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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Ray Vs Lash Leroux: Squash but I loved how Rey said Kidman fueding with him is holding him down instead of the typical "I was better than you" promo.

NWO Segmant: The decent NWO promo. Nothing really to say about that.

Disco Inferno Vs Jeff Jarret: Disco, man do I hate that character. He is decent in the ring but I never liked the gimmick.

Ric Flair Promo: I hope this fued really ends at HH. As much as a great promo that was from Ric, I feel as though Ric is holding Jarrett down for a big fued for the title. After thier HH match, Flair and Jarrett should be done. As for the match, it NEEDS to be a gimmick match to make it the blow off match.

Hart Promo: Average promo. Not as good as last week. I feel they should PROVE it to us rather than TELL us.

Storm Vs Alex Wright: I like how it is international. It will slowly graduate from jobbers to bigger names. You should get Ultimo Dragon and Tiger Mask in there.

Tag Match: Looked to be a squash. KroniK joining the nWo is a good idea since it gives them a purpose to do something. However, I don't want an overload of stars in the nwo.

Steiner Promo; I love how you handle Steiner here. He is neutral. He wants some payback from the nWo but he still has a grudge with WCW. Hmm. Maybe Steiner is an nWo spy and could be a swerve. Trust me, I've watched WCW. It could happen.

Hogan Vs Steiner: Why must Hogan stink up every match and win it? UGH! Booker is back! Nice job as well. Steiner neutral will make this fued more interesting, IMO.

Overall- 7/10 Decent show. Not as good as last week but was able to get it done. The wrestling quality was very low, coming from you, Szumi but the entertainment portion was good.

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