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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Smackdown Feedback

Nice MVP promo to start off basically just giving us his usual money speech. I love the twist where for every win he gets a bonus LOL I guess this means he is just going to get more and more BALLINÖ If that is possible. MVP gets the easy win and Edge doesnít have a crack at Big Zeke. I donít care how big, Big Zeke is you just bitched out your number one contender. If MVP loses to Edge all hell will break lose because I will e riot. Anyway good way to start but donít make MVP to much screen time it may get sickening to some readers. Not me though I love him

John Morrison and The Miz on there debut should not have to get a dirty win over Yang and Moore. They could do so much better then that. As for Helms he is going to get what is coming to him eventually. But yeah Morrison and Miz need a better showing next week other wise you have just about ruined them.

Christian and JBL arguing is the making of their feud that everyone knows will eventually happen. As for Finlay well he is just a brutal heel, I love the way you use him to butcher all the faces

Michaels going extra intense to fight with Flair will be fun. These two going at it will be great because it will be more personal and will show a different side to what we saw IRL at Mania.

Until it makes sense as to why the tag match took place I really have nothing to comment on actually I will say Masters over Kingston any day.

Jamie Noble has me interested. I like Noble I think a push would do him well.

Another nice match up involving the IC Title participants. Whatís with all the London love going around the forum at the moment I am not a huge fan tbh. Hopefully you let Albright eventually pick him apart.

Who is prototype??? Lol I hope its not an obvious answer

I really donít understand what JBL is doing? He does not want to lose his job so he punishes the person who has to win to keep it for me. I know Hardy is a face and all that but it just doesnít seem to fit my liking. I feel like I need some clarification on what is going on.

WOOOOOOOOOOO~!!!! Heel Flair is pretty cool and he is going well. I am expecting big things from the man, big things such as him defeating Shawn Michaels. Probably wont happen but would be extremely EPIC if it did

RVD decision time is a must see for me

Did not really enjoy the main event. First off Show is UGGGHHH!!! Second off the two men on the outside would have just annoyed me a little bit I donít know I just really did not find this main event exciting.

Smackdown was not one of your best tbh every show has had me excited for whatís next except for this one. I just know you can do better this show was just shockingly lower standards then your usual stuff as I struggled to read it. Hit back hard with next one mate.

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