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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

WWE Monday Night Raw

Alright, off the bat, I’m loving Raw. Finally seems like the Triple H / Batista feud has hit top gear, and Batista using the trademark weapon of Triple H to send a message through Shane … P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L. This thing just kicked up a level, but you need to keep it cooking, and Triple H needs to come after The Animal in a big way next week to keep the feud simmering. I’d guess with Shane being the victim tonight, this could potentially lead to Shane vs. Batista in a few months down the road. That could be special when it comes to pass.

Hmm, title shot for Priceless next week in MSG. It does sound like it’d fit for the titles to change hands, but I hope they don’t. I made that point last week, so I’ll not harp on, but I’m hoping that the alluding to a title change is just a smokescreen. The champs retaining would work better too, as Priceless could use that to get really frustrated, having their ‘destiny’ taken away from them.

I guess that the Dykstra / Cryme Tyme angle has been dropped, with Kenny focusing on Holly instead?? That could be for the best. Dykstra could well build his credibility by taking a couple more wins from the veteran instead.

Cant wait for Mickie and Beth at Summerslam. Didn’t care for the squash, but it does show the dominance of Beth at her best. If that one gets enough time, it’ll go down as one of the great womens matches in WWE history.

WHOA!!! DID NOT see the title switch coming. Shelton Benjamin truly is ‘The Gold Standard’, but I hope this win doesn’t mark the end of the Gold Standard tag team. I’d settle for a friendly rivalry over the title, but ultimately they’re too awesome to split so soon. Shocked to see Matt Hardy beaten though, as he doesn’t appear to be getting much luck running up to his big Summerslam match. Odd.

The segment with the Hardys has me thinking Matt just might turn on his brother next week on Raw. He’s lost a couple of matches in a row, and he’s lost his title … he might just snap imo, which could help the final push toward Summerslam.

Surprised to see you bringing in new faces to Raw, especially with the rosters currently loaded with a lot of bodies. Kevin Thorn is okay, but he needs the sexy Ariel by his side to be deemed interesting . Another loss for Marella, and I suspect he’ll keep this run going for a long, long time, with plenty of comedy sprinkled in along the way.

Great intensity from Jericho, who can pull that side of his character off brilliantly. I guess there will be hell to pay for the Punt last week too. As for the guest on the Highlight Reel next week?? Why not Bob Orton, just to make things interesting.

Six man tag next week looks epic, hopefully though there is a winner, and not the cop out of a no contest or a DQ

Decent win for Kennedy, over the glorified jobber, and it makes sense for Kennedy to face Kane here, and even more sense to go over. He’s on the way up, Kane is on the way down, he’s got a big match at Summerslam, Kane hasn’t. Despite Takers attack after the match, Kennedy is surely going to have the last laugh at Summer slam … and so he should. He’s set to be the next big star in the thread, and a win over Taker would be priceless. Not many will be able to say they’ve beaten Cena and Taker on consecutive PPV events.

Heh, someone just tried to wipe out Vince?? It’d be too obvious to be Batista. I’m gonna say it’s whoever was REALLY behind what went down with The Undertaker. I’d dare say if that is the case, whoever it is could well take out one or two others before the reveal finally comes to pass. If that’s the case, you’ve got a white hot angle on your hands.

Feels like we’re in for a terrific show from MSG next week, with three big matches, Highlight Reel and Vinces big announcement. ‘Must See’ springs to mind.


Friday Night Smackdown

I hope this isn’t what we get for M.V.P’s tour of greatness every week, otherwise it’ll be a tour of mediocrity. I love the idea, but in delivery, at the very least he should be facing local legends to make it seem like a worthy weekly addition. Otherwise, what’s the point of your champion beating jobbers every week??

Porter still hiding behind Zeke, surely at some point, Edge will get his hands on him?? Seems like Big Zeke will have a big future in the thread once he leaves MVP’s side, as he’s being built as a real force so far.

Winning start for M&M, what was to be expected tbh, and good to see the Helms angle intertwined with this, as he continues to try and wipe out the cruiserweight division. Who will be the man to step up and take on Helms??

Not into the tag team feud at all really, but it’s good to see the union between JBL and Finlay. Christian just seems to be treading water in the thread. He’s not a main eventer, but he’s not a mid carder. Seems to be stuck in some kind of purgatory, going neither up or down.

Makes sense for Michaels to air his views on Flair, and I suspect the match at Summerslam will just be the beginning of a long running rivalry between the two legends. Hopefully that’s the case. Looks like HBK has had a fire lit under him though, and it’ll be great to see an incensed Michaels @ Summerslam.

For now, not much to go on, but as you said, the reasons for this match will become clear in the near future. Kingston vs. Masters doesn’t really capture the imagination or the attention like other feuds, but who knows, if it is built nicely, it could well elevate one, or possibly at a stretch, both men.

See my comments from last week on the Noble situation.

The even Steven build continues for the I.C Title picture, as this week, London pins Haas. I’m a fan of this build, but ultimately, it’s solid at best, but by the numbers build for what promises to be an awesome match at Summerslam for the title.

Again, see my comments from last week on the Prototype situation.

Layfield aint messing with Jeff at all. He’s barred from Raw, AND faces a handicap match next week. Not sure how much sense it makes for JBL to threaten to suspend Jeff if he loses at Summerslam, since if that happens, JBL is gone, and the new GM could easily lift the suspension. Turning into a very rocky road to ‘Slam for the Hardy Boys, but a very interesting one. Hopefully the end result ties all this carnage together in a neat little package. Just don’t know how to call this one.

I cant tell you how much I loved the Flair sit down interview. You need to do more of this kind of thing, and the Batista stuff on Raw, as you pull it off really well. Glad to see Flair acknowledging he was used by Triple H, as that may well plant the seeds for a possible feud between the two somewhere down the road. Again, please do more of this kind of thing to sell the feuds, as it … works.

Don’t see RVD choosing Raw @ MSG, but I’m absolutely clueless as to where he fits in on either brand. It’s good that you’re making a big deal of it though, as it’ll make Van Dam seem really important, and instantly a main attraction.

By the numbers main event, and the DQ finish was disappointing, but made sense to happen. I’d rather have seen a result of some sort though, even through some kind of convoluted finish. Little surprised this ended the show, as the feud has been put across as filler for the last few weeks, whilst one of the main angles was brushed off in the opening segment of the show.
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