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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Rey picks up a nice easy win in the opening match, which is good to see, and then he gets on the mic. I’ve never been to sold with Rey on the mic, but he did a nice job here of building up his match and his feud with Kidman. He worked well as a heel here, and the ppv match should be great

Time for another length NWO promo then. You know, this is working okay in the short term, but too many more of them and they will begin to lose there meaning. Say old stuff from them, talking about how they are a great faction, and how they dealt with Steiner. 1 thing I don’t like is the role Hogan has at the moment, as simply, he is the biggest star than you have, and he is being used as a lackey, and that just wouldn’t happen. Hogan appears to have been brought back just so he could turn on WCW as a shocker, and then has nothing planned afterwards.

Jarrett was never going to lose to Disco Inferno, but it was another way for you to make him look bad. Flair is back now, and I think he wants another shot at Jarrett and the title. Another strong promo here from Flair, and Jarrett does the typical heel thing and refuse the match. Flair will get his title shot, but not for a while I don’t think

Good promo from the Harts, and looking forward to when they debut

Good win for Storm over Wright, and he keeps his reign with the title going. He is still looking like he is on the verge of a big push, but it will have to wait awhile with the NWO around

No chance that the young lions will be joining the NWO, but I think a tag team will be judging by the end of the promo, just to add a bit to the feud.

And I was right, with Kronik interrupting the tag match and declaring themselves NWO. Should be interesting to see what role they have, as the faction is filling up with members quickly, but it adds a new dimension to the tag feud

A very strong Steiner promo, who is going to be neutral in the rivalry then. Interesting to see how that pans out, as eventually he will join one of the sides, because I don’t know what else he can do otherwise

What a main event….yes, the match would have sucked, but then, that is what WCW main events are for. To be honest, the match wasn’t too bad, but the overbooked ending was screaming out from the beginning, although it did have to happen. NWO come down and give Hogan the win, and then the beatdown on Steiner starts, only for WCW with Booker and the 4 Horsemen to come out and make the save. This rivalry is hotting up now, and is coming to come to a head soon
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