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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

WWE Monday Night Raw – August 13, 2007
Madison Square Garden – New York, New York

Raw kicked off with the Chairman of the Board, Mr. McMahon standing in the ring already. Mr. McMahon had all of the Raw superstars at ringside as he stated that he has many things to address and first off he starts with Batista going crazy last week attacking the vehicle of Triple H with a sledgehammer and then taking out Shane McMahon with it as well. Mr. McMahon said that will not be tolerated and that he will not have ANY superstar putting a hand on a McMahon. Mr. McMahon updates us on the condition of his son stating that Shane is still in the hospital and doing okay but he wishes his son never would have had to go through this. Mr. McMahon then tells us that his son will make a speedy recovery soon. Mr. McMahon says he is not going to punish Batista at least tonight because Mr. McMahon is trusting his son-in-law Triple H to “punish” Batista this Sunday at Raw in the best way he knows that he can which is take the WWE title from the Animal! Mr. McMahon then speaks to the Raw co-General Managers Eric Bischoff and Mick Foley as Mr. McMahon informs Bischoff that this could be his last night here on Raw and that Foley might be the only one in charge next week if Jeff Hardy beats his brother Matt at SummerSlam! Mr. McMahon then mentions that he’s confident Foley’s got control of the show if Matt doesn’t win but Mr. McMahon does say that regardless of which GM gets fired, he’ll be on that show to announce an replacement immediately! Mr. McMahon then closed it out with a direct address to the superstars of Raw that he is going to find out who tried to run him over and when he does, he promises there will be hell to pay. Mr. McMahon states that he feels he has a prime candidate for whom it could be and he thinks he knows but if he finds out who it is, they will be FIRED on the spot! Mr. McMahon dismisses all of the Raw superstars as they make their way to the back. Suddenly the lights go out as all of the Raw superstars are already back into their locker rooms and when they come back on, Mr. McMahon is down in the ring with a steel pipe laid beside his body!

The Hardy’s team together in the first match to kick off the night as they take on the new United States Champion in Shelton Benjamin and his tag partner Elijah Burke. The Hardy’s work rather well together but halfway through the match we got a special visit from Smackdown’s General Manager JBL! JBL comes down to the ring distracting Jeff which allowed Burke to knock Jeff off of the ropes. JBL yells at Matt Hardy now to come to the outside and “Do it!” as Matt Hardy looks on confused! Matt comes out and shoves the Smackdown GM as JBL falls back a bit! Jeff is back onto his feet now as Matt tries to help Jeff regain his composure. JBL gets into the face of Matt Hardy and Matt swings at the Smackdown GM but JBL wisely ducks and Matt strikes his brother Jeff! Jeff falls down onto the outside before Shelton Benjamin ambushes Matt Hardy before rolling Jeff into the ring which allows Elijah Burke to quickly hit the Elijah Experience for the victory. Matt rolls into the ring after the Gold Standards celebrate their win on the outside as Matt is checking on his brother. Matt helps Jeff back onto his feet but Jeff gives a shove to Matt! Jeff thinks Matt intentionally punched him and the two brothers get into it! Both get to arguing and shoving as we see the Smackdown GM John Bradshaw Layfield on the outside laughing as he’s watched these two brothers “break down” tonight. Security had to come separate the two brothers from one another as it could have been worse but security makes sure nothing else occurs.

We’re sent backstage after the commercial break to see the World Tag Team Champions CM Punk and Brian Kendrick talking. Punk and Kendrick talk about how they’ve gelled well together as a team despite having only been together for four months. Punk says he never would have thought that he would have teamed with Brian Kendrick but he says that absolutely make a formidable team. Punk was about to continue on before Priceless walked into the scene interrupting the champions. DiBiase and Rhodes say that tonight they will wrestle their first ever matches in the famous Madison Square Garden, the arena their dads have helped sell out before! DiBiase and Rhodes remind Punk and Kendrick that they may be new around here but that doesn’t stop them from being a legitimate threat to the titles. Rhodes then cockily tells the tag champs “to take note” tonight and see how it’s done in tag team wrestling.

Priceless, in their MSG debuts, take on Brooklyn natives Cryme Tyme and it was Priceless that snuck away with the victory after DiBiase caught JTG with the Dream Crusher. Priceless had dominated most of the match but Cryme Tyme fought back towards the end but it just wasn’t enough as the “young guns” of DiBiase and Rhodes snuck out the victories. Priceless made one more stake to their claim that they deserve to be champions and getting a victory over Cryme Tyme certainly helped them big time.

WWE Champion Batista was interviewed backstage concerning the attack earlier of Mr. McMahon and if he has anything to do with what has been occurring to the CEO recently? Batista denies all claims that he has anything to do with it and the only reason he said he took Shane out last week was because of the fact that Shane was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Batista says he has nothing against the McMahon’s and that he’s too smart to risk not only his title but his job by going after the CEO of the company. Batista then turns his attention to the big tag match later on tonight stating that he’s got five other men he’s got to keep his eyes on throughout the entire match as he doesn’t know if he can even trust his own teammates in Mr. Kennedy and Orton. Batista then closes it out with stating that “if he meets Hunter in the match, we’ll get Sunday a little bit early”

In the third match of the night, Kenny Dykstra meets Hardcore Holly in another match after their match two weeks ago. Nothing much to say about this match other than Kelly Kelly does NOT interfere here as Dykstra proves himself in that he doesn’t need help to win a match as he slipped off the shoulders of Holly as Holly had the match almost closed with the Alabama Slam before Dykstra rolled Holly up but only got the two count. Dykstra quickly dropped Holly with a DDT before taking to the ropes and striking Holly with the Diving Leg Drop for the victory. Dykstra and his girlfriend Kelly Kelly paraded around ringside to boos as Dykstra continues to push his way up the ladder.

Chris Jericho hosts the Highlight Reel next and surprisingly his guest turns out to be the father of his opponent this Sunday at SummerSlam “Cowboy” Bob Orton. Jericho interviews Cowboy Bob concerning his son and asking has Randy always been “like this” referring to the sadistic side of Orton that has been shining through these past few weeks. Cowboy Bob says Randy hasn’t always been like this but he thinks that there is definitely something wrong with Randy now. Cowboy Bob apologizes on the behalf of the entire Orton family for Orton punting Jericho in the head two weeks ago but Jericho says it’s okay. Jericho says he’s not looking for sympathy as he only wants to knock Bob’s son’s lights out. Jericho speaks a lot of what he talked about last week talking about how 2007 has been a year from hell (no pun intended) and that it’s all been thanks to Randy. Jericho was about to continue on before Randy came down to the ring. Randy got in asking his dad why he thinks he’s a “changed person” and Cowboy Bob simply tells Randy that he’s seen something inside of Randy that he’s never seen before. He’s never seen that look on his son’s face and as his dad; quite frankly he’s embarrassed! Randy looks like he’s going to snap as he’s hearing this from his own dad and the fans are eating this up. Orton looks at Jericho as if he’s about to say something but suddenly RANDY DROPS HIS DAD WITH AN RKO! The fans look on confused as Randy looks at his dad! Randy lines up as if he is about to run and punt his dad in the head but Jericho jumps in front of Randy! Randy stops as Jericho tends to the fallen Cowboy Bob. Randy yells at Jericho that “the hell on earth continues tonight” referring to the main event later on.

Backstage we see the arrival of free agent Rob Van Dam in a limo. Raw co-GM Eric Bischoff greets RVD and tells RVD that they’ll be going to his office to discuss contract matters and that he just needs to follow Bischoff this way. The commentators hype the fact that Bischoff will try his best later on to secure a contract for RVD with only six days to go before SummerSlam.

The divas have a big match next as the Women’s Champion Mickie James is in action this week as she goes one on one with Melina. Mickie and Melina wrestle a rather decent match but it was the Women’s Champion Mickie that picked up the victory via Mick DDT. The victory gave Mickie momentum heading into SummerSlam or so we thought? The never ending feud it seems took a different toll whenever the Glamazon Beth Phoenix blindsided Mickie before dropping the champ with a Glam Slam! The fans booed the Glamazon as she looks to retain the title she lost at the Great American Bash come SummerSlam.

A short match ensues after the next commercial break which sees Santino Marella making his MSG debut as he goes one on one with William Regal. Regal almost got defeated by Santino who’s lost about four matches or so in a row and seems to be on a bit of a losing streak. The feisty Italian suffered the defeat after Regal struck Santino with a hard right before hitting the Running Knee to pin Santino. After the match Santino stood up trying to regain his composure and it seems that every lose he suffers, he gets angrier each week as this week he yelled at a fan that was laughing at his misfortunes as of recent.

Backstage we’re sent to the office of Mick Foley and Eric Bischoff as they are discussing matters with Rob Van Dam concerning this Sunday at SummerSlam. RVD tells both men that he appreciates their offer but he doesn’t want to just release what brand he is signing to just yet. He promises though that since he’s been on both brands before he wants to think of what is going to be best for him and where he’ll see the most competition at. RVD says there is no doubt that he wants to get another shot at heading towards the World Heavyweight or WWE title again but he doesn’t know how easy that will be. RVD once again thanks Foley and Bischoff as he leaves the office with Bischoff looking rather disappointed they couldn’t come to a contract agreement tonight.

The huge six man tag match concludes the night as the team of the WWE champion Batista, Mr. Kennedy, and Randy Orton all team together to take on another all-star trio of Triple H, Chris Jericho, and the Undertaker. Without a doubt it’s one of the biggest matches in recent Raw history and certainly a big main event but it’s a big night here at the Garden. All six men got their share of action during the match but the ending started to break down whenever Kennedy was the legal man in the ring. Kennedy ran in attacking Triple H after Triple H had just tagged in but Kennedy pretty much took a mega beat down from the number one contender! Triple H pushes Kennedy into the corner completely oblivious to the fact that Kennedy was tagged by the champion Batista! Triple H was going to hit Kennedy with a Pedigree but Batista blindsided Triple H from behind with a clothesline. Chris Jericho and Randy Orton both were about to make their way into the ring but Orton blindsided Jericho as those two rolled around the outside of the ring brawling. Batista hit the Game shortly after with the Batista Bomb covering to get the victory after Mr. Kennedy held the Undertaker back on the outside from interference! The WWE Champion pinned the number one contender with only six nights to go ‘til SummerSlam and Raw came to an end with Batista looking over Triple H, Kennedy leaving the ring from his opponent at SS in ‘Taker, and Orton and Jericho out of control as they brawled throughout the arena!


WWE SummerSlam
August 19, 2007 - East Rutherford, New Jersey - IZOD Center
Official Theme Song: "Whine Up" by Kat Deluna

WWE Championship - Student vs. Teacher
Batista (c) vs. Triple H

Hell in a Cell - First HIAC in 19 Months
Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

World-Heavyweight Championship
MVP (c) vs. Edge

Grudge Match - Former Friend vs. Friend
Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair

Brand Supremacy Match - Losing Brand's GM Is Fired!
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

Special Challenge Match
Mr. Kennedy vs. The Undertaker

Grudge Tag Team Match
Christian and Big Show vs. Finlay and Umaga

Women's Championship
Mickie James (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

Intercontinental Championship - Fatal 4 Way
Brent Albright (c) vs. Carlito vs. Paul London vs. Charlie Haas

PLUS - RVD Chooses his new brand!


Ok, so here's the deal. I had just noticed about a week or so that I had SummerSlam set for August 26th. Well the thing was that I had made plans only up until the August 13th Raw and the August 17th Smackdown meaning that I did not have anything planned for the next Raw and Smackdown that would lead into SummerSlam. SO...instead of having to re-do plans and all of that I'm going to just make SummerSlam this Sunday the 19th. I hate to do it but I mean it's my fault for noticing that this late. I know that when I've posted the card it's said the 26th but I really meant to have it on the 19th. It's nothing big as it's just a week early but that will clarify for everybody that will be wondering why it's posted a week early
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