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Re: WWE 2007: UTF - The Inevitable Return

Friday Night Smackdown – August 10, 2007
Chevrolet Centre – Youngstown, Ohio

Smackdown kicked off with MVP introducing us to the first week of the MVP’s Tour of Greatness. The World Heavyweight Champion basically explained the Tour of Greatness as a tour that will “continue on for many years to come” in that he (MVP) will compete and of course win his matches. MVP says this is not all though because with victory comes reward and MVP says that his agent has told him that for every match that he wins for now until and he emphasizes the word (if) he loses the title, he will earn a bonus for each and every match! MVP says that he’s going to be just like some of the big names in professional sports. He says he’ll perform, earn the money he rightfully deserves, and come out on top every single time! MVP says with Big ‘Zeke backing him, a bonus per every win, and the gold around his shoulder, there is literally nobody stopping him from winning and retaining his title every time. MVP says that he’s going to go ahead and kick off the tour in style now and he challenges a “local superstar” to take him on.

MVP def. “A Local Superstar” rather easily with the Playmaker finishing off the local superstar whose name wasn’t even caught. That is how quick the champion disposed of the local wrestler. MVP wasted no time after the match reminding the fans that he’s already got one bonus and for the next few months he may be raking in the “dough”. MVP continued rambling on for a bit before the former champion Edge came charging down the ramp. Edge looked ready to spear MVP down but Big ‘Zeke got in the way and guarded MVP. MVP hid behind his bodyguard taunting Edge as Edge stared down the World-Heavyweight Champion. Ezekiel Jackson dared Edge to do something about it as MVP yells “You want to get punched again” referring to Ezekiel punching Edge right in the face knocking him out two weeks ago on Smackdown. We head to a commercial after MVP and Ezekiel back their way up the ramp with Edge in the ring looking at the champ back his way up.

John Morrison and The Miz made their official tag team debut next as they teamed together and successfully defeated the duo of Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang. It was not to be without the help though of Gregory Helms as the former Cruiserweight Champion continued his tirade against the Cruiserweights as Helms came down tripping up Yang which distracted Moore and allowed Morrison to capitalize and hit the Moonlight Drive! Morrison and Miz celebrated their victory as if nothing had happened but they knew Helms had interfered. Yang helped his tag partner Moore back onto his feet as Gregory Helms sat at the top of the ramp laughing at “getting another one over” on the Cruiserweights.

Christian caught up with JBL backstage and met with his former “friend” and his boss. The General Manager wanted to talk to Christian about a few things and give him some thoughts. Christian wanted nothing to do with it though and blamed this all (his brother Edge having lost the title, JBL turning his back on Edge and Christian, etc.) JBL and Christian both got into a shouting argument and Christian looked ready to put his hands on JBL and give him a peace of his mind but it was Finlay that struck Christian quickly from behind in the leg with the shillelagh! JBL looked up at Finlay thanking him for taking out Christian and then tells Finlay that “if he gets the job done” at SummerSlam, he’ll have a World title shot in no time!

Shawn Michaels was interviewed backstage concerning his thoughts on Ric Flair’s reasoning for the ambush a few months back and HBK stated that it was rather ridiculous and that Flair is just making a cover up. HBK says if Flair wanted a match, if he wanted to see who was the better man that it wasn’t necessary to do it this way. Michaels says that he gladly would have accepted a match between the two “former” friends. But Michaels says that Flair crossed a line that only a few select people have in HBK’s career and that he’s pushed Michaels over the edge. Michaels tells Flair that if he’s “looking for a fight” and that he “thinks he’s still got it in him” then bring it to SummerSlam because the Heart Break Kid is not going to hold back anything.

We had a big six man tag match next as Kofi Kingston and the WWE Tag Team Champions Jesse and Festus all teamed together to take on Chris Masters, Jamie Noble, and Test. Yes it was pretty much a random tag match but it mainly was to focus on a small mid-card feud between Kingston and Masters that has been bubbling recently. (Trust me, in the near future it may make sense just why some of these guys were in this match.) But anyways the team of Masters, Noble, and Test all pulled out the big victory after Kofi Kingston got caught on the top rope and Test shoved Kingston off allowing Kingston to come crashing down onto the mat. Masters wasted no time locking in the MasterLock as Test and Noble both knocked Festus and Jesse out of the ring respectively. Kingston quickly passed out giving the victory to the heel trio.

After the previous match, Jamie Noble “meets up” with the mystery person once again. This week Noble is on the cell phone though as last week he talked to “this person” behind closed doors. Noble says that without a doubt he’s considering the offer as it could definitely make him a future star here in the WWE. Noble said he needs some more time to think about it but he’ll definitely get back with them as soon as possible. Noble hangs up the phone looking at it as the fans seem confused but want to know who Noble’s been talking to.

We get a big tag team match next as Paul London teams together with the Intercontinental Champion Brent Albright to take on of course Carlito and Charlie Haas. All four men own a victory and a loss against one another over the past few weeks and this week it was London that picked up the mega win earning another victory after he hit a big 450 Splash on Haas to get the victory. London and Albright both celebrated their victory but the celebration didn’t last long as London made it clear that since he’s “broke out on his own” that he’s ready to earn the title. Albright nodded towards London as London exited the ring as we went to a commercial.

The same video from last week hyping “The Prototype” coming to Smackdown was shown. The video scanned through showing a whole lot of numbers and letters before arranging to form the words “The Prototype” and shortly afterwards it closed with “Coming to Smackdown”

Jeff Hardy is backstage as he was being interviewed concerning the re-uniting of the Hardy’s this Monday on Raw at Madison Square Garden for one big tag match against the Gold Standards and Hardy didn’t have long to speak as the General Manager JBL interrupted him. JBL asked Hardy just what he was thinking about going to Raw this past week AGAIN especially after the beat down he got last week from Finlay and JBL himself. Jeff Hardy laughs it off but JBL doesn’t find it too funny at all. JBL says that he’s been disobeyed for two weeks in a row and that he’s not going to have a superstar just disrespect him like that. JBL says that since “last week’s punishment” was not enough that he’s going to have to lay down the law now. First off Jeff Hardy WILL NOT wrestle this Monday at Raw and if he does he will be fined with no pay. Secondly, since Jeff has disobeyed his GM’s orders for two weeks in a row he will be in action next week in a Handicap Match against Finlay and JBL! And finally JBL lays down an ultimatum for Jeff Hardy that if he does not win come SummerSlam that he will be suspended from Smackdown indefinitely. JBL says he’s tired of playing games with Hardy and that he cannot afford to lose his job come SummerSlam because of Hardy’s carelessness.

A sit down interview previously taped earlier in the week with Michael Cole asking Ric Flair many questions was shown next. Michael Cole hit Flair hard with some questions trying to get to the basis of why Flair did what he did. Flair made it clear to Cole that he knew all along that he was being used by everyone around him. Flair said when he was in Evolution his sole purpose was to protect Hunter and keep everyone away from his title. Flair relates this to Shawn Michaels next as HBK wanted to get the World Heavyweight title but he had Flair having to help him all along. Flair said just like he did last week that he knew he still had it in him and that he wasn’t going to hold himself back because of certain people wanting him to do so. Michael Cole asks Flair why couldn’t he just have wrestled Michaels in a friendly competition like HBK mentioned earlier in the night but Flair stopped him there. Flair said that nothing with Shawn Michaels can be friendly at all. He reminds Cole of Judgment Day where he “accidentally” got kicked by Shawn Michaels with the Sweet Chin Music which Flair said was not an “accident.” Flair said that he’s let Michaels have enough chances and that it’s one too many. The Nature Boy says that the fans are looking at pretty much the same Nature Boy that was in his prime just a few years ago. Flair then mentions that he might not be twenty years younger but he sure as hell does feel like it and he’s still got something special left in him. Flair says he’s back to not giving a crap of what the fans think of him or mainly what his fellow superstars think because after all he’s the Nature Boy…he can do whatever he pleases! With that Flair gets up and leaves the set.

A video hyping Rob Van Dam’s decision at SummerSlam as to which brand he is going to choose plays followed by another hype video for SummerSlam.

The main event is next as the Big Show goes one on one with the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga in what turns out to be a decent main event. Finlay was at ringside scouting the Big Show as these two have a big tag team match at SummerSlam in a few weeks against Show and Christian. Of course Christian found a way to “fight back” from the attack earlier as he limped down to the ring a little bit selling the fact he was struck by a shillelagh in the leg but Christian jumped Finlay as the two brawled around the ring for a while. This allowed Armando Estrada to have time to slide a chair into the ring after Umaga had tried to take down Big Show but failed several times. Umaga quickly grabbed the chair going to swing it at Umaga but Umaga missed and Big Show quickly knocked the chair out of the hand of Umaga! Finlay on the outside had gotten the best of Christian as he sucker punched Christian before sliding into the ring and chop blocking Big Show down onto one knee forcing the ref to ring up the match as a DQ win for Big Show. Umaga and Finlay both did a beat down on Big Show before Christian grabbed the steel chair in the ring and slid in threatening to swing it at Umaga and Finlay but the two heels ditched the ring. Christian helped Big Show back onto his feet as Christian and the World’s Largest Athlete both stood in the ring as Smackdown came to an end.

Quick Results:

MVP def. A Local Superstar in MVP’s Tour of Greatness
John Morrison and The Miz def. Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore
Chris Masters, Jamie Noble, and Test def. Kofi Kingston and WWE Tag Team Champions Jesse and Festus
Paul London and Intercontinental Champion Brent Albright def. Carlito and Charlie Haas
The Big Show def. Umaga via DQ


WWE SummerSlam
August 26, 2007 - East Rutherford, New Jersey - IZOD Center
Official Theme Song: "Whine Up" by Kat Deluna

WWE Championship - Student vs. Teacher
Batista (c) vs. Triple H

Hell in a Cell - First HIAC in 19 Months
Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

World-Heavyweight Championship
MVP (c) vs. Edge

Grudge Match - Former Friend vs. Friend
Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair

Brand Supremacy Match - Losing Brand's GM Is Fired!
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

Special Challenge Match
Mr. Kennedy vs. The Undertaker

Grudge Tag Team Match
Christian and Big Show vs. Finlay and Umaga

Women's Championship
Mickie James (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

Intercontinental Championship - Fatal 4 Way
Brent Albright (c) vs. Carlito vs. Paul London vs. Charlie Haas

PLUS - RVD Chooses his new brand!

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