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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

WWE Monday Night Raw – August 13, 2007
Madison Square Garden – New York, New York

So, suddenly, this becomes the go-home show leading to Summerslam.

Another whodunnit angle appears to be brewing. I’m a fan of these, as long as the pay off is right, and the angle takes on it’s own identity, and doesn’t just rehash old angles like this. Hopefully you do something to make this stand out from the crowd. Seems like you’ve ran a few of these though lately (I’m counting the HBK - Flair one too, along with the on-going Taker saga) it could end up being overkill.

Who is behind this attack on Vince will need to be a big name, and someone with a heck of a lot of guts, trying to take out the boss.

Yawn. Very flat angle for the Hardys to work with here, with the ‘unintentional’ punch from Matt sparking a fight between them. This might’ve worked slightly better had they mixed up a couple of times in the weeks running up to this, and finally break out into a brawl. Huge disappointment for me. As far as I see it, this angle is a missed opportunity. Shame, as it had a huge potential for greatness. Maybe you’ll prove me wrong and do some sensational on Smackdown or Summerslam, but I just cant see it now.

The feud over the tag titles appears to be building slowly, and Priceless winning their first ever match at MSG felt like a really good moment to savour, and the beginning of something great. Thus far, they’ve been utilised well, but despite that, I’d prefer to see the champs get a fair crack with the title belts.

I think Batista would be too obvious a candidate for the McMahon attacks. Given what he did to Shane last week, he’s more of a ‘I’ll do it to your face’ kinda guy. Not sure why he cant trust his own team mates, as there doesn’t seem to be any issues between him and Kennedy & Orton, but perhaps something went down in the time I missed.

Dykstra certainly appears to be someone that’s on the cusp of greatness on Raw, especially with a clean win tonight. Okay, it was only Hardcore Holly, but it’s a decent starting point. One of the things you do better than most is using guys that most others discard, and it looks like Dykstra could be one of those in the near future.

Whoa, Orton appears to be some sort of demented beast right now. I’ll skip over the Jericho only taking two weeks to recover from the punt (as I covered that last week), but I thought the Highlight Reel proved to be a decent piece of business all around, with Orton going as far as taking out his own Dad. Could do with an explanation though as to why he’d attack his Dad.

By the numbers -but solid- build for Beth and Mickie going into Summerslam, with the Glamazon doing a bit of a number on the champion. Really looking forward to seeing those two settle the score at Summerslam.

Losing streak continues for Santino it seems. Comedy plz.

Again, this feels like another angle that could’ve developed into so much more. Why not have a top heel from each brand try and force RVD onto their show in the last few weeks to make the decision feel like something important, rather than just another part of the show. Doing that would’ve gave RVD a ready made feud on either brand, and made his decision an intriguing part of the PPV.

Strong main event to close proceedings, and the finish was hugely surprising, and sets things up for Summerslam perfectly. Batista beating The Game came as a huge shock, as I expected a big no contest finish, or a cheap finish at most, but Batista beat The Game cleanly (blind tag isn’t cheating), which shocked me big time. Does that make the outcome for Summer slam a cert though?? Hard to call, could be the big old double bluff.

To be honest, after reading the shows these last number of weeks, I feel I‘d be doing you a dis-service if I didn’t say it, but I‘m beginning to get the feeling that there is little inspiration behind them. I don’t know whether that is the case, but when I’ve been reading some of the shows, and some of the angles going on, I’m sometimes asking myself if this is the same KOP. I hope you’re just going through a blip, and you come out of the other side quickly, but if you’re just writing the shows for the sake of writing them, you’d be better off taking a month or so to recharge the batteries and rethink where the thread is going.

I don’t want to sound like an ass with that, but I know what you are capable of, and it’s better than the okay/decent/average shows you’ve been churning out as of late.
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