to get his perspective on the McMahon thing usually with these things the number one suspect is not the person who did it so I would be a bit disappointed if Batista did do it. Tag match should be a good main event for the night however Batista’s last line that you put emphasis on by writing in “full” was not really that great

Kenny defeats Hardcore Holly again which was to be expected and I hope this is it between these two because Kenny and Kelly are better then Holly and could be destined for big things some time soon. Mid card title reign in a month or two, imo. If you keep him around jobbers like Holly for to long he will lose value and become boring.

The Highlight Reel would have been an interesting segment and when Cowboy Bob was the guest I thought straight away you were going to revisit 05 and have him help out Orton. This is something that I would not have liked so I am glad that it did not happen. Orton dropping his dad with an RKO was totally unexpected but I think ti would have got a massive pop from the crowd LOL. Jericho standing in the way and Orton not having a crack was a bit bitchy to be honest especially when Orton was already fired up.

I could just imagine Bischoff sucking up to RVD to try and get him on Raw. Hopefully where ever RVD signs he makes a huge impact.

Mickie James with a nice win over Melina to as you said gain momentum. Beth Phoenix generic attack afterwards nothing to exciting to be honest but I guess at least it gets them both on the show.

William Regal gets the win over Santino but this match was really all about Santino and I guess the heel turn will happen soon.

RVD turning down Raw is something I expected as thinking back he was on Raw for so long he should go to Smackdown and get some what of a change of scenery. Poor Bischoff to be honest but I hope he does not get sacked

Epic six man tag main event. Batista getting the win was the right move keeping Triple H as the ultimate under dog even though he shall pick up the win at Summerslam. The brawling afterwards between Orton and Jericho was quite nice and made for some good last minute build up before Summerslam.

Overall I don’t think this Raw was that bad but I have to agree with what Wolfy said it is still far from your best. Hopefully Smackdown is a decent effort and Summerslam could still be a very hot PPV.

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