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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Good victory for Mysterio getting a squash win over Lash Leroux, and you don't see that happening much with Mysterio winning a squash match. Decent promo after the match, Mysterio has never been great on the mic but you still did a decent job and Mysterio/Kidman should be a good match.

I feel very sorry for the fans who would of went to that show, having to witness Hogan v Steiner urgh. But anyway it was a good typical NWO promo.

Good match here and Inferno put on a good battle looking like Jarrett could of lost but he hit the Stroke but then Ric Flair returns and attacks Jarrett. And this is the start of the Flair/Jarrett feud which Flair has wanted for a while now. Flair wants Jarrett in a match but Jarrett rejects, still see it happening very soon however.

Good interview by the new Hart Family and they could be a very good for the Tag Team Title division.

No suprise here with Storm getting the victory and i like how Storm is getting a good push in this thread, as he was misused in the WWE.

Interesting promo here, but i don't see the Young Lions in the NWO however.

The NWO cost the Young Lions the match and Kronik are the ones to join the NWO which is a better choice than the Young Lions.

When in all fairness the match wasn't as bad as i thought to be, but if it really happened i'm sure i would be right. Hogan gets the victory thanks to the NWO, but after the match Booker T, Ric Flair the Andersons and Sting come out and save Steiner. Goodf way to build the rivalry

Overall it was a pretty good show, like how you are pushing the NWO/WCW feud even though it is getting really old now as that started in 1996. 81/100
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